Friday, February 18, 2011

Awkward moments.Part-1

Life ain’t perfect. It’s full of those disturbing memories and scenes wherein you pray hard that you would somehow disappear in thin air. Or that the earth would swallow you inside the crust or mantle or preferably the core (heat not being an issue!). Or better still if you could just rewind and start afresh! *sigh*. Life would have been so different if any of these miracles would have been possible. We would have been saved from many an embarrassing, awkward and cringe-worthy moments.

Life would have been a teensy weensy bit puuurrrfect. Perfect:Yes but fun nope! It would have been just like that perfect too-good-to-be-true guy, who remembers all the anniversaries and sends red roses but alas is no fun because of the fun-bad-boy-action missing. Similarly without any incidents whose memories turn us pink/red/purple, life would have been perfunctory, monotonous and dull. If I sit and pen down my awkward moments, I’d be a writer in no time. Yeah it’s a cliché but I can write a book over ‘em.

Not long ago I went to this shop just a few steps away from my home. My attire is what needs a special and detailed mention here. I was wearing a night-suit (even though it was day-time) pyjamas of which have these ridiculous frills which I can’t even begin to explain. My mom had got it for me I-don’t-know-why; because she knows it very well that I am over 12 now. Moving on, I had also donned this sweater atleast two sizes bigger than mine full of Maggie noodle stains (I have this thing of stuffing as many noodles as possible in my mouth , half of them end up falling on my clothes. This activity though is strictly restricted to the premises of my home and is done in seclusion). My hair (uncombed) resembled a bird nest, pretending to be a bun. Now I really care about vanity but to change my clothes in the very cold weather that too just for going a few steps away from home seemed a totally worthless effort. So I decided to go the way I was; in mess! Also my too thick socks required that I wear my mom’s shoes rather than my own. So I took off in mom’s big shoes dragging my feet as my heels keep poking out of them. I didn’t make a pretty picture.

I had no idea that I have a surprise waiting at the shop. Who do I spot there? None other than my eye-candy. The guy I find reallllllyyy cute. I am like OMG. What have I done? Damn. I am all heebie jeebies. I quickly ask for my stuff and hastily try to RUN away…! But alas my shoe (err mom’s) refused to oblige, it chose that precise moment to fly off from my foot onto the road. And an “ouch” slipped out from my mouth. Puuurrrfect. Last thing that I wanted was to draw attention to myself and my drab outfit. Somehow I managed to hop and fit that shoe onto my foot and drag myself away from his view. Even in the cold weather I broke into a sweat. And I am still not fully recovered from the trauma. Now even to go out on the balcony I make sure I am looking my best. I take no chances. But sadly, the only people you meet when you look good are those lascivious men in mid-life crisis and the ogling rickshaw walas. But life ain’t fair, is it?
*long sigh*

P.S Do share you awkward moments (preferable something worse than mine) just to make me feel better, you know!
PP.S. While writing this post I remembered so many funny awkward moments which I wanted to add in this post, but due to the length issues I couldn’t. So I ll write about others in the subsequent upcoming parts. Exciting? I know, right!!


  1. हा हा हा :) मैं इमैजिन कर सकता हूँ आपका वो चेहरा, जो उस समय हुआ होगा :)

  2. मैं भी सुनाऊंगा आपको, रुकिए कुछ देर में फिर से आता हूँ यहाँ कमेन्ट करने :)

  3. LOL, but then local store is almost Ghar ki baat...sab chalta hai :P
    We don't hesitate to go in stained home payjamas even to a posh restaurant. :P

    Once while I was drinking water, my brother just came and said that there was a call from 'nong rumber'. I know its not that funny, yet I spilled water out of my nose in a fit of laughter. Its not exactly embarrassing, yet uncomfortable. I don't like water gushing out of my nose :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. hahahahaha....happens happens..!! :D

    My embarrassing moment..when it happened it might night have been that embarrassing, i was just 5, but now, being reminded of it during family functions, not at all a nice feeling =/
    I loved Bournvita as a kid, i still do though, :P, my babhi had come home, she was making dinner for us, i asked her to give me bournvita, she refused each time, i got pissed & pura aata unke sir pe gira dia :P
    Super embarrassing being reminded of it each time :P

    Love & Care

  5. मेरे कुछ हैं, नहीं बताऊँगा। आपका तो कुछ भी नहीं है।

  6. I totally second the fact that one must dress before stepping out. You just never know ;) My friends rag me saying that I "dolly" up even if it is just to step out to throw the garbage! #$@#$

    Plenty of awkward moments. Most commonly occurring ones are when loud music suddenly stops and I am caught, mid-conversation, saying the name of an embarrassing body part at the top of my voice :-/

  7. My pant fell down on stage during a dance performance in school. I recall the song it was 'Naujawano ka zamana hai' from the movie Parampara.

