Sunday, July 24, 2011

Awkward Moments – Part 2

This post is written in continuation of Awkward Moments –Part 1, which had been written both for fun and self satisfaction. Towards the end of the post I’d promised to bring out many such awkward and embarrassing (well and funny!) stories of me. But due to circumstances, I was unable to do so. Today just after waking up I had a flashback of that post and suddenly my fingers started to itch to write something of similar tunes. So here I am to present yet another awkward moment from the chapters of my life...

This one dates back to my school days. I think I was either in class 9th or class 10th. We had extra classes or final exams (I don’t remember exactly) because we (me and my friend) were travelling in a local bus. The seats of the bus in question were shaped like a horse-shoe magnet.

Yes. Exactly like the picture above. Me and my friend were sitting on the parallel seats right opposite each other just where it starts to curve.  There was also a gentleman sitting on the middle of curved seat (like the head of the family!). At one point of time, the seat next to my friend got vacant, she signalled me to join her and I got up to do the same. The moment I got up, the bus took an ugly turn and I ended up falling in the lap of Mr Gentleman (yes, yes the same head of the family man!). 

My friend (May she rot in hell) started laughing her lungs out while I turned into various different shades of pink. In between her laughs, curious glances and apparent discomfort of Mr Gentleman I lost control over my limbs. My legs, arms, feet everything refused to oblige and I kept sitting on gentleman’s lap for a good 5 or 7 minutes.  

 Finally I did manage to sit on the seat. Silently giving my friend hard cold stares and cursing her in every language I knew. Needless to say, after that incident I was always extra cautious of my sitting/standing habits in local buses.

Well, that’s all for now! Toodles till my next awkward escapade!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

If Moon Was Made Of Cheese.........

We all have some fantasies and wishes that we hope would somehow/someway turn into reality. The dreams, hopes and aspirations that keep our brain busy when bored, the thoughts that drive us(me at least) to sleep in those dark lonely nights. I have had a long list of “must haves” ever since I was child but with time my set of priorities changed from say,  a big barbie doll to a hermes(Birkin) bag :D

Yesterday night when I was not able to sleep, I started to think about how I would like my life to be mmmm maybe 5 year from now. Thats is how I came up with this post of mine. Some wishes of mine (as you will see) are as silly and unrealistic as the fact of moon being made up of cheese, hence I chose it as the title of this particular post. All things explained and described, lets now get ready to get enlightened with my list of sweet little things...

Firstly I ll talk about my home (precisely the kind of house I would love to live-in). It will be very very classy . Interiors will have a very English feel and maybe a grandfathers clock or a large piano. It will have a super comfy couch, the kinds in which you just sink-in!! A stylish bookcase to store all my priced possessions. My bedroom will have a bean bag and a big bed so beautiful that every time I look at it, it will invite/force me to cuddle up into it. Bath will be like my second room coz I keep using it so much, to wash my face, feet , applying various creams and to attend the call of nature (well obviously). Also sometimes when I don't feel good I like to cry in the seclusion of the washroom. So I would like it to be beautiful, spacious, neat and soothing. There are many other little little things that need to be taken care of in my house but I am more excited to move forward...

Those of you who read my blog regularly would know that  I have a strong shoe fetish. The next category is that of shoes and my (would be) wardrobe. It is my strong desire to own at least one pair of shoes from Jimmy Choo, a sexy bag from hermes or Louis Vuitton and a fabulous dress from Roberto Cavalli. And yea, I want a separate rack to hold my shoes, every pair should get its own place. As for the main wardrobe, it should have bifurcations to hold each item of clothes separately! Belts, bags, scarfs everything should have its own assigned place. Also it should be big enough coz I don't stop shopping and I am not in a habit to throw off or give away my old things. I strongly believe that fashion just like history repeats itself!

