Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have like always been an ardent admirer of the ever dynamic Sushmita Sen. Recently my respect for her multiplied when she became the proud mother of little Alisah. There are only few such people who utilise fully the power available to them and help others. Sush is definitely one such person.

 She first became a mum when she was some 20 years of age, high on the ladder of success. That time many people criticised her of taking a reckless decision. But today I m sure they eat their hats when they see the beautiful Renee....!!

There is this Hindu adoption law (of which I was unaware until now) which states that if u already have adopted a child u cannot adopt another child of the same sex. It so happed that this particular law was changed recently and Miss Sen. made a jump at the opportunity and after many legal hassles brought home an angel 

Now this adoption thingy is no child’s play (especially for singles) the legal formalities can blow the air out of any superwomen. It is really tough to get the adoption agencies to process your case on same footing as that of couples. One has to reiterate one’s sexual orientation (gay or straight...!), financial status and the fact that whether or not you can provide a good and wholesome environment like couples.

So you need to be passionate and fervent about the cause. U have to have the fervour in you a la Sushmita...!! So hats off to her and I think I too will someday adopt a baby.... some 10 – 15 years later that is.... :P

p.s the law I have mentioned was read by me in some newspaper so I m not sure about the exact words. I have written what I remembered of it...!!


  1. hats off to miss sen

    even i wanna adopt a girl child

    n i'll once i'll be earning enough

  2. hey vandy u nvr tld me dt b4..!!
    chl koi na v ll register saath main :)
    then humari girls will play saath saath main

  3. good for sush and all those who wana adopt bt as a matter of fact...mera khud ka koi thikana nai hats and boots off of all of those....