Monday, December 27, 2010

Are You The New Age Bitch?

Over the years the definition of bitch has changed drastically. It is no longer synonym with someone who is mean and wicked. Cruel and ruthless. Cunning and cold-blooded.

Bitch now is the new-breed of women, who is independent and successful. Living life on the own terms. Not willing to give-up her independence. She respects herself and follows no rules. She loves her dear ones but refuses to remain a mere shadow of them.

I read this article somewhere which talked about a school for bitches in Moscow! I kid. Not. 

Yeah a school is it. The subject you ask? Its Stervologiya or Bitchology (sterva means bitch in Russian). Says Mr. Vladimir Rakovsky (the teacher) ,“A bitch isn’t mean or domineering, in-fact, she is smart, successful, caring, and passionate women who gently manipulates men to get what she wants.”

Well, I found this article quite interesting and insightful. What made the topic of bitches more interesting to me was the fact that I stumbled upon this book called “WHY MEN MARRY BITCHES” by Sherry Argon. This book apparently talks about bitches in somewhat same sense. Should be interesting!

The new breed of bitches is sure making waves!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Mariam saw two men sitting on leather chairs, rifles and a coffee table between them, sipping black tea and eating from a plate of syrup-coated jelabi, rings sprinkled with powdered sugar. She thought of Aziza, who loved jelabi, and tore her gaze away.

On their way out of the lobby, Rasheed walked briskly to the coffee table, which was now abandoned, and pocketed the last ring of jelabi. He took it home
and gave it to Zalmai.

- A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khalid Hosseini

I am sure most of you would have heard about this book. It’s a must read, if you ask me. In case you haven’t read this book you should immediately do so. I can help you by providing soft copy of this book, in case you are interested. I also have the hard copy for those who live in Jammu. I love this book so much that I have forced/pressurised almost all my friends to read it. Some have lovingly accepted the offer while others have not!

Coming back to the lines! The book is full of emotional stuff. Even the hardest of all have to, HAVE TO shed tears. The lines I have included are not even close to being emotional but they never fail to tear me apart! Every time my heart sinks when I read these lines (and mind you I have read this book more than 10 times!)

A little introduction with the characters for those unaware.

Mariam – She is the main protagonist of the story. A child born out of wed-lock, married to a man (Rasheed) two times her age. Only to be beaten a ridiculed by him. She only finds a little happiness in her life in the company of LAILA.

Laila – though not in the lines, she is the other main protagonist of the story. Struck by tragedy when her parents get killed. She is forced to take refuge in Mariam and Rasheed’s house. And forced to marry Rasheed when she realizes the love of her life Tariq is dead and that she is pregnant with his child.

Rasheed – An a-hole! I hate him from the core of my heart. Know more about him when you read the book.

Aziza – Laila and tariq’s child. Though in the story everyone thinks she is Rasheed’s daughter.

Zalmai- Laila and Rasheed’s baby boy.

Mariam is very close to Laila’s children especially Aziza. So that explains the fact she could bear to look at those men eating her Aziza’s favourite jelabi (as because of a crisis they are very poor and cannot afford to arrange even the simplest of all meals for themselves). After finishing there business Rasheed takes the left over jelabi only to give it to Zalmai. Obviously because he is the son. All through the story he loathes Aziza, well because you know she is a girl etc etc.

These simply written lines are so beautiful. Also whenever I have any intensions of wasting any food, I remind myself of these lines. There is always a someone out there in the world, who is not as lucky and happy as you are!

P.S The book has also been made into a movie which will be releasing in 2011. Read the book before watching the movie. Catch the trailer here.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I had an exam (JMET) last Sunday @ Delhi. HB pencil was a prerequisite for it. I had seen it on the admit card but I DON’T KNOW WHY refused to take it seriously. I thought it’s a mere pencil afterall, I can get it anywhere! Alas, on the morning of my test what I see is that there are no shops, none at all in the vicinity of my exam centre.

I still am not bothered though. A pencil can be borrowed can’t it? So after entering the room I started to look around for my prospective shikaar. My row was mostly vacant save for a guy who had just one pencil and one pen on his table. I did not want to attract attention by widening my horizons. I started feeling a little scared then. What if no-one comes in my row? What if I have to tell the teachers that I don’t have a pencil? What if the strict looking male teacher shouts at me?????

With all these questions in my mind I got a major shock. The answer sheet asked the details to be filled by BLACK BALL POINT PEN ONLY. I carried only blue as it was mentioned in the admit card clearly “BLACK OR BLUE”. But the answer sheet had a totally different story to tell. Well the pencil went out of my mind now. Thankfully the black ball point pen problem had many other takers as well.

After a lot of deliberation teachers said it was alright to use blue pen as the same was mentioned in the admit card. Already having committed a blue error I did not want to be disqualified for not carrying a pencil, so tension and desperation was at its peak now. It was then he (angel) came and sat right in front of me. I tapped his shoulder lightly and with a smile asked “do you have an extra pencil”? He gave me the pencil together with a puzzled/weird look! Ohh. A sigh of relief! I was very embarrassed, so embarrassed that I could not even ask for sharpener when the lead wasn’t sharp any more!

I have another exam this Sunday @ Chandigarh for which I am leaving just in a few minutes! This time I am carrying all the requirements and also the things not required. 2 blue pens, 2 black pens, 2 HB pencils, eraser, sharpener … you name it and I have it. I have 2 of everything to maybe help a someone like me!

p.s This post has been written in a state of hurry. Please excuse any typos.


