Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food Court: Sunday Morning Brunch

There is something so lazy about Sunday mornings, No? Yawnnn.
Well, every Sunday I tend to sleep in as much as I can. So every week we have a brunch on Sunday mornings, err afternoons, whatever!

This Sunday on the menu were Sandwiches! The recipe of which I learned from one of my roommate!
(I remember this old riddle from school days “Which witch is not at all dangerous?” Answer ~ Sandwich. A little lame, it is but funny nevertheless!)

Any cheese spread,
Finely chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies,
Boiled corn,
Salt and red chilli powder,
(You can experiment with the ingredients and bring in variety by adding cucumbers, boiled spinach, eggs, boiled chicken or mashed potatoes)

In a mixing bowl, take a generous helping of cheese spread, add all the ingredients and go nuts (not literally!) What I mean is with the help of a large spoon mix all the things well, so that they blend into each other to form a mayonnaise like mixture. You may taste the mixture to suit your taste accordingly. I used the left-over corn to make Sweet Corn (by adding butter, chaat masala and amchur (dried mango powder))

Once the mixture is ready, keep it aside and toast the bread. Bread should be toasted to perfection, so that *crunch* sound comes when you take a bite. Why? Because I like it that way! Haha, no just kidding!! Actually if the bread is soft, it will become very soggy if not eaten immediately.

 Once the bread is done, butter one slice and slather the other with the mixture. You may also add cheese slices after buttering the toast or sprinkle grated cheese (Mozilla) over the mixture, if you like your sandwich cheesy! 

Cut the sandwich in your favorite shape and eat with ketchup or any other spicy chutney of your choice. Fresh fruit juice is healthier option as opposed to thumps up that I had!.

Hope you liked this very simple recipe for a very tasty sandwich! :-) 


  1. looks yummy...i love these sandwiches....

  2. Exactly something such I had in my brunch today!! What a Coincident!!

  3. nice way of utilizing time on sundays... hope they fild up ur tummies..

  4. hey sneha when v meeet i know what to ask u...hehe..u r real motivator buddy..god bless u with all the best in life..:)

  5. I made it a ritual to have only brunch on sundays.. no breakfast! (who wants to get up so early?)
    Your sandwiches look yummy!

  6. @Skywalker
    thanks a tonn! try making sometime no?

  7. @Praveen ji
    zaroor! amen to that thought!

  8. @Sunil Pandey
    a coincidence indeed :-)

    p.s what did you have for dinner? :P

  9. @ Anant
    thanks! and yea they did fill up the tummies :-)

  10. @Sunil Pandey

    Ohh, thats not same! I had fish :P

  11. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue
    Indeed, dearie!

    and thanks, they tasted good as well :-)

  12. chaliye ye bhi seekh liya :) ab kabhi try karta hun fir bataunga :P

  13. @Abhi
    do try and tell me the result