Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shivratri Puja.

This is the basic set up of the Shivratri Pooja done by us (Kashmiri  Pandits) known as watak puza to pray to 
Vatuka Bhirava

The beautiful "OM" designs have been made by me, also the decorations! The kalash's (big and small) are filled with walnuts and later distributed amongst relatives and neighbors.

A small hawan is done and prasad offered to the deity. The prasad fed varies from one household to another. We  make a total of 7 vegetarian dishes (some families offer non-veg too!) and a crispy snack made with rice flour and walnuts called DRAN

me :D

For extra knowledge about the history and details of why/how kashmiri pandits celebrate shivratri, please visit this link


  1. so wen i'm getting the walnuts :P

  2. भोले बाबा के सबसे निकट तो आप ही हैं, हम तो हनुमानजी के क्षेत्र में हैं।

  3. looking at the 'mandir' reminded me of my home's mandir. The concept is the same, and yes, the rituals too.

    Aapki Mahashivratri mangalmay ho!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Sepo Happy Maha Shivratree..hope u had a great 1..hws Mumbai shaping up???
    Love ur pics sweetheart..btw add me on FB

  5. very nice pics dear.... bouth he aacha laga aapka post mujhe

  6. It looks like a very fun celebration! I need some Kashmiri friends in real life, damnit! I'd love to join in on this celebration of yours.

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  8. snehaaaa ji...long time no c..sorry I was away from blog for happy to have good blog friends like you..keep the cheers n best wishes always

  9. My name is Vimal i was looking for Kashmiri shivrarti pooja.Any idea if available online.
    Vimal raj Dullu

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