About Me!

Who Am I?

Well I am 23 year old from Jammu, J&K (and no, it does not snow in Jammu) currently working in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I believe in God and in the power of faith and patience. I love eating and cooking, never shy away from trying new cuisines and recipes. Shopping is also something I totally adore and not just clothes mind you, shopping for groceries, vegetables and fruits too has a very cheerful affect on me. I am passionate about reading and writing. I write just about anything from random rantings to reviews and from personal experiences to general happenings around the world. Most of my writings can be found here on blogspot and the rest are lost somewhere in the last pages of my various notebooks! Coming to the reading part, I am mostly into fiction but I really can read anything as long as it holds my interest and has something to enlighten me.There are many other interesting facts about me that might interest you. Like my occasional and very horrible mood swings, my translation from the most-lazy-bum to the-most-hardworking-person ever.I must confess, I have tremendous powers to surprise and astonish myself, let alone the thought of surprising someone else. Fun facts aside, overall I think I am not that bad a person ;)

Why Blogging?

Truly speaking, blogging just happened. Seriously. Just like that. And similarly, I happened to love it. Just like that. The rest as they say is History! Since then, whenever I have something to say, something to express or simply need to vent out my frustration or anger, I just do one thing, BLOG. So you can guess how important blogging is to me. I have had people ask me "Whats so special about blogging, its nothing but a virtual world". Virtual or real, I don't really care, it something I love and adore. I actually a part of me. If you want me in your life, my blog will accompany and will be a regular feature of my conversations. And no I am not alone here on blogosphere, there are millions and millions of wonderful and awesome people here. After 2 years of blogging, there are many people I can call my friends. So I guess that explains that there is nothing casual and virtual about this space!

What do I blog about?

Well, that's a tricky question, because I blog about anything and everything! About book and movie reviews to food I eat and cook. Mostly I blog about thinks about my life or things that will directly or indirectly affect me in any way. Other than that I sometimes blog about issues and current affairs that I strongly feel about. Issues related to women always affect me the strongest and I usually write about them the most. So mostly that covers about everything right? One thing that I have not yet stepped into would be Fashion Blogging. Well, lets face it, I am a very stylish person so foraying into fashion blogging would not be a bad idea. But my bad luck is that I don't have a nice friend/boyfriend/husband who will have the patience to take my pictures. It really is heartbreaking. The day I overcome this problem, my first post on fashion will be posted within an hour, I promise!

Do I plan to blog forever?

I have not really planned anything for my future (and I am not saying it in context of blogging only). I will take each day as it comes and will keep blogging and posting as long as I have something to say. Though my things-to-do-in-future list includes writing a book (sometime when I am 30) and also being a columnist or a freelancer for a leading newspaper or a magazine. So, any such opportunity you see, please knock my door, okay? Well, that's all, Thanks for being a good and patient reader !