Saturday, February 26, 2011


Jumping straight to the point, I am going to Mumbai. Well, on one hand it’s quite thrilling while on the other hand I am a bit apprehensive. The 22 years of my life have been spent here in Jammu with my parents. My school was here, I went to college here. I became what I am here. And now suddenly I have to leave all this behind and start afresh.

I don’t understand what to take and what to leave behind. Every book, every shoe and every tiny little thing has a memory to it. While packing every item I feel as if I am leaving a part of me behind.

Toughest part is the thought of living away from my family and friends. I have not known life without them. Never lived away from them. Now I am not whining about the fact but it just keeps pounding at the back of my mind. I wake up at the middle of the night and realize that I would not be sleeping here a few days later. And the realization creeps the hell out of me.

Anyhow, have to go, that’s the reality and nothing can change it. So, I have to accept the fact and brace myself for living in a big city. Travelling by local trains and beware of pick-pockets. Also have to find accommodation and a roommate.

Any suggestions, tips, words of wisdom are welcome from your side. All those living in Mumbai can be a bit kinder and share useful/important details etc.

Well, that’s all. Thankyou!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Backpackers……!


I have been forever amazed and fascinated by the backpackers. It was ever since I read a book on hippies. Travelling like a backpacker has been on my wish list since a long time now. Though this dream of mine came true a while ago but only partially because staying in expensive hotels instead of shared accommodation and using hired cabs in place of public transport goes a tad bit towards luxury. Luxury: the word unheard by a backpacker.

When on a vacation, a few months ago I met many backpackers. I started off my vacation at the Andaman’s which was packed with foreigners and their backpacks. One hanging at the back and the other at front, sometimes accompanied by a handbag slung over the shoulder. Carrying around their world with themselves at all times. I had a chat with a few of them and was surprised to find that even though in a group, most of them were travelling alone and had different destinations to follow.

At Batu caves, Malaysia I met group of Indian backpackers. They were moving from South East Asia to the mystic Middle East. They were full of stories and tips for Singapore (my next destination). the places they mentioned did not include the famous tourist hubs and "must see" places but the places where the real culture and living is seen. Where the authentic food and drinks can be savored. A blogo-friend of mine PAN is also a backpacker, his blog post are a reflection of his fun-filled adventures. India is also an extremely popular destination for the backpackers. Himalayas, Kerala and other similar scenic places score huge points.

That's me as a backpacker in Singapore!
Their criterion for the perfect holiday is having loads of peace, a lot of me-time and a total cut-off from the materialistic things like telephone, internet etc. I feel every one should have an experience like this. Wherein you just stay cut-off from the world we know, things like Facebook and gmail. I have seen people (even on vacation) doing there office work via internet. A holiday I feel should be treated like a holiday. It should not be accompanied by the urge to check your mail every 10 seconds! Everyone deserves a break every now and then. But a break is a break only when one makes the most of it by freaking out and having a gala time sans the wireless systems with somehow keep us wired…!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Awkward moments.Part-1

Life ain’t perfect. It’s full of those disturbing memories and scenes wherein you pray hard that you would somehow disappear in thin air. Or that the earth would swallow you inside the crust or mantle or preferably the core (heat not being an issue!). Or better still if you could just rewind and start afresh! *sigh*. Life would have been so different if any of these miracles would have been possible. We would have been saved from many an embarrassing, awkward and cringe-worthy moments.

Life would have been a teensy weensy bit puuurrrfect. Perfect:Yes but fun nope! It would have been just like that perfect too-good-to-be-true guy, who remembers all the anniversaries and sends red roses but alas is no fun because of the fun-bad-boy-action missing. Similarly without any incidents whose memories turn us pink/red/purple, life would have been perfunctory, monotonous and dull. If I sit and pen down my awkward moments, I’d be a writer in no time. Yeah it’s a cliché but I can write a book over ‘em.

