Sunday, February 6, 2011


Until a few days back, all I could do in the name of cooking was boiling eggs, making maggie noodles and similar things! But now, I have tried my hand at cooking and I am loving the experience. I have not yet gone all the way, but yea I am taking baby steps in the direction of becoming a good (if not great) food-maker (I hate the word cook and I can't use the word chef :P). Till now I have made aaloo-capsicum, karela (bitter gourd), beans-aaloo and similar dry veggies! And I am learning authentic Kashmiri dishes and yummy non-veg food from my mum.

I love bhaigan ka barta (bringal dish) and tried making it today. Ended up impressing myself hugely. Also happy with the successful experiment, I tried making phulka's (chapatii's). They also weren't too bad for an amateur. If you don't believe me, I present the following picture as proof!

The bharta was spicy and tangy, just the way I like it. YUMM.

A closer look at the chapatti's. Don't miss the irregular, endearing shapes and decreasing sizes!!!

A little compromise with the roti's but the lunch was delicious anyway. Washed it down with a glass of masala lassi!

See closely and you will spot the masalas sticking on the walls of the glass.
Sweet dish comprised of the very tasty, very colourful and very dry-fruity RIPPLES by cream-bell!

Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and pista!

Nuts! *drool*

Mid afternoon snack comprised of some fleshy strawberries eaten with melted chocolate- Delish Ecstasy I call it 

and some firangi grapes!

 No I have not gone crazy, but good luck getting me to stop talking about food! hah. I am tired with the pic taking and attaching thing so I am stopping write here.

   Are you guys lucky or what? This one did not drag on till dinner! I have never really written about food before this but now I will as I am such a foodie ;-)


  1. आप धन्य हैं और आपकी रोटियाँ भी। बस देख लीजिये कि पक गयी हैं, शेप में क्या रखा है।

  2. Well SEPO that is how I learnt to cook. It is all about creativity..sometimes it comes out in writing, sometimes through the painting and sometimes through food...!! Bon Apetit

  3. Ab toh cook kehna hi padega :p

  4. @ Praveen ji
    sahi baat hai! jane to paet main he hai, shape kuch bhi ho :P

  5. @ meerasrajan

    creativity indeed!

  6. Everything looks tasty, except the phulkaas. Wo isliye kyunki, in se zyaada gol to mein bana leta hoon. :P

    And I see vegetables in the background too. Enjoy your tryst with cooking.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Bharta looks really yummy and spicy....

  8. Awesome! I dont know how much that means coming from someone who also just started cooking :)
    I just posted on my blog all my cooking attempts!
    Anyway it looks yummy!

  9. great...awesme....jabb ahista ahista...aban shuru karoge to sab asan lag jayega....your are so childish...."masala lassi ka masala"..liked it