Sunday, September 18, 2011

F for FOOD..... errr I mean Fitness!!!

I am a foodie.Period. But until now I was a blessed foodie. Blessed because I always had this super-fast metabolism rate, due to which the rate at which I gained weight was super-slow (if any at all). So in short life was good. Even though I was skinny, I had no serious complains or issues with the way I looked (which was awesome BTW). But I did have some issues with random aunty ji's bothered very seriously about my weight.

Well, moving ahead after coming here to Mumbai, sadly rate of my metabolism has been decreasing ( inversely in proportion) to the amount of junk food that I have (which I must say, is huge). Now I was always game for gaining a few Kilograms of weight, so that I look heathier and clothes I wear seem to fit on me rather than looking like hanging on a hanger. But sadly life is not perfect and I am gaining weight in such an unhealthy way that it sucks! Maybe because of the change in the nature of work. My job is such that I have to sit continuously for like 10 hours at a stretch!! Now in this case even a thought of any activity after coming from office just does one thing to me ~~ Induce strong sleep!! And what more I am/was never a morning kinda person.

Now I was never into any sort of fitness routine or famous for being a healthy person. The situation however now it such that it strongly demands that I get into my fitness shoes (the sooner, the better). I got inspired by a fellow blogger Tanvi 's posts about fitness and exercises that she does. And I was like, yo, finally got that much needed boost but sadly no! Since then I have tried so hard to get myself into the groove to start any sort of activity. Alas, without any success. I tried after dinner walk once (got overexcited with the thing in the first go itself) and ended up puking out the whole dinner.

Its not like I am desperate to loose weight but yea I want to be proportionate and I hate my bulging tummy!! :( The saddest thing is that I am not seriously trying to anything for it, what more.... my after dinner walks taken with my roomies (after that incident) just include us sitting on the swings and chit chatting our time away... until the lights of the garden are turned off!!

Any sort of suggestion about fitness/exercise/any thing that involves any activity would be welcome, more than welcome!!


  1. हर दिन लड़ते हैं, खा खा कर आकार में बढ़ते हैं।

  2. हम इस पोस्ट पर कुछ भी नहीं कहने वाले :P

  3. Even I am longing for reducing my bulging tummy.

  4. 1. swimming is the best have a perfect body....b in water for 30 mins... nd see the effect... bt 4 dat u ll require to learn at least freestyle way of swimming where u move ur body ahead by the motion of ur arms like a chappu..:)

    2. Other option is to join a gym... treadmill..

    ye walk is like for old ppl.. jogg instead..

    wt is dis yarr.. dun eat junk..cook nd eat nutritious food...strictly avoid mc donald's

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog :)
    It's the same in my case! I eat a lot, but I don't gain weight :)
    I guess, you should jog. Or maybe just do some exercises :) I really don't know about how to lose weight cause here I am, struggling to gain some :P

  6. Ah! you sound worried about this, you can't do much about it during the busy weekdays but make the most of the weekends or public holidays!! Try playing your fav outdoor games, join some club or gym - good work outs on weekends would be sufficient!!

    And its ok to add some weight, don't trouble yourself eating less or being choosy about calories, just enjoy your food and make sure to add more fruit to your diet!!

    Cheers!! :)

  7. Fitness...hahaha... This thing most of my frends tell me to do...coz i am a foody person..if i like something i will eat it sometimes not to fill stomach but to satisfy myself.
    i too am not a morning person and at night i am tired after a day's work so gym and fitness are at miles away.
    The thing which i observed to lose weight or to be fit without any fitness tips is that ... have a heavy brunch ..skip the lunch... little dinner..and weekend should be full of fun..
    like trekking, some outing... outdoor games...etc
    Though i have also gained weight in past few months.. you cant believe my waist swings between 31 to 36 every year...but this has helped me a lot, earlier too.
    Hope this helps you... May be you can gain weight for some months for a change in looks(just a suggestion (lena hai to lo warna jane do.. ;-) )).
    -- MADDY

  8. welcome to tcs ;)..i think it is tcs :)

  9. @Praveen ji

    hah kya khoob kaha aapne!

  10. @ Abhi ji

    arrey kuch toh kahiye??!

  11. @Sunil Pandey

    lol..! You can also check the comments on this post! have got many good responses ;)

  12. @Anant

    Thanks for the big list!

  13. @PhilO

    A few months back, My problem was the same as yours ;)

  14. @Sai Charan

    thanks a lot for the advice dude!

  15. @Anonymous!

    Time to come out of your hiding!!

  16. sneha..first thanks for those kind words...u r a real blessing of a friend 4 me..ok, thru out my life i have been doing exercises and felt good..but 3 yrs i had to stay alone without fmly n proper food..and had to go thru some domestic challenges inc my dear bro's death..wait, coming to the point..this is when i put on weight weight i have restarted my exercises..i do skipping and also try climbing up and down the stairs besides a bit of yoga..wish me luck my very dear friend..

  17. Walk and talk, walk and talk! :P

    Maybe you could join a gym, a compulsion of routine there could help perhaps?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  18. hey
    here for the 1st time.
    you have a great blog and you write really well..!
    add on the exercise routine or sum simple yoga steps which you can do even at work..! some breathing exercises also help
    drinking lukewarm water also..!
    keep writing
    and following you now.

  19. the second anonymous was mee...i dnt know who the first one is...i mistakenly selected anonymous before commenting :)

  20. Follow this tips :
    1. Start walking (2-4 kms a day).
    2. Do some stretching and bending exercises.. you may practice 'kapalbhati' pranayama too.
    3. Stop eating rice based receipe.
    4. Stop eating junk food.
    5. Believe in your self and be disciplined with exercises.
    6. If you love, try cycling / swimming.
    7. Check yourself after one month, you will feel and look better for sure.

    I know you can do.. just Do it.

  21. walking will be a good excersice for you
    nice blog
    and i also read some other posts
    they are good
    check out mine also

  22. @photos that are there on ur page...: tuney yeh phoolo jo zulfon mein saja rakha hai......ekk diya hai jo andheron mein saja rakha hai... jeet le jaam jo mere hoton pe aa rakha hain tu hee hai vo jo girebaan mein cha rakhaa hai.. ameeeen..