Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A big big HELLO to all.
I started my blog with the sole purpose of giving a platform to my still unfinished book. I wanted to gather comments and reviews on an early stage of writing. Needless to say, it helped me a lot. After publishing the first post, which was a draft of my book, I thought as it is I have started a blog so why not keep filling it and writing a proper blog..!

Also an inspiration was Vandy, a friend of mine who is totally addicted to blogging. There was a time when she was at her peak of blogging and everybody in college teased her like hell and kept making fun. So, I had nothing to lose and I decided to give blogging a try. I started by blog somewhere near around my exams, so all through my exams instead of studying, I kept things about what to write and how to fill up my blog. I was loving it, writing. And slowly the number of followers increased..!

That was something... the moment I would spot a new follower I used to go nuts. It gave me such a high...! And I used to keep telling all my friends about it. Not only my friends but just about anyone. “You know what..? I have “” followers now... isn’t that awesome...?” Kept eagerly waiting for comments. My joy was multiplied by the number of comments I got...!

I loved my blog it’s quite evident but I didn’t realize that now it has become an inseparable part of mine. An extension of me and my being. A collection of my views, joys and sorrows. When recently I went out of station and couldn’t access my blog from there, the situation was then clear before me. I missed both my blogs terribly. Though I was busy most of the time and didn’t have enough time was bogging, still I was pinning for a look of my blog.

Not just my blog but also my blogging buddies, I missed everybody. Kept thinking about what all they must have written about and the things I was missing back there. And of course kept thinking about list of things to write about once I come back. Just wanna say that I m back with this post and missed all of you badly...!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Chinese tag

First and foremost, i would like to thank chanz for tagging me. This is for the first time i have been tagged so a bit excited. Thank you again chanz.... :).

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch
I usually like to watch travelling, music and cookery based shows so my favourite channels are
1. NDTV good times
2. Travel and living
3. Discovery channel
4. Channel V
5. Mtv
6. UTV bindass
7. Times Now

8 Places to eat and dine
1. Kc residency
2. CCD
3. Kc 360
4. Spice food court
5. Barista
6. Pahalwan’s
7. Vikram bhaiya ka dhabha
8. Street vendors

8Things I Look Forward To
1. Meeting friends
2. Shopping sprees
3. Blogging / reading novels
4. Birthdays
5. Trips
6. Holidays
7. Movies
8. Festivals

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Long drive in the morning with dad
2. Lot of visitors came home
3. Sumptuous lunch
4. Dinner with family friends
5. Used the net at regular intervals
6. Decided to get a haircut.... finally
7. Lots of messaging
8. Lots OF phoning

8 Things I love about Winter
1. Scarfs
2. U can keep your hair open
3. Smart sweatshirts
4. Less frequent visits to the parlour (copied this one from chanz)
5. No sweat
6. No tan
7. Feeling of Staying in the warm bed on cold mornings
8. Eating spicy and hot food without sweating profusely

8 Things on my Wish-list
1. Wanna get famous
2. Want to write a book somewhere in future
3. Sing a song on a large scale
4. Want to get an amazing job
5. Make a parents proud and happy
6. Want to live alone
7. Adopt a baby (preferably a girl)
8. Open a charitable organisation in a group (with friends)

8 Things I am Passionate about
1. Reading
2. Blogging
3. Friendship
4. Music
5. Shopping
6. Styling my looks
7. Making assignments :P
8. Caring about people who are close to me

8 Words/Phrases I often use
1. The F word
2. Wtf
3. Crap
4. Gosh
5. Oww man
6. Ooooo
7. Aaayyyye
8. Yeah whatever

8 Things I learnt from the past
1. Do not trust anyone but yourself
2. You are the most important person
3. Many people perceive friendship as “use and throw”.
4. Keep your expectations low, however close or important that person maybe.
5. To be self dependent and self sufficient is most important
6. Being a women , it’s important to be financially independent.
7. Only few people stand by you when you need them (mostly those you least expect to).
8. Can’t think of anything else.

8 Places I would like to go /Visit
1. Afghanistan
2. Ireland
3. Kerala
4. Rajasthan
5. Goa
6. Eastern side of the country
7. Pune
8. Pondicherry

8 Things I currently need/want
1. A nice dress
2. A sexy pair of shoes
3. Electric blue nail paint
4. Skirt
5. Job (it should have been the first)
6. Rendezvous (my fav novel)
7. Divine secrets of ya-ya sisterhood (another one)
8. White suit (the kind’s i always wanted)

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
1. Dhruv - Fill You Up. .Journal. .
2. Mayank- Musing's of Pinnacle
3. Eksha - wen wil i b able 2 spot d truth
5. Abhi -एहसास प्यार का..
6. Pan - A Vagabond Tale
7. Shashank- DTalks
8. Surbhit - opening the book!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

ALL ALONE.......!!

