Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have always been ensnared with the old world charm. When in school, I really used to dig those English literature stories like “The Umbrella Man”. The heroines usually English ladies of impeccable tastes. This particular story me taught me the very important lesson that “a man can be judged by the kind of shoes he wears”. Well, this little piece of advice as never failed me. So far.


As I grew I became proverbial with the authors like Charlotte Bronte. I love reading Jane Eyre. I clearly remember I first read the book when I was in 8th standard. Since then I must have read the book a hundred times. Next in line was Jane Austen. I read Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma. Emma I read recently (post Aisha). Lastly, Margaret Mitchell, the diva herself. I read and fell deeply in love with Gone with the Wind and Rhett Butler.

I relate myself the most in these eras. The old English societies as depicted in the Jane Austen stories or the southern culture of the US in Gone with the Wind.

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The pretty dresses worn by the girls with fitted bodice and flared bottoms. The Sun- protecting beautiful hats and bonnets. Governess’s in-charge of all important things. Lessons in piano and sketching. The heavy breakfast comprising of eggs, toast, bacon and coffee eaten on a huge table with family. The garden parties full of gossips and delicate pastries. Tea served in beautiful china. Huge garden with separate furniture and overflowing with appealing flowers. The crystal vase with perfectly arranged fresh flowers! In the winters, sitting closely by the fire place humming a song or reading aloud or just playing the big piano. As the grandfathers clock strikes the bed-time.

And aah the men. I have to espouse the cliché and say tall, dark and handsome. This description has always been synonym in any book having a slight inkling of romance in it! Well, if women were all pretty and dressed up the men were not so far behind! It was the time of tuxedos and crisp pants and of-course shoes, polished to perfection. Ohh the curtsey and chivalry melt my heart. And the inevitable romance! The long love letters, these days all boys can ask is “do you have a FB account”.


My favourite romance is the one between Scarlett’O Hara and Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Totally unconventional and well, tragic towards the end. Scarlett was not really a typical heroine material (like a damsel in distress, who requires to be carried around by the hero). Her character had the immense courage, the shrewdness and the shades of grey which I love the most about her. Aah well who knows maybe I was a part of this glorious time, years and years and years ago!


Tell me what’s your favourite era? Mughal? English? French? Old India maybe?


  1. I never read such old classics!! Saw the movies thou!!
    But yes romance and love should be learned from the English!! They know it all! ;)

    Now a days its the age of Hinglish!! Where guys with tattoo, spikes and bike are more preffered that a decent guy with shoe polish and a tucked shirt!!

  2. @ Praveen ji
    yea its a nice book! funny and some what practical!

  3. @ vandy
    aahaaan, soul mates afterall!

  4. @ pripat
    sad but true. how will we find a DARCY?! :(

  5. I liked history, and culture, Indian, maybe that's my take.
    But hell, I never wondered before what would be my take on what era I'd love to live in. I just liked to imagine. The era of Mughals, British, Aryans, Dravids, or the stone age. :P
    I wonder if the fashion was like that shown in the Flintstones.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @ Blasphemous Aesthete

    haha, stone age sounds really interesting to me!

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  8. hey
    Nice post.English novel all the way.Love Jane Eyre,Bride and d line Are u on FB?
    Pick up dat!Intro line..I'll jus say Hi:)If it works..goodness if it doesn't jus too bad:)

  9. haha all men can do today is ask if your on FB!
    SO true!

  10. @ Raj

    i like the first love story as for the second one, i am dying to read it!!

  11. @ vishal

    haha, a simple "hi" is way better than "are you on fb"! it sucks big time!

    spread the news amongst your friends too! :P

  12. @swati
    haha, i knoww, so true no?