Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Backpackers……!


I have been forever amazed and fascinated by the backpackers. It was ever since I read a book on hippies. Travelling like a backpacker has been on my wish list since a long time now. Though this dream of mine came true a while ago but only partially because staying in expensive hotels instead of shared accommodation and using hired cabs in place of public transport goes a tad bit towards luxury. Luxury: the word unheard by a backpacker.

When on a vacation, a few months ago I met many backpackers. I started off my vacation at the Andaman’s which was packed with foreigners and their backpacks. One hanging at the back and the other at front, sometimes accompanied by a handbag slung over the shoulder. Carrying around their world with themselves at all times. I had a chat with a few of them and was surprised to find that even though in a group, most of them were travelling alone and had different destinations to follow.

At Batu caves, Malaysia I met group of Indian backpackers. They were moving from South East Asia to the mystic Middle East. They were full of stories and tips for Singapore (my next destination). the places they mentioned did not include the famous tourist hubs and "must see" places but the places where the real culture and living is seen. Where the authentic food and drinks can be savored. A blogo-friend of mine PAN is also a backpacker, his blog post are a reflection of his fun-filled adventures. India is also an extremely popular destination for the backpackers. Himalayas, Kerala and other similar scenic places score huge points.

That's me as a backpacker in Singapore!
Their criterion for the perfect holiday is having loads of peace, a lot of me-time and a total cut-off from the materialistic things like telephone, internet etc. I feel every one should have an experience like this. Wherein you just stay cut-off from the world we know, things like Facebook and gmail. I have seen people (even on vacation) doing there office work via internet. A holiday I feel should be treated like a holiday. It should not be accompanied by the urge to check your mail every 10 seconds! Everyone deserves a break every now and then. But a break is a break only when one makes the most of it by freaking out and having a gala time sans the wireless systems with somehow keep us wired…!


  1. I totally agree, one must experience it and holiday's should be holidays.
    Would love to read about your backpacking experiences. :)

    Love & Care

  2. ya a must have experience

    and i'm gonna experience for one full year

    totally disconnected :(

  3. घुमक्कड़ी का अन्दाज़ कोई उनसे सीखे। सुविधाओं ने ऐसा घेर रखा है कि शायद ही उन जैसे हो पायें हम।

  4. True, sometimes, I feel like going down and so disconnected, just disappear from every social area, into the wilderness and spend some quality time there, to reconstruct myself.
    And Ruskin Bond used to do that, a lot, go on a vacation. So did one of my teacher.
    Someday, I will too. Abhi to attendance poori rakhni padti hai warna short ho jayegi. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. @ bhargavi
    yes, you are right! and thanks :-)

  6. @ praveen ji

    bilkul sahee kaha aapne, suvidhao ne sach main hume unka aadi kar diya hai

  7. @ blasphemous aesthete

    i can totally understand, i feel the same many a times! but yea attendance needs to be taken care of for the time being! :P

  8. Completely agree with a break should be treated as a break. In my case I really don't have courage to go anywhere like a backpacker. I need a fully arranged trip, however once i went to jaisalmer with my friends without informing my family. I called at home from a pco in evening by reaching there. It was a memorable trip of my life. I hope i'll do the same in future.

    Nice post..!!

  9. Nice article and i want to know more on this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  10. yes we should definitely find time away from net facebook gmail once a while, most of my time is spent in front of laptop screen, sometimes i just wonder is this normal life !

  11. very well said...we should really feel what beyond this internet.... really good... loved it...