    I hope now you'll feel better.. :)

  8. HMMM!look whos talkin its embarassing to face a crush and one has to turn in embarassment and shy away saying oh! entangled in a quite a few such moments like jumped in a ladies was so n so...other 1 happ in CCD..nopes not revealin it..censored..the most embarassing moment




  11. फ़िलहाल के लिए एक छोटा सा किस्सा सुन लीजिए -
    एक बार पटना के मौर्या लोक शोपिंग कोम्प्लेक्स में अपने दोस्तों से मिलने गया था...वहां एक मेरी पागल दोस्त भी आ धमकी थी...वो मुझसे तीन साल बाद मिल रही थी, और पुरे शौपिंग के दौरान वो चिल्ला चिल्ला के बातें कर रही थी...मुझे थोड़ा awkward तो लग रहा था लेकिन सबसे ज्यादा awkward तब लगा जब वो एक बड़े दूकान के सामने आ के रुक गयी और मेरा शर्ट तिरते हुए बच्चों की तरह जिद करने लगी..."अभि अभि..मुझे दुपट्टा दिलाओ न एक...एक ठो प्लीज....प्लीज.." :) हा हा हा...सोचिये उतने लोगों के सामने मेरा सर्ट तिरते हुए ऐसे कह रही थी ;)

    बाकी और भी हैं, लेकिन बहुत खतरनाक खतरनाक से पल हैं, कभी बाद में बताऊंगा..:)

  12. @ Blasphemous Aesthete

    i can totally understand how uncomfortable it is!! the water gushing thing!! i have had the same experience with many different types of liquids like plain water, juices and even gol gappa ka pani once!!!

  13. @Bhargavi

    haha. it is kinda sweet, considering the fact that you were just 5!! awwiee!

  14. @ praveen ji!

    lagta hai kuch jyada he awkward hai :P

  15. @Basically Blah

    TRUE! It strikes a chord, the load music is responsible for many awkward moments of mine!

  16. @ankur

    thanks, buddy!


    hahaha, very funny yaaarr. i am actually trying to imagine it andd its funnyyy!

  17. @vishal

    oooo, ladies local!! must have been a hell of a moment :P

  18. @ vandy
    teri toh.................!

  19. @ abhi ji

    hehehe, main bhi apne kafi doston ko isse tarah tang karti hu!! sahi hai, agta hai apki friend aur meri kafi jamegi! :P

  20. haha.. really funny!
    mine was when I was 7 i guess, I was dressed as Gandhi and after a few minutes on the stage, the bald head, which I think was made out dough, virtually came out and the whole crowd started laughing.

  21. Ah was wondering when you'd write something like this...

    I think I might make u feel a lot better...I had gone out partying and had one too many drinks...went over for a house party with a friend...bumped into a few other friends...this one friend say he man long time n I go yeh man I know and ............ooops not a pretty sight... floor was a mess...if that was not bad enough...a girl I was flirting with decides to call me up to chat...I'm like hey u I think I'm a little high n then go ..............another round of decorating....

    Yeh it's gross but I think it should hv made u feel like urs was not tat bad...

  22. @Sepo: Interesting post! Indeed life is full awkward moments and I have countless. Whenever I rewind brings smile on my face. I am sure you must have felt the same.

    SO enjoy this Innocence of life.

    ~Ankit and (Eksha tooooooooooooo)

  23. @ inquisitive-life

    true! this incident too will bring a smile after some years :P

    thanks for commenting, ankit and eksha :-)

  24. @ vijay

    that was really funny !! haha

  25. @ Terror#1

    a very messy awkward moment you had there! mine is not a tad but so much more better than yours. lol

  26. ज़ाकिर अली ‘रजनीश’

    sahii kaha aapne, iss post ke bahane maine bhi bahut kuch jaan liya apne doston ke baare main

  27. @Sepo...Totally...your story is way better than mine hehehe...cant wait for ur next post to go up...