Not long ago I went to this shop just a few steps away from my home. My attire is what needs a special and detailed mention here. I was wearing a night-suit (even though it was day-time) pyjamas of which have these ridiculous frills which I can’t even begin to explain. My mom had got it for me I-don’t-know-why; because she knows it very well that I am over 12 now. Moving on, I had also donned this sweater atleast two sizes bigger than mine full of Maggie noodle stains (I have this thing of stuffing as many noodles as possible in my mouth , half of them end up falling on my clothes. This activity though is strictly restricted to the premises of my home and is done in seclusion). My hair (uncombed) resembled a bird nest, pretending to be a bun. Now I really care about vanity but to change my clothes in the very cold weather that too just for going a few steps away from home seemed a totally worthless effort. So I decided to go the way I was; in mess! Also my too thick socks required that I wear my mom’s shoes rather than my own. So I took off in mom’s big shoes dragging my feet as my heels keep poking out of them. I didn’t make a pretty picture.

I had no idea that I have a surprise waiting at the shop. Who do I spot there? None other than my eye-candy. The guy I find reallllllyyy cute. I am like OMG. What have I done? Damn. I am all heebie jeebies. I quickly ask for my stuff and hastily try to RUN away…! But alas my shoe (err mom’s) refused to oblige, it chose that precise moment to fly off from my foot onto the road. And an “ouch” slipped out from my mouth. Puuurrrfect. Last thing that I wanted was to draw attention to myself and my drab outfit. Somehow I managed to hop and fit that shoe onto my foot and drag myself away from his view. Even in the cold weather I broke into a sweat. And I am still not fully recovered from the trauma. Now even to go out on the balcony I make sure I am looking my best. I take no chances. But sadly, the only people you meet when you look good are those lascivious men in mid-life crisis and the ogling rickshaw walas. But life ain’t fair, is it?
*long sigh*

P.S Do share you awkward moments (preferable something worse than mine) just to make me feel better, you know!
PP.S. While writing this post I remembered so many funny awkward moments which I wanted to add in this post, but due to the length issues I couldn’t. So I ll write about others in the subsequent upcoming parts. Exciting? I know, right!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


The whole internet has taken the world by storm over the years. Remember when the e-mail was the big thing? Everyone wanted to be registered on yahoo and hotmail. The good old letters were forgotten. Why the waiting, longing and anxiety when the same message can be delivered and read in seconds. Then came the instant messaging and it was said the emails are now obsolete. The emails however do exist. Then came Orkut and everyone was Orkut-ting! The world we knew changed when what we call Facebook came into existence. It changed the way we interact and share our wisdom and information. Talking to walls, poking random people, liking and updating everything from what-am-I eating to what-am-I-doing is suddenly all people do and swear by!


You can find anyone on Facebook. ANYONE. From the long lost friend to any ex boyfriend/girlfriend you ever had. Teachers and bosses. Relatives and hell, even parents!! Close in competition is twitter. Yes the site that cost Shashi Tharoor his kursi! The site that was the cause of a raging war between Sonam Kapoor and Shobha De. The site where our CM Mr Abdullah chooses to give answers to the separatist leaders. In short the site that is always in news. I find twitter fun, following people you admire/like, knowing about there lives, in general happenings or the current affairs. Twitter is a lot of information. Inconsequential or otherwise but information nevertheless!


But what if you need to share something? Something you feel strongly about, something that is a lot of characters! Something you want to have a discussion about. Where would you choose to do it?
-          Would you sent a email to every contact to know? NO.
-          Would you post is on FB? NO. Seriously who will even read it? People will be shocked to see the length of the “thing” you have written.
-          Would you post in on twitter? You can’t. Well think about it, after all how much can you express in 140 characters!

Moreover the most important reason is that the contacts on Facebook and twitter are generally people that we know and are in contact with. So limited no? We don’t always want to be associated with the same people all our lives! Everyone has to keep expanding horizons, right!


Here is when blogging comes handy! Blogging is entirely different. We get to know so many new people, read such good stuff. It all about patience. Working hard on a write-up, waiting for comments! It’s a beautiful thing.


My sudden love for blogging was brought about by an article “THE BLOG’S LONG GOODBYE?” According to statistics only half as many online adolescents blogged in 2010 compared to 2006. People say that Facebook and twitter are eating up there time and views.

