Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was actually looking forward to see this movie because of its very fresh look and music. Dhunki and Madhubala are sure shot winners. I could hardly sit still when these foot tapping songs were playing.

So the movie basically is about Kush (Imran) who is in search for his brother Luv’s (Ali Zafar) bride. Luv stays in London and his fed up of London girls after his recent break-up, so he has decided to get married and settle down with a girl of his brother’s choice. Kush’s quest for his bhabhi ends when he re-meets Dimple (Katrina). He had met her 5 years ago during a college trip, when she was arrested for organizing her rock concert in Agra fort (Dhunki song). Wow. That was a bit too much to digest !! Huge crowds of people thronging to see/hear a girl they have never seen before.

Finally Kush selects Dimple to be his brother’s bride and somehow in between the shaadi ki shopping, card selection and Katrina’s last 48 hours of freedom (before getting married) have both of them falling in love. I did not find the love story convincing because whenever I saw Katrina and Imran in the same frame, all I could think was “They look like brother-sister”.  Really, there is an uncanny resemblance between the both of them.

 Moving on,, how they manage to get together with each other, without letting anyone in the family know of their love for each other is what the second half of the movie is all about. There is not a dull moment in the movie, which is what I like the best about this movie, well after the Madhubala song! Really, I am totally hooked on this song!

Acting wise Imran is replaying his good boy character. I am soo bored to see him play same kind of character in almost all of his movies. Sweet, sensible and faattu! Now I would have liked Imran to play a bad boy kinda character.

Katrina acts well, but yes it does get a bit over in some places. Screeching and loud expressions were a big time put off for me. Nevertheless she was not bad to watch. She has played the wild, devil-may-care attitude character quite convincingly.

Ali Zafar was the winner for me. Effortless acting by him. Understated but very very good!

Other characters play their parts well too!

My verdict : The movie is definitely worth a watch.

Are you still reading? Really! What are you waiting for? Go on and watch the movie!


  1. me too just loved the movie.... :)...

  2. Sounds interesting.. Am also waiting for Mausam!

  3. @Skywalker

    I know! It was fun right?

  4. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue

    me too...! curious about the story!

  5. yeah fun all the way....enjoyed most of the scenes as I am a complan boy :P

  6. now i have to go... to see it... coming weekends.. actually i heard mixed reactions.. bot it.. but when u said it.. then i have to go to see it... and by the way i have new post after 1 year... waiting for ur reply.. so pls make time.. to read and comment....

  7. I was thinking of avoiding this movie.. But I think I'll go watch it.. Thanks for the wonderful review..:)

  8. संडे को देखने वाला था...लेकिन काम निकल आया :( अगर ज्यादा काम नहीं रहा तो परसों ही देखने का मन बना रहा हूँ :) यशराज की फिल्म वैसे भी मैं मिस जल्दी नहीं करता, एक दो एक्सेप्सन छोड़ दें तो :)

  9. Well, umm I am still reading it. Meanwhile I am wainting for a good print to come on the internet. Somehow, I find a laptop much better than a big theatre screen.

    But I'll get it, soon.
    Ali Zafar sings well too, do listen to a few (especially Jhoom, Daastan-e-Ishq[from coke-studio, not from Jhoom Album] etc. etc.)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. oooh! i wanna see now after this review of yours :D

  11. very sad mvie...:) srrie but this was another tp mvie... if u get tym do watch dat girl in yellow boots..luvd dat one.. amazing piece of work again by ssmeone special to me..

  12. love your blog. thanks for the revew of the movie., I gonna watch it tonight :)

    wanna follow each other?

    xo Nav

  13. Was a good read, a review well written!! Hope to watch this movie sometime soon!!

  14. Couldn't agree more Sneha...i totally enjoyed the film's what i thought -

    do drop by :)