Next, I would definitely need someone special to take care of me. Its not like I cant take care of myself but yea it feels good no, when you know that someone is waiting for you at home. Moreover my already overdone home with  grandfathers clock and everything will become a little scary in the night. Now obviously I cant just let anybody be that special person who will get the privilege to spend his days with ME!!! :P

There are some things, some conditions that must be met. Firstly, when you are with me, you are with me. I don't like men checking out other women inspite of being with their wives/girlfriends. Secondly, he should be a wonderful cook coz I lovve eating ! I like cooking but only occasionally, so to avoid death by food poisoning he should be very good at cooking. Also I absolutely hate high maintenance guys! Ones who expect you to look like million bucks all the time. I really appreciate an easy going guy who understands that I can have a bad hair day or a sudden burst of zits or hell, sometimes I just like walking around in toothpaste stained t-shirts and uncombed air. I would like my guy to compliment me even in that condition (no I am by no means encouraging or promoting false compliments, the truth is that I really do manage to look beautiful even when in mess!) :P

Also my man will never say things like “ Sweetheart you already have so many clothes and shoes” or “ Darling its already 11 am, when will you wake up”? And yea, occasional gifts and flowers never hurt anyone, do they? One important thing, I NEED MY SPACE. When I want to read a book, I want you to let me do that and not whine like a 4 year old on how I don't give you enough attention. Well, I think my list of things will keep on piling...So I ll apply the brakes here.....

p.s After re-reading the post, I do hope moon was made of cheese! Especially after this pic showcasing Jimmy Choo collection.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The City That Never Sleeps - Indeed!

 Everyone knows about the blasts in Mumbai. News channels are full of the latest buzz about it. But there is something else that I want to share about the blasts. No I was not an eye-witness to any of the blasts nor was I anywhere in the vicinity of the blast site. But still there is something more important (I feel) that needs to be talked (discussed) about!

I had heard a lot about the spirit of Mumbaikars. Yesterday (and today) I got a chance to see and feel it. It made me very proud at that point to be a part of India. Tragedy strikes but people here know how to keep it aside, move forward and get on with life.Like nothing happened. Over the news when you see it, it such a big thing but here when you actually face the real scenario, you realize that this is something that is so awfully familiar to people here that they don't even waste a minute thinking or reacting over it. They brush it aside like any other event of a day.

It takes a lot of courage to develop an attitude like this one. To joke about an incident of this nature, some people might find it insensitive and even offensive but according to me  it just means that you have hardened and adapted yourself so well to the situation that it now fails to bother or impact you!

I salute the Never Say Die spirit of MUMBAI!!

p.s Moving ahead, the rains here are drivin me nuts. So heres a letter I wrote to the, well umm Rains!
Dear Rains,
You are awesome, but early morning struggle to reach office by crossing (smelly) puddles of water does not really count as a bright start to the morning. So I'd be highly obliged if u'd stop for a while hmm say 5 hrs (at a strech).
well thats all!
This seems to have worked. No seriously!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


I wore saree (first time) @ office on 05.07.2011.

When I got a slight inkling of the fact that my colleagues are planning to wear saree, I just jumped with joy! Not only that, I rushed at first opportunity to buy a saree for myself! gosh!! The experience was not at all good. Now don't get me wrong I lovvvve shopping and I was hoping that the whole saree buying experience would be very very enriching. But sadly it turned out to be totally the opposite.

It was so very difficult, I  have absolutely no idea and no experience when it comes to sarees! The whole thing just drained out every ounce of energy and excitement I had in me. Towards the end I was so fed up(and frustrated) that I was ready to pick up just about anything and everything. Thankfully I had a friend with me who helped me finalize.

 But a sigh of relief was the fact that everybody liked (some loved :)) the saree. I know you all are substantially curious now :P :D

here goes ....

The whole saree wearing experience was awesome. I could carry it off very well, that was because it was draped perfectly (not by me!)

I that I am a wee bit conscious and informed about sarees , so heres to many more sarees and pics :)he




Sunday, July 3, 2011

That One Friend....

In life one should have that one friend with whom you can share any of your deepest darkest secrets without having to worry about him/her being judgemental. A person you know will always be there for you come what may, a person who will choose to stand by you whatever the situation is! One with whom you can talk about anythin under the sky at any time you feel like.

Finding that friend is not at all easy. It takes years and years of trust to build a relation that will be something remotely similar to the scenario I mentioned above. A good friend is not the one who will blindly just support you in any endevour of yours. He/she will/should be ready with scissors to clip off your wings incase you are going for a wrong flight.
What made me write this post today was the fact that it suddenly just dawned upon me that I am one lucky  thing to have not 1 but 2 such friends (angels) around me. Protecting me and loving me unconditionally. Ignoring my mood swings and silly tactics. Bearing with my stubborn silences and rude responses. Just want to say that I love and miss you both. Thanks for being there always.

(from left) Me, Eksha, Vandana
Feels really good to know that I am not alone....