Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bright New Beginnings

I happened to read an old post of mine (THE FOUR LETTER WORD), which incidentally is the most popular post of mine. Now I did not read this post because of its popularity! It’s just that I have a strong habit of re-reading my old posts and admiring them (no, I am not insane). Just that I can’t seem get enough of “me’.

So, after reading this post which is quite old now, I realised that things which were not so bright back then have a streak of light in them now! The things I worried about back then are in control right now. This reminded me of another popular post of mine (LAUGH AWAY YOUR WORRIES….) in which I had talked about the power of time as a healer. Most of the problems I had discussed and written about (of my friends and few of mine)in THE FOUR LETTERED WORD are under control at present. People sad back then are happy. Those who were finding “living life” a torture are having super fun and looking forward to a BRIGHT NEW BEGINNING.

Re-reading both the posts made me super duper happy. I learned a very important lesson. Problems are inevitable and unavoidable (and also unexpected) but the real hero is the one who takes on the problem head-on, without any weaknesses and side thoughts. Of course testing times blow the wind out of you. But you will agree that fretting over a problem only makes it more difficult to solve.

So the next time you encounter a hard time, be brave, be strong, be positive and be sure. Because in the end it’s all gonna work out and its all gonna be fine.


What's with the recent fixation with the name-songs? First Munni and now its Sheela !

Hardly were the audience out of Munni's spell and the question of her badnaami

that Sheela came with her jawanni!

These songs sure have been making quite a wave. Believe me, i live near a banquet hall and in this shaadi season munni has got many takers (pun intended)! Munni song is played again and again, so much so that I now remember its lyrics by heart!

Seems like Shakespeare was indeed wrong in saying "what's in a name". As in accordance with the current scenario it's "all in a name". Cheap and vulgar, these songs maybe, but they are here to stay!Definitely here to stay! And you have to agree THE TUNES ARE CATCHY! BIG TIME! So here's so munni and sheela !

keep tuning and dancing :)

Monday, November 22, 2010


Who doesn’t know her? The original diva. Strikingly beautiful. Great actress. Madhubala.

Born with the name of Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi, she would have been 77 today if alive. She died at the peak of her successful career at a very young age of 36. She was born with a hole in her heart, which could not be cured. Was advised a bed-rest and retirement from movies but she refused and continued working.She had a strong will to live but alas could not defeat death.

I recently read about her and was astonished, because all I associated with Madhubala earlier was a beautiful face, Mugal-E-Azam and Ek ladki bheegi-bhaagi se. but there is so much more to her.

Even though a fairly popular and successful actress, she saw a lot of lows in her life. Her fatal heart condition becoming a hindrance, her continuous flops which diminished and doomed her popularity, her break-up with fiancé and lover of 9 years Dilip Kumar, it is said that during the making of Mugal-e-Azam the duo has already broken-up and the most romantic, intimate scenes were filmed when the couple was not even in talking terms with each other..!!!

Madhubala later married Kishore Kumar after filming the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.

She however did not find any marital bliss, as soon after their honeymoon,Kishore Kumar came to know about her heart condition and left her at her parent's home. He came to visit her occasionally which further deteriorated her already worsening condition.

One of the biggest high came when Mugal-e-Azam released. Her popularity touched new horizons. Sadly she couldn’t bask in the glory of it as she was critically ill by then and totally bed-ridden. It is said that she used to tell her dad that when she will get well, she will demand as much money as she pleased post mugal-e-azam. But that was not to be. She breathed her last in 1969, when she was only 36.

Even though she is no more, she continues to live inside our hearts and in the movies. No one will ever be able to take her place. She was a girl, a women, a seductress, who can ever forget the cabre girl of aayeye meherbaaa

or the fearless women of pyaar kiya to darna kya. The arched eyebrows, mesmerising eyes and that side-way smile. She expressed all emotions with her face. Not needing to don a bikini to look sexy! The current brigade needs to learn something.

Ek ladki bheegi-bhaagi se…. can’t take this song out of my mind neither her face. Such is the magic of her!

Friday, November 5, 2010


A very happy Diwali to you all. Hope you all are having great fun. Lighting a lot of candles and diya's, eating a lot of sweets, decorating homes and of course getting ready for the Laxmi Pooja.

I am totally loving the festive mood. The hustle bustle in the markets, the gift distributions, the countless glasses of juices and thanda, the excitement of the little kids, the ear-shattering and "never- failing-to-scare-me" sounds of patakas. I am loving everything about the festival of DIWALI.

Here's hoping it bring a lot of happiness, good luck and a great start to the next year for all.

keep up the festive spirit.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The overtly famous street food of thailand. This particular pic shows some random worms and dried small fishes.

The coral island of PATTAYA.

Crystal clear waters of the pattaya beach.

Cute kid. Check out the kickass pose.!!!

Thai cultural show.

The world famous TIFFANY'S SHOW by the emm LADY BOYS.

The stars- lady boys...!

Opened a bar with the name of my blog @ bangkok. :P

Aerial view and bye bye to Thailand. next stop = Malaysia :))
Wait for part -3

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hey. I am back with the pics of my trip as i had promised. so here goes the first part, many more to come. stay tuned :))

My first look at the great waters of andaman.

The very famous cellular jail. A salute to all our freedom fighters.

The beautiful radha nagar beach, second best beach in asia.

A look into the old streets of calcutta, see closely and you will see the tram :))

The not so famous hath gadii's.