Saturday, January 23, 2010

All izz well....!!!

Well, this was the mantra I was desperately clinging to while giving my exam (which I screwed up)...!! Apparently this was the only thing I kinda remembered while writing my exam. I was forgetting every damn thing..!! I mean I should seriously thing about taking some memory pills...

It goes like this; I saw the paper and was like... “All right ... I can surely crack it”. So I began writing with divine pleasure....!! One question down the line things started to get topsy turvy :X . But somehow I finished two questions (ahha magic 40) but there is no way I was to get even close to 40 marks in these two questions..!! So now comes the point where things got seriously messed up (in my brain ... that is...!). I read the question ....hmmm... “Yaa yeh toh whi wala hai” I get the pictorial view of it, how it looked like, what page of the book was it on... Etc etc etc... So I begin writing........

But but but I can’t... I mean I just go numb (partially due to the cold...though)..!! Seems like I forgot huh..!! Now I desperately tax my brain “shit ....kya tha...arrr). I remember the diagram nothing else... (Huh... something is better than nothing...never mind). I ask about the graph to a girl next to me, who draws the graph in air (confusing me more than I already was.....) and gaining a “stop talking there” from the invigilator. So I keep doing my own thing till the last question.

Now comes the most interesting part... there was this particular numerical which required rectangular coordinates to be converted into polar coordinates and vice versa... this thing one can easily do by clicking a few buttons on the scientific calci. But of course I FORGOT how to do it. Now this thing was taught to us way back in 3rd sem. And as it is I forgot the things I did a few days before... Remembering what I did in 3rd SEM is way too much...!! So after trying a lot, lot, and lot I still got the same message “SYNTAX ERROR”. Finally I asked one of the teachers if she knew..... she didn’t but was ready to help me... she went up to a guy to ask and it turned out that his calci was entirely different from the one I had. But she took the procedure (and his calci) from him and narrated it to me, by then it was too late. In the background I could here “last 5 minutes” “check your details” “cross the blank sheets” ... “Okie...stop writing”. Realizing there is no way I can to it, I against all odds turn back and shout (high on desperation scale) “Oye 1st numerical ke answers kya hai”(it had 3 sub parts). Yes...!! someone had heard me and was turning pages “its 0. *something something*”. I by now past all patience shout “WHAT..” ?It was precisely at that time I felt something being taken away from my hand....yeah the answer sheet was taken away with only formulae written on it...!! SAD

But “all izz well” I m positive and hoping for the best (40 will do wonders)..!! That’s the essence of being an engineer.... it completely ruins u...Changes u...Makes you keep low as to get surprised by the results!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BEAT THE BLUES (girls)...!!!

The maddening pace of this so called competitive life saps out the energy, funk quotient (I have no idea whether such a term exits..!!) and zeal to “live” out of any babe. And it has its long list of side effects as well. To name a few we have topping the list..... Depression... yes the most talked about illness these days!!. And hell why to blame just the fast pace of life of this?!! There are “N” numbers of reasons to drive you nuts
1. Meeting those dreaded deadlines
2. BF troubles
3. Homesickness
4. Weight issues
5. Acne
6. PMS (damn)
7. Nothing to wear (this problem is universal)
8. Chipped nails

And the list continues..........

We all have days when our spirits go down to hit an all-time low. But do not sit and brood. Get up grab your sexiest dress and those highest heels and that brightest of bright make-up and VOILA....welcome back...!!!
Yes it is a proven fact that dressing up is successful in killing those bad mood bugs. Its psychological, you concentrate and take control over the situation. You pay attention to every detail which makes you feel that you are the priority, immediately lifting up energy levels and kicking out the blues (only to be replaced by happier, brighter hues).

When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good, it’s all interconnected you see...!!! :P So whenever those mood swings occur, make some “me” time, doll up and conquer..!!!


I have like always been an ardent admirer of the ever dynamic Sushmita Sen. Recently my respect for her multiplied when she became the proud mother of little Alisah. There are only few such people who utilise fully the power available to them and help others. Sush is definitely one such person.

 She first became a mum when she was some 20 years of age, high on the ladder of success. That time many people criticised her of taking a reckless decision. But today I m sure they eat their hats when they see the beautiful Renee....!!

