Wednesday, June 29, 2011

High Heel Confidential

A sexy pair of heels is a must have in any women's wardrobe. There is something about  heeled shoes that is so irresistably sexy. I was never into heels ever. Till the time I was in collee I swore by flats, different types of flats. From flip flops to oshos to intricate designer ones. But heels were strictly a no-no for me. 

Soon after college I had just sudden urge to buy a nice pair of heels, which I did. Then the thing started, having a shoe fetish already I was drawn towards heels like a magnet towards iron. I fell in love with heels and even-though  they gave me a lot of pain, blistered my feet and ached my legs  I remained faithfully devoted.
And now I have developed this medical condition which does not allow me to wear heels. I breaks my heart really. I enter into a shoe shop, have a look at all the beautiful pair of heels lying there, but  I cant buy them. How horrible, really!! It also breaks my heart every morning to look at my heels and realize that I cannot wear them. Devestating it is, truly! 

Also I fail to understand why nothing happens to actresses and models who strutter around in heels almost all there life's.  Huh? All I have to say is UNFAIR....

Dear  God... Are you listening?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The Title of the post is UNPREDICTABLE, in case you have any trouble understanding it!!

So, what I am saying is that life is so unpredictable (especially mine). The moment I relax and start to get used to the flow, it just kicks me on the butt and says “hello! Don't even think about relaxing even a bit, be on your toes always. Never loose your guard! ”

Trust me it happens every damn time (and may I add its not at all a good feeling). I get used to something/someone and suddenly that thing/ person is snatched away! The thing that bothers me the most is that I refrain myself from hurrying into stuff. I take my time, I don't trust easily, I try and be calculated.....But alas!! I fail every-time. I end up suffering ALWAYS! I fall for this facade every time!

Am I an easy target? I am still naive? (I want to disagree)

Or am I just sad right now??!!

I just hate the feeling of being weak, vulnerable and that heart sinking feeling (especially wen you don't even know the exact reason for it)