Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Comes First.!

I have always been a reclusive sort of a person. Not that I hate company or that I am uncomfortable with the crowd. No. It’s just that I crave loneliness, love spending time all by myself. The silence, the quiet, the dark helps me know myself better. And of course being a student (erstwhile..!) I needed some solace to study (which was a very secondary thing back then..!). Most of the time or should I say all the time, I would be on the telephone discussing the latest and the juiciest gossips, the imperative question “what-to-wear” and of course studies (but strictly during exams..!). lastly, to write all my mind blowing posts (*big grin*) and to read the collection of my eBooks and other books I needed “me” time.....

So, the situation was that I was all the time stuck up in my room, without any talks, discussions with my parents. In fact my dad would jokingly say sometimes that I am just a tenant at his place who is confined to the first floor of the house and comes down only for eating purposes. Ha-ha. Well, it’s true I just came down to eat and all, rest all the time was spent strictly confined in the four walls of my paradise.

But things changed after my exams when there was some construction in my home. I had to vacate my room and spend my time downstairs with everyone. Huh. I had no excuse, what-so-ever to flee. As I was free now from all the “weighty” excuses. It seemed like a herculean task to me...! but after a month or so of facing the prodigy, I am very happy, satisfied and loving it. It’s been fun to know my parents......! Hahaha. Well jokes apart, but seriously I love listening to all the stuff they discuss and love when I get to give my point and suggestions into it. Love watching the television together and the inevitable fights over the control of the remote. Yea, you guess it right I am totally a family girl now and love spending time with my mum dad.

Well yea I have to take care of the time I spend on the phone or else I ll be in some serious trouble with my parents........! So that’s the reason I have missing a lot of calls from my friends and they feel I am ignoring them...! omg. Someone rightly said “life is complicated”. I don’t know about others, but I sure have been missing a hell lot of fun, being all reclusive and all. Family comes first. When you have to leave them or move out, it’s only then you realise their importance in your life. I am lucky I figured it out early....!

Lets see if I continue being a good girl when my room is all done...!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SHOE FETISH........!

Some go ga-ga over bags while others have a soft corner for dresses. Its shoes, shoes and more shoes for me. I do buy new shoes quite often but i never ever shy away from experimenting with my old discarded ones. I strongly believe in recycling and renovating. Also its a great way to pass your time (if you have). well these days i have oodles of it....!

I had successfully done such an experiment some time back, with a pair of old ballerinas. originally silver in colour, i changed them into hot pink ones......!

The most recent experiment was made today.....! And i quite love the results, so just couldn't wait to share it...!

Cute aren't they....! I have used brown ribbons for the tie-ups. Glitterly ribbons for the making the flower (rose). Believe it or not, most of the time was spent in making the damn flower (rose). Not so sattisfied with the result, but nevermind.!

I m still discovering various ways to tie the tie-ups......! Can't wait to wear and flaunt it.

Do let me know, are they worth the effort.....??

Friday, August 6, 2010

OH BOY......!

There’s something about the rains...! I love when it’s raining and I am indoors..! It’s not like I don’t love getting drenched in the rains...GOD..!.. I DO. But yea if given a choice I would prefer to stay indoors...any day....!

I always crave a cup of coffee and a good book and an open window during the rains. Well, small pleasures in life. I love how a rainy day makes you lazy; wanting to stay in the bed snuggled up with the pillow. Watching movies back to back all day long! That’s exactly what I did today. I gave some serious pain to my eyes (and head) keeping them hooked on to my lappy...! I did some serious catching up on my stack of favourite (read: the ones I can watch again and again and again and AGAIN!!!) movies. The menu consisted of: freaky Friday (well not actually one of my favs), notebook (one of my favs), legally blonde (oh I love Reese Witherspoon), mean girls (well, I wanted to make sure Regina George = Alley Hamilton!). Okie, it’s not like I have stopped here...! I want to watch more movies...! Hmmm..! Maybe p.s I love you...! I seriously love the movie. The bond between the 3 girls reminds me of my own girlfriends.

When I first saw the movie, I was like “ohh I wish I had this bunch of great girls”, “who I could talk to, have fun with or simply irritate”. Haa. Now, I proudly boast that YO...! I am a part of a cool gang of girls...! Who fiercely love each other, protect each other, care for each other and most importantly make life hell for each other. Well, some time some days are not as great as others, differences are bound to occur as all of us are different from each others, different likes and dislikes. We sometimes argue like enemies, disagree like opposing lawyers and are ever ready to bite off each other’s head. But the one thing that sticks us like glue is the love and respect we have for each other...!

Love ya girlies’
You rock...!

You make my life so cool and interesting. The times spent with you are the most precious memories ever. When I say precious I mean it. All the fun and food and shopping and more shopping, some more food, little more fun, some more serious shopping, more food, disagreements, more fun, some bitchiness inbetween (in miniscule proportions.!), creations and innovations, then more shopping....... you see what I am trying to say here, it’s a vicious circle. Never ending.....!

The hakka noodles, pizzas , momo’s , chaats , cool blues and the goddamn rosemary veg submarine ( or the salaami one, for that matter..!) will never taste the same without you guys...! Also this is not some kind of farewell thingy, it’s just to tell you guys that I lovve you...! I may not try and show it always, I may be rude or sadde hue (as you put it), but deep inside I love you. So the next time when I don’t behave properly just remember that, no complains OKIE...! It’s coming from the heart.

Okie this is weird! When I read this whole thing I wrote I was totally blown. I mean I had thought of writing something else, then I go on writing about something totally different and then in the middle of it I totally switch again...! When I read the whole thing I was like “oh boy” (hence the title). And yea as I began by writing about the rains, I would like to add that I absolutely love how clear and green everything seems just after it has rained. The skies look bluer and everything else brighter even without the blinding sunshine.

So here I come in a full circle, ending where I started *wink*.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

happy friendship day.!

A very happy friendship day to all my blog-o-buddies. Love you all for the unconditional support and love you have given me. Your comments have made me smile, your posts have inspired me ,at times made be smile,, your following my blog has made me happy :P (and of course given me a chance to know "you" better :-)) , your suggestions i value. you guys are like an extended family, an inseparable part....!

I thank you all for always being there..! Like a silent support system. Hardly know any of you but still feel free and secure to share my deepest , darkest and dirtiest secrets with you all..!

Hope you all have a rocking day and and fantastical year ahead...!