There is this Hindu adoption law (of which I was unaware until now) which states that if u already have adopted a child u cannot adopt another child of the same sex. It so happed that this particular law was changed recently and Miss Sen. made a jump at the opportunity and after many legal hassles brought home an angel 

Now this adoption thingy is no child’s play (especially for singles) the legal formalities can blow the air out of any superwomen. It is really tough to get the adoption agencies to process your case on same footing as that of couples. One has to reiterate one’s sexual orientation (gay or straight...!), financial status and the fact that whether or not you can provide a good and wholesome environment like couples.

So you need to be passionate and fervent about the cause. U have to have the fervour in you a la Sushmita...!! So hats off to her and I think I too will someday adopt a baby.... some 10 – 15 years later that is.... :P

p.s the law I have mentioned was read by me in some newspaper so I m not sure about the exact words. I have written what I remembered of it...!!

Mariam, laila and me....!!

Nobody is spared from testing/troubling times. Everybody has their ups and downs. And all of us have some or the other means by which we overcome them. Some cling to positive, reassuring thoughts; some find solace in prayer.....!!

From the past 3,4 years I have found my strength in MARIAM and LAILA. They are my companions, my soul mates. I understand them totally. Whenever I am in any trouble I just close my eyes and think... think about what mariam/ laila would do if in a situation like mine. May sound strange but it works for me..!!

Thinking about mariam gives me oodles and oodles of PATIENCE. Patience even when nothing is going right and even when ur totally hopeless and shattered. MARIAM inspires me to forgive. The greatest virtue a women can posses is FORGIVENESS she says. Love thy enemy she tells me..!!

Laila gives me the strength. A strength which no man can dare to challenge. Strength to stand up against the wrong, to sacrifice your happiness, your dreams and aspirations so that others can be happy. The strength to go on living a hell of life inspite of losing everything...

Thinking about them makes me sober, less aggressive and I just count my blessings and thank god each day. I have all that they never had and yet I can never ever dream to have what they had....!!

Its one of my wishes to go AFGANISTAN at some point in my life. To search for a mariam in Herat or a laila in Kabul..!! I know I will find them there...........!!

P.S mariam and laila are the main protagonists of a story called  A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS (based in afgainistan) written by khaled hossieni.

Monday, January 11, 2010


It’s so hard to believe that once upon a time i was a little girl. I rack my brain to go back in time and see how it felt like ... being a little girl. No worries about the future, not having “what do I wear today” moments (mum would take care of that), no “shit... I m broke” troubles (daddy the greatest would buy the stars for me) and after all there was no cell phone to get recharged or that desperate need to buy that hundredth pair of awesome shoes...!!! Homework troubles were solved by the darling sister...!!

School was one hell of fun, teacher would give me “excellent with 5 stars”..and the only animosity in the classroom was due to the number of stars one got(there were no gossips and no "are they going out..shitty stuff". aah the fun filled swings...The merry go round, the see-saw, slider....!! (Why can’t i still have fun on the swings, without gaining askance glances from f***** up people..??)

Summer vacations were not spent in training and project reports.. but reading fairy tales...!! Snow white and Cinderella were idols and friends... prince charming was on a horse..!! Jack and the beanstalk, rapunzel, lil red riding hood and off course the chacha chowdary were the favs..!! There was no time limit for watching television. An absolute discipline was followed and 9 ‘o clock was the time to retire (my cousins still tease me that I couldn’t keep my eyes open after 9 :))

But then came adolescence and everything changed... pretty frocks and skirts gave way to denims..!! Cinderella and snow were gone and replaced by Britney and Christina...!! Tom cruise was the prince. Fairy tales were now biting dust. “Archies and the mills and boon” were now in vogue. Hair was no more in piggy tails. Then came the “mom I can take care of my hair now” phase and the straight cut hair turned into steps and flicks. Pocket money was not just spend on candies and chocolates now..!! And the phase of girly gossips started (“what was she thinking while wearing this hideous outfit”/”isn’t he just so cute”..)!! the innocence was lost..!!! And the remaining bit was wiped off by the chemical reactions, integration and differentiation

The little girl was lost and gone....!!
I miss her...!!

