Monday, September 5, 2011

How low can a man steep? Check this out!

Teen rapes, bludgeons 3-yr-old
Victim Dies Of Brain Haemorrhage At Hospital, Accused Held
Nitasha Natu TNN 

Mumbai: A three-year-old girl, who had stepped out to watch Ganpati visarjan procession at Aarey Colony, was abducted and raped by a teenager on Friday. The child died of brain haemorrhage at a suburban hospital the next day, sending shockwaves in the area. The accused, Bablu Gupta (18), has been arrested. He was involved in petty thefts in the past, officials said.
    The victim, Muskaan (name changed) stayed in a road-facing society at Aarey Colony with her family. On Friday night, her five-year-old sister took her downstairs to watch Ganpati idols headed for immersion. However, the two were separated due to the crowd. Muskaan’s sister thought she had gone home
and did not try looking for her.
    Gupta, a painter, had been staying with his uncle in Goregaon (W) after he ran away from his hometown in UP. On Friday, a drunk Gupta had joined the revellers at Aarey. “He spotted Muskaan and carried her to a parking lot beneath a flyover on the Western Express Highway at Goregaon (E) around 8 pm. Nobody noticed him in the traffic and the din. Gupta raped the child
near a stationary truck. But when she started crying, he panicked and bludgeoned her with a stone,” inspector Dhanaji Nalawade said.
    Meanwhile, when Muskaan didn’t return, her family grew worried and started looking for her. “Two constables were patrolling the stretch near the flyover. When residents informed them about the missing child, the cops started quizzing passers
by at the flyover. A pedestrian told them that he had heard a child’s cries near a truck. The constables then found Gupta in the same area with bloodstains on his shirt,” an official said. After a search, the cops found Muskaan in a pool of blood. She was alive and was rushed to a nursing home in the vicinity.
    Later, Muskaan’s family shifted her to Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital in Andheri where she died of brain haemorrhage on Saturday afternoon.
    The police are now trying to verify Gupta’s age. In the past, he has spent time at the Dongri remand home for his involvement in thefts at Thane. “A local court has remanded Gupta in police custody till September 12,” senior inspector Suresh Shinde said. 

And people say that it's because of the way girls dress up, that's causing such type of crimes against them. Would anyone please tell me what that disgusting fellow found in a 3 year old child that forced him to indulge in such a gruesome act? Committing a crime of this sort on a child who is not yet fully development is a sure shot sign of mental sickness! But no, go ahead and blame the girls.....


  1. Shame on us as a civilized race, even animals behave properly.

  2. Really this man has disgraced whole humanity...

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  4. really shame on this boy and acc to me its the environment of upbringing which affects the mentality of such psychos....he should be hung or castrated...

  5. we need a strict law, else i don't see these heinous crimes stopping...not only in India, it's same in most part of the world...

  6. @ Praveen ji..

    sahi bol rhe hai aap. This person has disgraced humanity

  7. @Sunil

    no doubts about the fact

  8. @Skywalker

    Indeed! Even that is lesser in magnitude of what he had done that girl and her family

  9. @SUB

    you are right! stringent and active laws are required!

  10. Why cant a law be passed for such people to be killed at sight.. or such as in arab countries.
    -- Maddy

  11. The guy seemed to be mentally sick, law must be made too strict for such child abuse and murder. Such animals must be prisoned and not allowed into the society, they keep repeating crimes!!

    This incident is more to do with child abuse than abuse of women. People should force the Govt.. to bring strict punishments for eve-teasing, sexual harassment and every crime on children and women.

    Well, coming to the way girls dress, of course its not a reason but people make it sound a safety option. Women are not pieces of flesh, they are humans too just the same as men, so when a man can life his life as he wants, dresses the way he wishes, so can woman - discrimination based on sex is not sensible!

    But as there is severe rise in crime rate and so many evils out there, its better for children and women to stay in the company of a group, especially at crowdy places!

    Good work by you, this post spread the news, makes more people aware that such cruel, in-human activities are happening around!


  12. Hi SEPO
    I PERSONALLY FEEL SUCH PEOPLE SHOULD BE TORTURED IN JAIL LIKE HELL. To all so called defenders of human rights, let me ask you a question, would you treat it as a blot to human rights if your daughter or sister were victims of rape?

  13. though strict laws are there in the system... but their implementation is not strictly carried out... it sends out a weak signal in the society that acts like these keep on happening..

    Still such an incident is horrifying nd reflects mentally unstable frame of mind...

  14. Don't call them 'Man'. A man cannot stoop lower than where his feet are.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  15. @Anonymous/maddy

    In a country like ours, such question shave no answers!

  16. @Sai

    true! Harsh punishment and effective laws!!

  17. @Vishal

    a very valid question!!

  18. @ anant
    righly said

    @ BA

    OK. Agreed. The title was written in a fit of anger, i did not really get time to think it out

  19. v keep reading this kind of crime...humans against humans..what a damn curse..feeling sick even to comment on such inhuman acts..good post sneha ji..