Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Birthday ~ Rendezvous

So here we are, celebrating a 4 year anniversary with blogger. Never thought that what started as college fad would come so far. Many things have changed since then, my location, my appearance, the abysmal writing style. But thankfully the blog somehow sustained. There were some long gaps taken but even when on hiatus my mind was always involved in formulating posts for the blog. So the connection was never really lost. 

In a state of nostalgia I planned to read my old posts. So I started with the first ever post I had written, it was actually an expert from the book I had started to write back then. I had a hard time controlling my laugh while going through the post. It was a very teenage-y kinda write-up. The SMS slang, the overdose of “!” marks and the very naive story. It seemed like a reflection of my life and desires back then. Reading it made me realize how far I have come both in my life and writing skills. It is really amazing how life changes. We make plans for future but sometimes life takes such a turn that those plans remain of no use. I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined that I could stay away from home, cook or take care of my expenses. And back then I would have never believed that I would meet so many new people some amongst who would hold a special place in my heart.

I had always dreamt of having a very versatile blog covering all genes. Nothing too girly and nothing too boring. As far as the content is concerned, I guess I have covered general happenings, my personal stories and observations, sometimes current affairs, photo-posts, the cooking posts. Sometime last year there was this phase of cooking I was going through, Oh-My-God I took pictures and pictures of every dish I cooked (including salads and Maggie) at various stages and posted them on the blog. The picture quality was terrible and the food dreadful. I cringe when I look at those pictures (which I do regularly). I have this thing of goggle-ing my blog on images whenever I am getting bored. All my blog images are displayed without any blockage from office proxy and I love to boast to my colleagues the fact that Google knows me ;)

Coming back to the type of posts. I have always had this huge desire to do a fashion blogger kinda post on Rendezvous. But sadly I have neither the locations nor a sweetheart who would play the cameraman!  Although I did try to do one post long back with the dismal location i.e my PG and Roomate#2 aka Ms G as the Camerawoman read more about her here. The post however became so controversial that it had to be removed for reasons not fit to be disclosed. I did indulge in something remotely similar to an outfit post but it was a featured thing on someone else's blog (Tanvii)

So fashion blogging is number#1 on my blogging wish list. Second would be finding creating a perfect designer title. I am so bored with the current one and the one with my images as background. I am in search of something classy yet chic (and also Piccassa photo editor dump). Thirdly I want to network more which means I am open to writing guest posts (Yeah) and also coming up with a plan of inviting people to write on my blog. Lastly I really want to understand the adsense on blogspot, I mean its been 4 years and I have not earned even a single penny, how the hell does it really work (does it reaaaaaallly work?). Anyhow so this is the business plan for financial year 2014-2015.

Ending this post without a proper thank you would be extremely impolite. A major chunk of the credit for the completion of 4 glorious years of blogging goes to my readers (known and anonymous). You guys are the reason I am still writing. A special thanks to some loyal readers who have bravely withstood to read my initial mind-boggling posts and left sweet comments as encouragement. Some are no longer active on the blogging arena but still I remember them with a smile on my face. Please keep visiting and showering love as you always have.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013


India is a vast country with many beautiful places. All of us are so obsessed with foreign locales that we sometimes forget that there are so many lovely and adventurous places in India alone that we must visit before crossing the oceans and seas. Similarly we are also so much into the western culture and dresses that our Indian cultures, rituals and beliefs are slowly getting diluted. Salwar kameer, Saares and kurtis have given way to jeans, dresses and skirts. But you have to agree there is something extremely charming about an all Indian avatar. Even the west has never shied away from trying out Indian looks and styles. I have tried and highlighted some very attractive features and aspects of the Indian ethnic culture. Indian culture is a massive amalgamation of different customs, cuisines, beliefs, rituals and what not. I will specifically talk about accessories that I personally adore. So here it goes…

1.       Anklets ~ Payal
Don’t they look absolutely beautiful? The intricate designs, the beautiful stones and the ever amazing noise they make. Though I personally prefer ghungru-less payals because that way I can move around freely without letting the world know. At one point some years back I was going through this “phase” where I wore a payal non-stop for about 6 months all together. I wore it with shorts, skirts, jeans and all other stuff that doesn’t go with it. By the end of it I got so bored with it that now I have trouble bringing myself to even look at it. Nonetheless it is a splendid piece of jewellery.

