Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Let’s Talk Money, Baby!

Importance of money in our life cannot be measured. Money holds the key for your most basic and fundamental needs. We can go ahead and say things like ‘Money cannot buy happiness’but the inevitable truth is that money is in fact a very important contributing factor to our happiness. To merely survive one has to work hard to have or arrange a substantial amount of money. And if you plan to lead a comfortable life (which includes not just roti, kapda and makhan) you definitely have to work a lot harder than you think. People who are content with the kind of lives they lead are either of limited financial means or of extremely high financial status. That leaves us with people like us who are neither here nor there.

We are what the society has very aptly termed the Middle class. The salary vs. expenditure curve of this strata of society is abysmal. So mostly life is spent in a desperate attempt to make the ends meet. And after 15th of the month life is mostly spent waiting for the salary. Now in a scenario where savings are mostly negligible (especially when you are away from home) leading an extravagant lifestyle is not imaginable. This is where the one lettered work called Investment comes in handy.

Just like everything else in the world today, even Investments come with a number of options. There is gold and real estate and then there are bonds, stock, fixed deposits and mutual funds. People choose the type of investments depending on their requirements, understanding and feasibility. I chose mine based on my fathers’requirements, understanding and feasibility. I have been working since the past 2 years and since then the only investment I have made can be seen in my wardrobe. I hardly understand the financial talk. My father had been forever suggesting me to invest in shares or open a PPF account but I never did it. I found these heavy duty terms scary and somewhat cryptic. My father after two years realized that just words would only receive a deaf ear treatment from my side. So he sprang into action and opened a PPF account for me last time I was home.After that I took specific interest in financial investment and also tried to become a wise spender (well, I had to taking into consideration the rat hole I have been provided in the name of cupboard) . I even started think about a Life Insurance policy and stuff. So a week or so after the PPF account, I familiarized myself with FDs, polices, read about stock market shares and also income tax returns. So far so good. 

However after 15 days or so I conveniently forgot all about my leanings and also my PPF account. The outstanding amount in the account still remains the same as my first deposit (that too done by my father).I happened to read this article which emphasized the information of how single women are not that profound on investments. The article further detailed on how single women rely on men in their lives for handling money related matters. The man topping the chart was Dad followed closely by Boyfriends and Husbands. I tried to draw a comparison of my life with the article and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I happening to spot this article precisely at the time I find myself in a financial mess. A major chunk of my salary has already been spent in paying loan amount to my brother-in-law. Some percentage has been spent on movies, trips and clothes (blame it on the sales’). I feel I have subconsciously trying to not spend any money now. Which can be the only explanation for why I still haven’t’ paid my rent, due to 15th of this month (Aren’t they lucky to have me as a tenant). Anyhow moving ahead I paid by phone bill of last month two days late for which I have to suffice a late fee. Exhausted my net plan of this month and availed an add-on plan without checking my billing cycle. So seems that the plan activated is active only for a single day (300 Mb @ Rs 100) as I am nearing by billing cycle. So this is just a mild way of highlighting the fact that I am unaware of my billing cycle. Everyone month I check the amount, verify the tariff plans subscribed and add fleeting glances towards the itemized details. Moving on I have also since long planned to deactivate my laptop net plan. My procrastination level reached alarming levels when I received a message stating at I owe them bill of two months, that too without any usage since two months from my side. I did finally drop a message of deactivation but two months too late. In case I forgot to mention this before, the PPF account is still awaiting some funds transfer from my end.

The article proved to be very apt for my case (atleast for this month). Ordinarily such a sexist write-up would have angered me and if I would have decided to write about it, it would surely have been on disagreeing terms. But sadly I am the guilty-as-charged here. Not at all proud of it but yes hugely angered and ashamed about the whole thing. At the same time however taking it in my stride and here’s hoping for a new improved, careful and financial smart me. They say positivity brings out the best in you, I would have ended this post on a frustrated and angered note had it not been for a dear friend. I narrated the entire list of woes to the friend and he listened to my batter very patiently and  laughed it off as if it was nothing out of the usual.

Well as they say "That's what friends are for"!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blah Blah Blah

Restlessness is a hugely unsettling thing. The irritation quotient associated with it just doubles up when you don't know the reason behind it. I don't know whether this is without reason or is an amalgation of a number of reasons. The rejections, disappointments and stress that we face on daily basis. Maybe they just get together and contribute to that heart-sinking, gut-crunching feeling. Or maybe it's just the hormones working as a part of the whole PMS thing.

Whatever the reason, the end result is definitly not good. It just like you have to do something, get over with a task but you don't know what the task is. And no amount of dark chocolates or back to back episodes of FRIENDS or SATC will seem to help. May I also mention that you may get an unreasonable urge to give a tight slap to Carrie Bradshaw, for all that whiney clingly behaviour with her Mr Big.

Moreover you can't explain it to anyone without sounding like a complete nut.

I try and stay from homosapiens during such bouts because I don't know I feel I might just kill someone. No kidding. Okay, I may have exaggerated that a little but no seriously, I do hate everything and anything happening around me.

And while we are on the topic of irritation, may I take this opportunity to discuss and let know how whole heartedly I hate the new blogger interface. I have never ever used an interface so user unfriendly. Even after months I still have to click on random (stupid) icons to see where I can start a new post or check the preview and don't even get me started on the template design and layouts. But the most annoying thing has to be the fact that they disabled automatic new tab opening for the posts from other blogs. Now what the hell is that about? On top of that they just remove the old interface and force me use the new one. All I am saying is just that LET ME CHOOSE just don't force your decisions and your idea of better user interface on me.

Writing has an unusually calming effect on me. There are just so many things I want to write about. It keeps my mind occupied and puts the irritation causing agents to rest. Infact not just irritation, on any emotional upheaval good or bad, I turn to my good old blog for support. There is something really sexy about writing especially late into the nights. Mind is fresh and perked up with ideas. Fingers are working swiftly to turn those ideas into sentences. Hint of music playing in the background. And the very distinct feeling of being alone in the dark night. Very cool really.....

I don't have the patience to re read and check the formatting/spelling of the stuff I have written. But I do realize that none of the paragraphs really mean anything or bear any relation with one another. I might as well have written individual mini posts. I initially planned to write just for a little sanity and mental peace. But then I thought that staying up till 2 in the morning and burning midnight oil should atleast bear some fruits (also will be fun to read it after some months/years). So I am going to do the brave thing and publish it.

P.S Although it may seem so, the post has NOT been written in a drunk state. Maybe in a little sleep induced state and well, restlessness.

Sepo :-)