Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yoo Hoo I Have Cracked a Century!

100th post! Wow.... It really feels awesome to have cracked a century.

 I spent countless days thinking about what to write in this particular post. There were “N” number of things  going on in my mind. In the end I decided to write about the reason why I love blogging so much...
I started blogging on December 29, 2009. The time when Orkut was the big thing and the world was busy scrapping. At that point of time I had never thought that I would come this far into blogging. In fact I did not even know the B of blogging. Somehow I just kept going forward and continued writing. I always had this habit of scribbling random thoughts and lines on pieces of papers or on the back of my notebooks. So as I became accustomed to blogging I just started loving the whole thing. When people began to comment and appreciate my posts it was like an icing on the cake.

Its very natural that when you are smitten by a thing you just love you soon  end up loosing interest in it and forgetting the whole thing. Gladly that never happened with me. I am as excited to write a post today as I was back then! 

It feels really good to have come so far..  to have made so many contacts and friends. Today I follow round about 50 blogs of different categories and languages. I have experimented with different styles and categories of writing. From personal stuff to college dramas, from niteouts to exam pressures, from fashion to food and philosphy to movie reviews! WOW! Sounds to versatile. After re-reading  very early, cringe worthy posts, I can today proudly say that my writing style has improved vastly! But one grudge that I have is that I have never done a proper, portfolio type fashion post. And that is because I don’t a nice, understanding companion here who will gladly play the photographer..! Nevertheless, one such post will be coming soon very soon on Rendezvous.

Different moods of blogging and me!
 My love for writing has doubled up then these close-to-two years..... I will take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has visited my blog and appreciated it. Your comments and appreciations are literally like a pat on my back! Needless to say my days are incomplete witout a look of my blog and other blogs that I follow.

Thanks again for making this journey adventurous and enjoyable.


  1. Congrats on completing 100th blog..
    You know your writings are very true. Really it feels as if you're reading my thoughts.
    This only happens when a person pen downs the contents of heart.
    I still think of starting a blog but I dont know whether I would be able to maintain it.
    Though my writings are there in my laptop, they are still longing to meet the real world.
    Anyways congrats again for your wonderful and successful century.
    Be happy, Be Yourself and follow your Heart. ;)
    -- Maddy

  2. Let your love for blogging keep on expanding like limitless sky jeweled with stars.

  3. Hey.. Congrats!
    Blogging is something that you can never get tired of... because you are writing about your thoughts and feelings and things that you love - and you can never get tired of those can you!
    Keep writing and reach 200 soon! :)

  4. Hey you...I know its been a long time since I've commented here...Congrats on a 100 posts...keep posting...Hope to see a 200 soon...

  5. Congrats Sepo.. I love reading your blog. Do you know what is the best thing about your writing? You write not only what 'you think' but also what 'we think' - one reason why I still come back to read your posts..

    Keep posting.. :)

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  7. SEPO congrats. It is indeed an achievement. I still remember the profile pic when I first visited ur blog. I was seduced:)

  8. hath hath mubaarak...@vishal : boss cntrol de emotions on such forums..

  9. @Maddy

    what are those writing doing inside the lappy. GET THEN OUT.Time for time to meet the world has come!!

  10. @Praveen ji

    Thanks a lot for the encouragement!!

  11. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue

    Very well said and Thankyou!

  12. @Terror #1

    True! Its really been a long time...

    Thanks , though!

  13. @Chanz

    Thanks a tonn dear! This is by far the most awesome comment i have ever received.

  14. @jaunty Anima

    Thanks a lot hunnie!

  15. Congrats on the 100th Post! May you continue blogging for a long time!!!

    ♡ from ©

  16. aise kaam nahi chalega snehaa...mithaai khilaiye mithaai :) :) tab baat banegi :P
    waise congratulations on your 100th post...
    main to aapka blog shayad aapke 10th ya 11th post se hi padhte aa raha hun aur sahi mein aapki writing kitni jabardast hoti chali gayi hai with every new post...

    aap mujhse ek baar kah rahi thi aur main aapse kahta hun...start planning a book :) :)

    wish you all the very best :)

    aapka blog yuhin tarakki karte rahe :)

  17. @Sepo: han.. i m thinking of bringing it out.. but who will maintain these blogs and all.. i dont think i would get time to maintain it..
    so i will use them as a comment on your blogs itself... ;)


  18. congrats madam/.......