Friday, February 11, 2011


The whole internet has taken the world by storm over the years. Remember when the e-mail was the big thing? Everyone wanted to be registered on yahoo and hotmail. The good old letters were forgotten. Why the waiting, longing and anxiety when the same message can be delivered and read in seconds. Then came the instant messaging and it was said the emails are now obsolete. The emails however do exist. Then came Orkut and everyone was Orkut-ting! The world we knew changed when what we call Facebook came into existence. It changed the way we interact and share our wisdom and information. Talking to walls, poking random people, liking and updating everything from what-am-I eating to what-am-I-doing is suddenly all people do and swear by!


You can find anyone on Facebook. ANYONE. From the long lost friend to any ex boyfriend/girlfriend you ever had. Teachers and bosses. Relatives and hell, even parents!! Close in competition is twitter. Yes the site that cost Shashi Tharoor his kursi! The site that was the cause of a raging war between Sonam Kapoor and Shobha De. The site where our CM Mr Abdullah chooses to give answers to the separatist leaders. In short the site that is always in news. I find twitter fun, following people you admire/like, knowing about there lives, in general happenings or the current affairs. Twitter is a lot of information. Inconsequential or otherwise but information nevertheless!


But what if you need to share something? Something you feel strongly about, something that is a lot of characters! Something you want to have a discussion about. Where would you choose to do it?
-          Would you sent a email to every contact to know? NO.
-          Would you post is on FB? NO. Seriously who will even read it? People will be shocked to see the length of the “thing” you have written.
-          Would you post in on twitter? You can’t. Well think about it, after all how much can you express in 140 characters!

Moreover the most important reason is that the contacts on Facebook and twitter are generally people that we know and are in contact with. So limited no? We don’t always want to be associated with the same people all our lives! Everyone has to keep expanding horizons, right!


Here is when blogging comes handy! Blogging is entirely different. We get to know so many new people, read such good stuff. It all about patience. Working hard on a write-up, waiting for comments! It’s a beautiful thing.


My sudden love for blogging was brought about by an article “THE BLOG’S LONG GOODBYE?” According to statistics only half as many online adolescents blogged in 2010 compared to 2006. People say that Facebook and twitter are eating up there time and views.

I beg to differ I find blogging so peaceful, fuss-free and simple and also refreshing! I am up for keeping blogging alive and kicking. WHO IS WITH ME?!