Why is that when you are all alone and desperately want someone to simply just talk to you that people somehow suddenly get all busy and have no time for you. You call them up feeling all excited and happy, thinking you will brush on your happiness and a bit of your loneliness on to them but they get “IRRITATED” by you. You get stiffed, hung up on. Feeling ridiculous and foolish. It happened to me and trust me I had no hard feelings with the person but wanted to slap myself. I am one big narcissist but at that time hated myself to the core.....

I am very sensitive and could already feel tears growing in my eyes, tears of hurt and humiliation. But I did not want to spoil my mood (and eye makeup) by crying, so I called someone else (a friend) to divert my mind. But things were definitely not on my side as that “someone else” was busy. I had no guts left to call anyone else and to stop my tears now. Actually it always happens with me... whenever I am feeling down, upset and desperately want someone to talk to I can never ever manage to do it. I don’t know what happens but somehow everybody suddenly gets busy or has no time to listen to me coz of other important issues.

So here I am crying my heart out, when a few minutes ago I was all happy and excited about my birthday and all I wanted was to talk to a person. Seems entirely another time now. Do hell with this birthday now. I hate everyone (me included). Thank god for my blog, atleast now there a place which is entirely mine and where I can come whenever I want to, and write whatever I wish to without irritating or disturbing anyone. And I swear on my blog I will make myself soo strong that I will never ever need anybody to support me (emotionally). I myself am/will be self sufficient and will take good care of myself.

Can’t tell you how much better I feel now, after pouring my feelings into words.....
p.s this post has been written under a raining spell of tears, I don’t have the energy left for checking errors. So excuse any mistakes or grammatical errors.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am a strong believer of the fact that personal matters should be solved personally, on an individual level without involving the whole world in it. People who open their problems ka “pitara” in front of everyone not only end up making a fool of themselves but also make people around them freaking uncomfortable.

I was travelling in a local bus, few days ago and sitting right in front of me was a girl and a guy. I was dead tired and kept looking out of the window until I heard this sniffing, sobbing sounds. The girl sitting in front of me was wiping her eyes. Ohh some drama here, I though. Now the couple had this undivided attention from me. And the detective inside me was busy figuring out the slightest bit of hint. Now it’s not like I kept looking at them but yea whole of my concentration (and one ear) was entirely focused on to their conversation. The guy periodically kept looking and whispering something in her ear. Ufff. A bit louder buddy I wanted to tell him. He wanted some privacy I guess, but the girl was livid. Me and the whole bus could hear her voice “I have had enough”. “You don’t need to bother any more”. Then some more crying and more wiping. It was getting quite boring by this time and I shifted my attention back to the scenery outside. Then came the final DHAMAKA.

The guy got out of the bus and went, the girl followed. I thought the problem might not have been serious enough after all. But my misconception was short lived. The girl had something in her hand (maybe a gift or something from the guy) which she threw directly in the direction of the guy from the bus and came back to her place in front of me with a dangerous look on her face. Suddenly everyone was quiet and mesmerised. All eyes were on her.

What I learned from this incident is that  while Public Display of Affection is still tolerable. But public display of dishum dishum is so not happening. It is just so embarrassing and filmy. Whenever I have fight scene I ll make sure I never make a public display of it. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


With the most awaited day of the year approaching the market is full of things red and heart shaped. Every season brings with it new special things. This time there’s this thing called love capsule which contains love notes...for every day before the Valentine’s Day... popularly known as the valentines week... comprising of chocolate day, rose day etc etc....!!

Now when you know that you are not going to get any of these cute things you just end up getting bugged up of them. I mean so many pretty things out there... and you not gonna get any of them. Well you can buy them for yourself but that is just soo boring.
We went into this gift shop( E wanted to get a birthday card for her jiju).We asked the shopkeeper “where is the section for cards”. He replied “valentine cards...??” the three of us were like grrrrrr. And telling each other “shit yaar.. wish someone would buy this for us”.

E was like I will buy these for myself ( I found the idea soo boring...but who listens to me).But going through the various sections of the shop and seeing such pretty stuff all our hearts melted.
In the end we decided to buy little cute stuff for each other.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank you

It feels so good when someone goes out of the way to make you feel special and loved. Make you realise that your happiness and smile matter to them. That there is someone in the world who actually thinks about ways to make you happy..!! Trust me it’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Joyous and ultimate. And if you have one such person in your life you thinks in those terms about you ... you are one lucky thing..!!