2.       Kohl ~ Surma
Move over Maybelline’s and eyeconics, there is nothing that matches the sheen of the original Pakistani surma. I remember from my childhood ladies using a big fancy bottle of kajal with a long dangerous looking thin stick for application. In fact the first kajal that I used was not any fancy one with a smooth stick for application, it was a very demure box of Shringar Kajal. And it had to be applied with fingers or maybe a paint brush (like I did). I have been using kajal regularly since I joined college. I feel incomplete without it. What’s so amazing about it is that just a little bit of kajal in your eyes, a dab of lip-gloss and you look glam within no time.

3.       Bindi
There is nothing that makes you look more Indian than a tiny little bindi. It is the quintessential item that you will find in any Indian women’s vanity case. Ranging from simple round Shilpa bindi to stylish designer ones, bindi’s too have come a long back. Agreed that it adds maturity to one’s look but who’s complaining?

4.       Henna ~ Mehandi
Any Indian wedding or auspicious occasion is incomplete without the mehandi. In season of such occasions the mehandi walla’s earn huge chunks of money. And man, are they booked for what. I remember for my sister’s wedding we had a hard time arranging a guy. Then my sister’s friend knew a guy who knew someone else and his friend was finally arranged to come for my sister’s mehandi especially from Rajasthan.
Some talented people can apply mehandi themselves, sadly I have no such talent. However if you happen to have such talent my hands and feet are all yours. Mehandi is generally applied on hands and lower arms but I personally feel that mehandi on the feet is oh-so-sexy.

5.       Jhumkas
There has to be something about the jhumka’s which made people to write songs about it. Who can forget the ever vivacious Sadhana dancing to the tunes of Jhumka gira rey. Songs aside the heavy beaded pretty jhumkas have the potencial to change your look from boring to oh-my-god within minutes. So your outfit is drab, fret not get hold of a pretty set of jhumki’s and they will never disappoint you.

6.       Saree

There is no attire that makes a woman look sexy and graceful than the saree. Cotton, chiffon, crepe, silk, kanjevaaram, net, designer lehanga saree… options available are many. And then there are different ways in which you can drape the saree. Gujarati, bengali, maharastrian, mumtaz style each one different from the others. Also any easy way to glam up your saree would be to pair it up with a smartly stitched blouse. Blouses have their own set of categories deep neck and backless. Knotted ones and hooked ones.
In nutshell saree is one garment that suits everybody and makes you look beautiful and traditional.

7.       Bangles ~ Chudiyaan
There are some people I know who hate the noise bangles make. I don’t understand such people. To me it is one of the most melodious sound ever. Just choose your style glass, metallic, kundan, stack up both the hands coordinated with the colour of your outfit and you are good to go.

8.       Kamarband
I have never worn it and also never come across someone who wore it in real life. But that never make me less of a fan. It looks amazingly traditional yet stylish over a saree or a lehanga

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9.       Nose ring ~ Nath
I am a big fan of the big nose ring which is traditionally worn by a girl on her D-Day. However the trend was somewhat changed when Vidya Balan and Sonam Kapoor were spotted wearing nose rings at the Cannes film festival. Though I feel it will take a more than just a Cannes appearance for nose ring to come mainstream.
I also love the Maharastrian nath, which as far as I know is also worn during/after marriage.

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1.       Flowers in hair ~ Gajra
Fresh flowers around a chick bun spells nothing with sophistication. The traditional approach would be to tie the small garland of while mogra/jasmine flowers around your bun, whereas a more modern would include a myriad of flowers ranging from roses to orchids.

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I had a gala time formulating this post and consolidating pictures for it. I hope they provide you with the same visual pleasure.

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