Saturday, February 26, 2011


Jumping straight to the point, I am going to Mumbai. Well, on one hand it’s quite thrilling while on the other hand I am a bit apprehensive. The 22 years of my life have been spent here in Jammu with my parents. My school was here, I went to college here. I became what I am here. And now suddenly I have to leave all this behind and start afresh.

I don’t understand what to take and what to leave behind. Every book, every shoe and every tiny little thing has a memory to it. While packing every item I feel as if I am leaving a part of me behind.

Toughest part is the thought of living away from my family and friends. I have not known life without them. Never lived away from them. Now I am not whining about the fact but it just keeps pounding at the back of my mind. I wake up at the middle of the night and realize that I would not be sleeping here a few days later. And the realization creeps the hell out of me.

Anyhow, have to go, that’s the reality and nothing can change it. So, I have to accept the fact and brace myself for living in a big city. Travelling by local trains and beware of pick-pockets. Also have to find accommodation and a roommate.

Any suggestions, tips, words of wisdom are welcome from your side. All those living in Mumbai can be a bit kinder and share useful/important details etc.

Well, that’s all. Thankyou!


  1. मन में नहीं, सच में जीवन जियें। शुभकामनायें और बधाई।

  2. Do not worry, at some point or the other things like these have to come, you will soon get used to it.( I remember you telling me those lines )
    And everyone I ask is of the opinion that Mumbai is a great place and once you're there, there is no way you would ever regret that!

    So cheer up, everything will be fine :)

  3. @ praveen ji

    thanks for the valuable advice!

  4. @ vijay

    whats goes around surely comes around!! thanks buddy :-)

  5. heyyyy sneha! i think its very exciting that u'll be going to mumbai, i lived there for 3 years n i absolutely loved it. the city never sleeps!
    travel by cab - always go by meter.
    bst bus service is pretty decent though train rides are hellish.
    south mumbai is far more relaxed then the rest. and when u get time, go to marine drive. it calms you so much...
    good luck :)

  6. let me know if u need an accommodation in navi mumbai (best if u have ur office in vashi :) )

  7. The trick is that life throws u unexpectedly in the Arabian sea and u gonna swim against the tide. Mumbai is all about survival and I still remembered how I stayed and struggled in the city for 2 years.In the start,it's quite tough but then ull get used to the local trains.Yes,minor precautions are to be taken but make lotsa friends..always insist in payin the cabbie by meter and if possible use buses for short distance rather than paying cabbie.U'll love d place.
    best of luck
    Ull love maximum city.
    I still miss it
    Best a luck

  8. Soon, I'll have the same state of mind, and then I'll look up to you Sneha. SO better get good experiences so that you may guide me like a wizard of Oz. :P

    All the best with everything, and stay safe.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  9. sweetheart i'm gonna miss u loads

    miss u very very very much

    just take care of urself there

    luvya loads


  10. yes the thought is scary.. but once you actually move your fear vanishes!
    You'll have a great time... Mumbai is a great place. Its tough in the beginning but ull love it :)
    Good luck!

  11. Good luck with the move :) Change is always a good thing. I'm sure you'll settle in just fine after a little bit of teething trouble.

    (I might have to be telling myself all of that in a month or two from now too!)

  12. P.S. Plus, you'll have plenty more material to blog about! ;)

  13. @swati

    hpe i like it too! scared about the train rides though!

  14. @ G

    naa none of these, its thane west !

  15. @ BA

    Okay. i ll get used to it soon enuf and be ready with all the tips and info! :P

    thanks btw!

  16. @ vandy

    :( :( :(
    i will! u too .

  17. @ chandana

    i am hoping for the same sweety! and thanks :-)

  18. @ basically blah!

    haha. i know. a lot to blog! good or bad but a lot anyhow :-)

  19. जब मुंबई चले जाइयेगा तो कमी और खलेगी परिवार वालों की...
    खैर, बहुत कुछ सीखने को मिलता है बाहर रहने पे...हालांकि मुझे कभी परेशानी हुई नहीं, लेकिन कभी कभी(जैसे बीमार रहने पे) घर की बहुत ज्यादा याद आती है, या कोई त्यौहार में घर नहीं जा सका तो फिर घर की याद आती है...
    दोस्तों की बेइंतहा याद आएगी....खैर, फ़िलहाल तो मुंबई जाइये..और किसी किस्म की चिंता मत कीजिये..

  20. It'll be sure..i have gone through the same rush..when i went away from home..for my grads...!!
    Besides Mumbai is super awesome place :)
    Am sure..local trains..would be super entertaining :)
    Good luck, enjoy :)
    Love & Care

  21. Ohhh! I'll be going through a similar thing in a few months! I can imagine how you must be feeling - I, too, haven't ever, EVER lived away from my family and friends, and now I'll have to start all over.

    Don't worry - we'll share our apprehensions together and complain to each other about how our new lives are not the best, at least in the beginning :)

    Best of luck, jaan! You're very friendly and sweet and intelligent, so trust me you'll make it!