I consider myself so lucky that I have such caring/loving/pampering set of angels around me. One such angel is my dearest friend VANDY (vandana). Whatever she does, it is always on a big big scale..!! Once I told her while in a conversation about a fantasy of mine (my words were “yaar I wish someone sometime would write something about me”)... and the next thing I know is that Ms Vandy has written a post, dedicated to me on her blog...!! That too the very same day I mentioned it..!!!

I had given my pendrive to her recently to take some material from her. When she gave it back to me i came across this folder named “STORY OF A PRINCESS AND HER FRIEND”. I wondered what/which novel is this...? And on opening it realised it was my story...!!! Vandy had made a movie on my life of 21 years (OMG) complete with my pics and all.

I had given her all the pics in my lappy for backup sometime ago ... why u ask..? Coz I am a lazy bum...!! Anyways that was the source from where she gathered all the pics, took the pain of editing/ cropping them (there were many pics which I absolutely loathe but she made it all look so good that it hardly mattered...!). Arranged them soo aptly and beautifully that I was totally spellbound. It was just so unexpected and such a pleasant surprise (she had made it for my birthday)..!! And the most important thing is the fact that she added the song I love... I had once told her that we ll makes a slide show of our college days and play “that” particular song ... she remembered and added “that” very song in my movie..!! That was just soo wow...!!
Now this thing may seem to be very small/lame to many. But it was most special thing anyone has ever done for me....!! Vandy I love you soooo much for this and thank you soooo very much for this bestest gift ever and for making me feel soo special and loved..!!

You tell me many a times that I am your support and blah blah but I seriously can’t figure out what a thing so great have I done to gain oodles of love and affection you shower on me (not that I am complaining...nopes not at all).

Tu hai to I ll be all right...
Love ya loads...!!

p.s check out my new blog "http://sepovandy.blogspot.com"

memories... ;)

I have been meaning to write this post since a long long time. But never got the opportunity to do the same as it involved recapturing a lot of stuff. Nevertheless, I present to you this very very special story.

It’s basically about a childhood friend of mine who I would not like to name so let’s just call her Ms M. Now Ms M had been seeing this guy (also a very good friend of mine) for quite some time now. And things were going okay between the two of them. Until of course we came to know through some source (which skips my mind..!) that the guy was kinda two-timing her. Now this piece of news had us all (gang of girls) fuming. We were pissed off and mad like hell. And poor Ms M couldn’t believe.

There is something about two timer guys that exposes the dangerous side of any “gentle” and “touch-me not-I might-get hurt” kinda girls. We being no different decided to get even with the guy but of course in STYLE...!! Meetings were held, notes were made, dialogues were written and the whole thing was scripted and named “OPERATION THA THA”. The whole thing basically was on the shoulders of K (an important member of the gang) and ME. Our role in the operation was that of a catalyst, we had to ignite the fire on the other side. We were supposed was to gain the guy’s confidence and use it against him (simple enough...duh..!). Meanwhile M was getting all sentimental, but was strong and directive: P

I being the catalyst got to hear the other side of the story as well and my heart at one point kinda melted for the guy but the girls (including M) would hear none of it, the cat was out of the bag now. And we stuck.... big time. Using all the info we had gathered M dumped him. But it wasn’t easy for her as she loved him a lot and it wasn’t easy for us to see her suffering. But M is such a sport... she even gave us a BREAKUP PARTY....!!!

And then came the big turn, a big big big U turn...
M was out of station immediately after her breakup and I wasn’t in touch with her for quite some time. It was during this time the guy went ahead and caught up with M. Sorted out all the differences and was with her AGAIN. I came to know all this much later. And we also came to know the fact that the information (about two timing) was vague. It so turned out that someone told someone and that someone told someone else and someone else passed it to somebody who told us about it. And the information while getting passed on in this chain got all mixed matched together leading to a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings.
So K and I ended up looking like big fools. But when I look back at it I laugh, thinking about those meetings, those serious looks that wonderful breakup party where I gorged a whole pizza all by myself...!! And the best part is that my love buds are still together and rocking. The guy forgot all about the flop operation and my role in it (thank god for that...!). As they say “All Is Well That Ends Well”.

It ended on a good, bright note... bringing the love buds closer
Love you both and S (part 2) :P