Monday, January 11, 2010

Have You Figured It Out Yet....!!!

How are we supposed to live...?!
Live each moment like it was your last...!! Go out have a blast (it rhymes..!!). Do what you feel like, eat, party, travel, shop, dance, make a career...etc etc..!! After all you get only one life time to do all this ...right...? Yeah...most of you will agree with this...!!

But..... Think again....!!!

Is that all...!! Are we here only for this purpose or is there some deeper meaning surrounding our existence. Now I don’t want to sound like some religious teacher or a spiritual preacher but I kinda have this going in my mind since past few days (call it the exam approaching syndrome)....!

On a serious note there must be some purpose, some motive which we have to fulfil, for which we have been given this precious human life. I am not suggesting going to some baba/guru for this gyan about “motive”. And I also know that we are the gen-next comprising of “work harder party harder kinda” people , who care “two hoots” about “why we are here”.... !!But life is also not a  rat race errrr mice race (courtesy 5 point someone) mindlessly running in the same direction just as everybody else.

I read this article where a journalist describes his experience visiting the kumbh mela on the banks of Ganga. Initially he explains he was sceptical about going into the river because of the dirt etc. Nevertheless he decides to give it a try. The priest tells him the procedure. Go into the river, take a handful of water, throw it over your head, think about your ancestors and yeah take a dip...simple enough..! So the guy goes ahead with the task on this very cold January morning remembering the last time he was here with his dad to immerse the ashes of his mother. He takes the water in his hands throws it above his head thinking about his mother. He remembers her smiling face and it spreads warmth inside him. He thought about his old father at home.. One day he would come here to immerse his ashes. Then one day he would die too and his son would come to immerse his ashes and son would too die one day and the cycle would continue.... he suddenly realised that his job, the deadlines meant nothing, they had absolutely no meaning, when he would be gone no one would care...!!

Within a few minutes he understood what he had failed to understand in a number of years.

After reading this article I realised that life is not about getting that “sexy pair of shoes” , “the drop dead gorgeous dress” and that “to die for jeans”. When I die all the things are staying here “the degree, the job, the cellfone, money, lappy”. Hell even the sexy pair of shoes...!! SAD ( I know....!!) but true.....!!
That’s how life is ...... it kicks you the moment u thing u have figured it out...!!life's what you make it, so lets make it right..!
and as they say : “life is a climb............but the view is great”..!!
So let’s keep climbing keeping our eyes open for that special motive we are here for...!!

p.s this post is written in a sleepy state so kindly don’t mind my words of wisdom :P


  1. hmmmmmmm
    yeah we never thinks abt that
    the sole purpose of our life

  2. You have to be the "chosen one" to know your motive !

  3. @dhruv
    who knows..?!
    maybe we are...!!

  4. Hmmm, may be sometimes we think a lot and do nothing, and ya i agree everyone has a purpose,Hope we realize it within this life time:-)

  5. nw ur the god;)yea each and every word of tis is damn true happy u think abt such things its good everyone should think in freestate ,,..everyone should do only those things in wich he//she has great wich he finds both fun and interest let me ask u (dnt mind it at all plz plz)why u ave gone to do engg,, everybody else why u chose non medical at 11th that im sure u didnt know abt ur real is applied to me also and to all gen next guys except phunsukh wangdu due ghar ki rsponsibilty or whatever we do as all do wee should think like the three idioits.seriously ...or atleast give such things or our telling u tis coz i ave made the sane mistakes of my ab zyada gyan nai batunga