Why Rendezvous...

A lot of people ask me why the name of my blog is RENDEZVOUS and what does it signify!
According to free dictionary Rendezvous means a meeting or appointment to meet at a specified time and place.

The reason why I chose this name as the title of my blog bears no relation or resemblance to its meaning. I had read this book called Rendezvous when I was in 12th standard. I still remember the time clearly, standing in front of an Almira full of books, running late for my physics class (the teacher of which would always look for reasons to scold me). So the situation was such that the time at hand was limited and the options were many. So I just randomly picked up this book called Rendezvous after reading its jest (and the name of the author which coincidentally was also the name of my crush back then!!). The summary of the book  was something like this:

In May 1944, Gestapo Colonel Alfred Brunnerm an interrogates a Resistance agent. Twenty years later, when they meet again, he is a successful architect, she is the  pampered wife of a rich American. Their love becomes the prelude to a nightmare of fear. 

When you start reading a book, you can tell that whether it will hold your interest or not! Either you will be praying hard that days and nights somehow increase in duration, so that you can keep reading or else you will pray that the pages of the book shrink in number so that you can finish it ASAP. I suffer from this condition where I just have to complete a book, no matter what and no matter how boring it is. I develop this uneasiness and restlessness which eases only when I am done with the book in question.

Anyhow, this particular book was very interesting from the first page itself. I am a big time bookworm and have read many many many good/great books but this particular book has/will always be special to me. Its story I remember haunted me for days altogether. I have wanted to re- read this book for the longest time ever but sadly I failed to find it in any leading bookstore. Contact me immediately in case you spot this book anywhere. Yes, its really is that urgent and I really am very desperate.

I still remember a few great moments and scenes from the book and they never fail to give goosebumps. And I am so in love with this book that when I decided to create a blog of mine, the only name that came to my mind was RENDEZVOUS!

So, this is the short and sweet story behind the title of my blog :-)