Friday, August 6, 2010

OH BOY......!

There’s something about the rains...! I love when it’s raining and I am indoors..! It’s not like I don’t love getting drenched in the rains...GOD..!.. I DO. But yea if given a choice I would prefer to stay indoors...any day....!

I always crave a cup of coffee and a good book and an open window during the rains. Well, small pleasures in life. I love how a rainy day makes you lazy; wanting to stay in the bed snuggled up with the pillow. Watching movies back to back all day long! That’s exactly what I did today. I gave some serious pain to my eyes (and head) keeping them hooked on to my lappy...! I did some serious catching up on my stack of favourite (read: the ones I can watch again and again and again and AGAIN!!!) movies. The menu consisted of: freaky Friday (well not actually one of my favs), notebook (one of my favs), legally blonde (oh I love Reese Witherspoon), mean girls (well, I wanted to make sure Regina George = Alley Hamilton!). Okie, it’s not like I have stopped here...! I want to watch more movies...! Hmmm..! Maybe p.s I love you...! I seriously love the movie. The bond between the 3 girls reminds me of my own girlfriends.

When I first saw the movie, I was like “ohh I wish I had this bunch of great girls”, “who I could talk to, have fun with or simply irritate”. Haa. Now, I proudly boast that YO...! I am a part of a cool gang of girls...! Who fiercely love each other, protect each other, care for each other and most importantly make life hell for each other. Well, some time some days are not as great as others, differences are bound to occur as all of us are different from each others, different likes and dislikes. We sometimes argue like enemies, disagree like opposing lawyers and are ever ready to bite off each other’s head. But the one thing that sticks us like glue is the love and respect we have for each other...!

Love ya girlies’
You rock...!

You make my life so cool and interesting. The times spent with you are the most precious memories ever. When I say precious I mean it. All the fun and food and shopping and more shopping, some more food, little more fun, some more serious shopping, more food, disagreements, more fun, some bitchiness inbetween (in miniscule proportions.!), creations and innovations, then more shopping....... you see what I am trying to say here, it’s a vicious circle. Never ending.....!

The hakka noodles, pizzas , momo’s , chaats , cool blues and the goddamn rosemary veg submarine ( or the salaami one, for that matter..!) will never taste the same without you guys...! Also this is not some kind of farewell thingy, it’s just to tell you guys that I lovve you...! I may not try and show it always, I may be rude or sadde hue (as you put it), but deep inside I love you. So the next time when I don’t behave properly just remember that, no complains OKIE...! It’s coming from the heart.

Okie this is weird! When I read this whole thing I wrote I was totally blown. I mean I had thought of writing something else, then I go on writing about something totally different and then in the middle of it I totally switch again...! When I read the whole thing I was like “oh boy” (hence the title). And yea as I began by writing about the rains, I would like to add that I absolutely love how clear and green everything seems just after it has rained. The skies look bluer and everything else brighter even without the blinding sunshine.

So here I come in a full circle, ending where I started *wink*.


  1. अरे स्नेहा जी, Reese Witherspoon तो अपनी भी फेवरिट में से आतीं हैं..और जो फोटो नंबर 2 है, वो तो क्या कहूँ..हमारे एक मित्र ने एक बात कही थी - हमेशा बन्द रहने वाली खिडकियो से बाहर बरसती बारिश को हाथ मे अदरक वाली चाय लिये देखना...
    अ ब्लिस.. :) मैं उस पल को महसूस कर सकता हूँ की जब बाहर तेज झमाझम बारिश हो और अंदर कमरे में खिडकी के पास बैठे हम चाय का लुत्फ़ उठा रहे हो...इससे बेहतर और क्या हो सकता है....सो ग्रेट..कितनी बातें एक तस्वीर कह जाती है :)

    आपकी दोस्ती ऐसे ही सलामत रहे, बहुत अच्छी तस्वीर हैं, आप सब दोस्तों की तस्वीर बहुत स्वीट 'एन' क्यूट है

    Everything is so beautifully written and I love everything that is related to rain..Sometimes even I try to write something in English, I would like to share few lines from my latest 'poem'..

    Those rain were special,
    when you was with me,
    Everything was so bright then ,
    Rain was so beautiful,
    I remember how we talked,laughed,
    walked in those rain,
    The way the flower blossoms after rain,
    The way the grass grows,
    The way the skies clear and become brighter,
    after rain, were so romantic..
    Those days were bliss..

    sweet n nice post sneha :)

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  3. just loved the post really when i watched FRIENDS fr the first time,,,i was like,,,,man i wish i had such friends & now when ppl see me with my friends,,,they say "i wish i had such friends"

  4. i superlike it...!!!
    seriously yaar,,,,,,lucky to hv u all.... :)
    recently somebody asked me,,,,DO U THINK U GOT SUCH FRIENDS IN THIS COLLEGE,,,WHO ARE JUST LIKE U,,,WHO UNDERSTANDS??,,,,n my answer was a big YES....without thinking,,,,PROUDLY :)
    luvya all.......muwaahhh....


  5. beautiful post....

    you know what, I have noticed something.. Girls can jealous of each other, they botch abt people whom they don't like but when the girl friends get together, no bonding is stronger than what they share...

    M proud to have all the girl friends in my life

  6. hey gr8 post always feel good friends r the best blessing in life...and nice to c u have the right friends...v blogggers too r proud of u buddy..keep up the cheers..:)

  7. @ abhi

    thats a great poem buddy

  8. @ chanz

    thnx dear. and girls rock, so does our bond of friendship

  9. @ ramesh

    thanx a lot buddy. you too are a great friend and support