Same day last year I started this blog of mine with the name of RENDEZVOUS. Little did I know back then that it would become an integral part of my identity. The blog now has a place assigned in my resume, which explains its importance in my life.

I had starting writing a story at around the same time last year. I wanted to gauge reactions/reviews from my friends. Since the story was exceeding the word limit of Orkut (the big thing back then) I decided to start a blog. So I made a blog in Bigadda as Amitabh Bachan’s blog was also there. Then a friend of mine told me that a sane person intending to share stuff through blogging usually makes it in blogger or wordpress. So that’s how I arrived here, and the rest as they say is history!

Soon, after I posted that story and started to get comments, I was pretty much hooked. I remember that soon after, it was exam time and I used to keep checking my blog for new comments or followers(who are now more than just followers!). All of you who follow my blog have been a major inspiration and driving force for me to write! If it would not have been for you guys I would surely have given up writing soon after that story. By the way I never completed that story, it’s still where it was last year! But I learned a lot about blogging. Templates, widgets, indiranks and whatnot! I can do it all now.

One year and 62 posts later I can say that I am quite loving the whole idea of blogging. Made great friends here. Got to know people of different nationalities and religion. Would love to keep writing. A gratitude filled thank you to all of you wonderful people reading this. Thankyou for making this day happen!

p.s 1.I just realized that my Bigadda blog still exists!!
p.s 2.I remembered some names of my very initial followers. Most of them though have stopped blogging altogether.If by any chance they are reading this I would like them to know that I miss them and their posts a lot!! Pan,Mayank,Shashank .... guys are you listening?!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I love colours. The brighter the better. They uplift my spirits in a fraction of seconds.

Winter mornings tend to be dull and glum. So when I wake up in the morning and take a look out through my window (seen, first floor, left hand side in the pic) these pretty babies make me all smiley, bright and cheery!

A closer look at the darlings!

When recently out of town I missed my babies so very much! I realized it then that my mornings are so incomplete without them :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


The UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.Located all around the world- Europe, America and also Singapore.It showcases replica's of famous places all around the world together with stuff and people from there(don't be surprised to see Marilyn Monroe walking on the streets of Hollywood) with a number of shows, 3-D movies, live performances. It had a live telecast of lightening and thunder scene (with special effects) hosted by none other than Steven Spielberg.A must visit.! Had a fab day here.

B Boying on the hollywood streets.


Lil dude.


WaterWorld.An amazing water show with special effects and lots of water flowing all around.

Cute kid.



Old time open head bus.Now used for tourist site seeing.Very costly but.Many dollers for few hours!

A fountain. Krrish was shot here!

Indian snake charmer!

China town.The hanging banners were for some upcoming chinese festival.Psssst in the chinese market you can find crocodile's head and also have its soup. Ofcourse only if you want to! :)

The Singapore gem showroom.All these paintings are made from precious/semi-precious stones. (that's my dad by the way)

I was bowled over when I came to know that this is a fire sation! GULP!

These creepy-ies were spotted in a mall. I almost dropped my camera when to my horror I realized they were still not dead and shaking!

Monday, December 6, 2010


There is only one nation, the
nation of mankind;

There is only one religion,
the religion of love;

There is only one language,
the language of heart;

There is only one God, and
he is omnipresent.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am bringing the pending part of the vacation pics. In case you have forgotten or cannot understand what I am talking about, refer to THE TRIP- PART 1 and THE TRIP- PART 2. Now, sit back and enjoy the second last part. Yup there's one more part coming up!

On the way to GENTING HIGHLANDS from the airport. Amid rain-o-rain.

Still on the way!

Reached. That was our pretty hotel.

Taken from the hotel lobby, I think. It was all misty and cloudy there.

Aww. Mmuah. I am in love with the look on his face.

That red arrow points towards me!

Gamblers' hub. Genting is very famous for casinos. Totally crowded on weekends, people come here to lose the money they earn during the week. LOL. Also famous for great weather and theme amusement parks.

Crab.Mmmmmm.It was here in Genting, I tasted crab from the first time in my life!

Small view of the theme park.

The cobra and iguana guys!

Ready to go high-up.

Batu caves temple. You have to climb up all those stairs (5 hundred and something in number) to reach up inside.

to find some more stairs!!!!

View from the top.

The KL tower. Freakingly high.

The twin towers!

Malaysian King's palace.Aren't the lush green gardens lust worthy?

The king's guard. Don't miss the skirt.

Independence square. To commemorade their fighters. Somewhat like our India gate ( in meaning, not structurally!)

Malaysia being a muslim country has many many beautiful mosques! This is one of them.

This is the place where the Independence address is given. Like our Lal Killa.

Twin towers from our hotel window.

Another pic. Love this one!

National fruit of malaysia Durian. Tastes like lichi. Actually lichi tastes better. Much better.

A Gurudwara in kaula lumpur ! cool no?

Langkawi is an island!

Hence a beach :)

That's where we lived @ langkawi.

The beach resort. Quiet and ideal.

Sunset. *drool*

Fishing time. Fishes caught in the net.

A weird name for an indian restoran, I think!

Desi khana @ pardes is something else, trust me!

A look into my breakfast plate :)

Nope! They were not cheap!

The eagle square. Langkawi view point.

Dried sea food.

The other side of where we lived. Pretty nay?