Have You Figured It Out Yet....!!!

How are we supposed to live...?!
Live each moment like it was your last...!! Go out have a blast (it rhymes..!!). Do what you feel like, eat, party, travel, shop, dance, make a career...etc etc..!! After all you get only one life time to do all this ...right...? Yeah...most of you will agree with this...!!

But..... Think again....!!!

Is that all...!! Are we here only for this purpose or is there some deeper meaning surrounding our existence. Now I don’t want to sound like some religious teacher or a spiritual preacher but I kinda have this going in my mind since past few days (call it the exam approaching syndrome)....!

On a serious note there must be some purpose, some motive which we have to fulfil, for which we have been given this precious human life. I am not suggesting going to some baba/guru for this gyan about “motive”. And I also know that we are the gen-next comprising of “work harder party harder kinda” people , who care “two hoots” about “why we are here”.... !!But life is also not a  rat race errrr mice race (courtesy 5 point someone) mindlessly running in the same direction just as everybody else.

I read this article where a journalist describes his experience visiting the kumbh mela on the banks of Ganga. Initially he explains he was sceptical about going into the river because of the dirt etc. Nevertheless he decides to give it a try. The priest tells him the procedure. Go into the river, take a handful of water, throw it over your head, think about your ancestors and yeah take a dip...simple enough..! So the guy goes ahead with the task on this very cold January morning remembering the last time he was here with his dad to immerse the ashes of his mother. He takes the water in his hands throws it above his head thinking about his mother. He remembers her smiling face and it spreads warmth inside him. He thought about his old father at home.. One day he would come here to immerse his ashes. Then one day he would die too and his son would come to immerse his ashes and son would too die one day and the cycle would continue.... he suddenly realised that his job, the deadlines meant nothing, they had absolutely no meaning, when he would be gone no one would care...!!

Within a few minutes he understood what he had failed to understand in a number of years.

After reading this article I realised that life is not about getting that “sexy pair of shoes” , “the drop dead gorgeous dress” and that “to die for jeans”. When I die all the things are staying here “the degree, the job, the cellfone, money, lappy”. Hell even the sexy pair of shoes...!! SAD ( I know....!!) but true.....!!
That’s how life is ...... it kicks you the moment u thing u have figured it out...!!life's what you make it, so lets make it right..!
and as they say : “life is a climb............but the view is great”..!!
So let’s keep climbing keeping our eyes open for that special motive we are here for...!!

p.s this post is written in a sleepy state so kindly don’t mind my words of wisdom :P

Friday, January 8, 2010


The clock just stuck 12. Its 8.1.10 .And I am burning some midnight oil for my upcoming majors..!! But seriously, have had enough of entrepreneurship, Personnel management, job evaluation and other blasphemed stuff..!! I can bet on it--if my engineering curriculum would have been half as interesting as a novel I wouldn’t have taken my eyes off my books even if Ranbir Kapoor was standing on my doorsteps....

But no ... the syllabus deciders/setters (whatever) had other plans. The name of the subjects is enough to churn my stomach and make me waggly..! A few of them...microwave (I like only 1 microwave and that’s in my kitchen ,rest I totally detest), television (I only like to watch it...why the hell do I care about interlace scanning and its transmitter section and picture tubes comprising of 100’s of blocks) phewwww I don’t even want to go beyond..!!

And why is it that just about everything else becomes more interesting during the exam time.. what I mean is that I am by no means a big fan of television watching but today amid “nature and process of management” I had this sudden urge to watch splitsvilla...!!! I mean SPLITSVILLA...u gotta be kidding me..I hated spiltsvilla at one point of time in my life. But today it was suddenly the most exciting, interesting, mind-blowing (I even shed a few tears during the dumping time) btw Parag and Kiran were dumped if anybody is interested :P
Why the heck is facebook soo addictive..huh..!!Why do I keep wasting my time on mindless quizzes and Anita, amora , the shitty lifebox when I know its nothing but crap..?? A difficult question indeed...!! My mind this time is numb enough to not understand this question let alone the thought of answering it. I have no idea what i am jabbering about so *yaaawwwwnnn* i’d better sleep nw...!!