Monday, January 11, 2010


It’s so hard to believe that once upon a time i was a little girl. I rack my brain to go back in time and see how it felt like ... being a little girl. No worries about the future, not having “what do I wear today” moments (mum would take care of that), no “shit... I m broke” troubles (daddy the greatest would buy the stars for me) and after all there was no cell phone to get recharged or that desperate need to buy that hundredth pair of awesome shoes...!!! Homework troubles were solved by the darling sister...!!

School was one hell of fun, teacher would give me “excellent with 5 stars”..and the only animosity in the classroom was due to the number of stars one got(there were no gossips and no "are they going out..shitty stuff". aah the fun filled swings...The merry go round, the see-saw, slider....!! (Why can’t i still have fun on the swings, without gaining askance glances from f***** up people..??)

Summer vacations were not spent in training and project reports.. but reading fairy tales...!! Snow white and Cinderella were idols and friends... prince charming was on a horse..!! Jack and the beanstalk, rapunzel, lil red riding hood and off course the chacha chowdary were the favs..!! There was no time limit for watching television. An absolute discipline was followed and 9 ‘o clock was the time to retire (my cousins still tease me that I couldn’t keep my eyes open after 9 :))

But then came adolescence and everything changed... pretty frocks and skirts gave way to denims..!! Cinderella and snow were gone and replaced by Britney and Christina...!! Tom cruise was the prince. Fairy tales were now biting dust. “Archies and the mills and boon” were now in vogue. Hair was no more in piggy tails. Then came the “mom I can take care of my hair now” phase and the straight cut hair turned into steps and flicks. Pocket money was not just spend on candies and chocolates now..!! And the phase of girly gossips started (“what was she thinking while wearing this hideous outfit”/”isn’t he just so cute”..)!! the innocence was lost..!!! And the remaining bit was wiped off by the chemical reactions, integration and differentiation

The little girl was lost and gone....!!
I miss her...!!


  1. awww
    i too miss the little gal inside me

  2. The little girl is there...somewhere inside you...all you need to do is find her again and make sure that this time you're never gonna lose her !

    And ya...this one's really "awww" :) makes me miss my already-being-missed childhood even more...shit man...I wish papa/di could still feed me the food :)

  3. chooo chweet....
    made me rememba d lil me...(though m stil!!).....thanx 4 refreshin all dose lovely n precious moments again....luvya..


  4. awwwwwwwww.... u remind me of the days which I so want to come back... (Sigh)

    First time here...

    and u got a follower...

  5. its really touching to remember old times of ur lyf it makes u happy and also unhappy lyf goes on u cnt get hold of it and really sme day im gonna listen each and every story of that part of wat i say is stay happy and find that little girl ....and u ave my text...

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