I beg to differ I find blogging so peaceful, fuss-free and simple and also refreshing! I am up for keeping blogging alive and kicking. WHO IS WITH ME?!


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Until a few days back, all I could do in the name of cooking was boiling eggs, making maggie noodles and similar things! But now, I have tried my hand at cooking and I am loving the experience. I have not yet gone all the way, but yea I am taking baby steps in the direction of becoming a good (if not great) food-maker (I hate the word cook and I can't use the word chef :P). Till now I have made aaloo-capsicum, karela (bitter gourd), beans-aaloo and similar dry veggies! And I am learning authentic Kashmiri dishes and yummy non-veg food from my mum.

I love bhaigan ka barta (bringal dish) and tried making it today. Ended up impressing myself hugely. Also happy with the successful experiment, I tried making phulka's (chapatii's). They also weren't too bad for an amateur. If you don't believe me, I present the following picture as proof!

The bharta was spicy and tangy, just the way I like it. YUMM.

A closer look at the chapatti's. Don't miss the irregular, endearing shapes and decreasing sizes!!!

A little compromise with the roti's but the lunch was delicious anyway. Washed it down with a glass of masala lassi!

See closely and you will spot the masalas sticking on the walls of the glass.
Sweet dish comprised of the very tasty, very colourful and very dry-fruity RIPPLES by cream-bell!

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and pista!

Nuts! *drool*

Mid afternoon snack comprised of some fleshy strawberries eaten with melted chocolate- Delish Ecstasy I call it 

and some firangi grapes!

 No I have not gone crazy, but good luck getting me to stop talking about food! hah. I am tired with the pic taking and attaching thing so I am stopping write here.

   Are you guys lucky or what? This one did not drag on till dinner! I have never really written about food before this but now I will as I am such a foodie ;-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have always been ensnared with the old world charm. When in school, I really used to dig those English literature stories like “The Umbrella Man”. The heroines usually English ladies of impeccable tastes. This particular story me taught me the very important lesson that “a man can be judged by the kind of shoes he wears”. Well, this little piece of advice as never failed me. So far.


As I grew I became proverbial with the authors like Charlotte Bronte. I love reading Jane Eyre. I clearly remember I first read the book when I was in 8th standard. Since then I must have read the book a hundred times. Next in line was Jane Austen. I read Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma. Emma I read recently (post Aisha). Lastly, Margaret Mitchell, the diva herself. I read and fell deeply in love with Gone with the Wind and Rhett Butler.

I relate myself the most in these eras. The old English societies as depicted in the Jane Austen stories or the southern culture of the US in Gone with the Wind.

 3281766, Getty Images /Hulton Archive

The pretty dresses worn by the girls with fitted bodice and flared bottoms. The Sun- protecting beautiful hats and bonnets. Governess’s in-charge of all important things. Lessons in piano and sketching. The heavy breakfast comprising of eggs, toast, bacon and coffee eaten on a huge table with family. The garden parties full of gossips and delicate pastries. Tea served in beautiful china. Huge garden with separate furniture and overflowing with appealing flowers. The crystal vase with perfectly arranged fresh flowers! In the winters, sitting closely by the fire place humming a song or reading aloud or just playing the big piano. As the grandfathers clock strikes the bed-time.

And aah the men. I have to espouse the cliché and say tall, dark and handsome. This description has always been synonym in any book having a slight inkling of romance in it! Well, if women were all pretty and dressed up the men were not so far behind! It was the time of tuxedos and crisp pants and of-course shoes, polished to perfection. Ohh the curtsey and chivalry melt my heart. And the inevitable romance! The long love letters, these days all boys can ask is “do you have a FB account”.


My favourite romance is the one between Scarlett’O Hara and Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind. Totally unconventional and well, tragic towards the end. Scarlett was not really a typical heroine material (like a damsel in distress, who requires to be carried around by the hero). Her character had the immense courage, the shrewdness and the shades of grey which I love the most about her. Aah well who knows maybe I was a part of this glorious time, years and years and years ago!


Tell me what’s your favourite era? Mughal? English? French? Old India maybe?