Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mariam, laila and me....!!

Nobody is spared from testing/troubling times. Everybody has their ups and downs. And all of us have some or the other means by which we overcome them. Some cling to positive, reassuring thoughts; some find solace in prayer.....!!

From the past 3,4 years I have found my strength in MARIAM and LAILA. They are my companions, my soul mates. I understand them totally. Whenever I am in any trouble I just close my eyes and think... think about what mariam/ laila would do if in a situation like mine. May sound strange but it works for me..!!

Thinking about mariam gives me oodles and oodles of PATIENCE. Patience even when nothing is going right and even when ur totally hopeless and shattered. MARIAM inspires me to forgive. The greatest virtue a women can posses is FORGIVENESS she says. Love thy enemy she tells me..!!

Laila gives me the strength. A strength which no man can dare to challenge. Strength to stand up against the wrong, to sacrifice your happiness, your dreams and aspirations so that others can be happy. The strength to go on living a hell of life inspite of losing everything...

Thinking about them makes me sober, less aggressive and I just count my blessings and thank god each day. I have all that they never had and yet I can never ever dream to have what they had....!!

Its one of my wishes to go AFGANISTAN at some point in my life. To search for a mariam in Herat or a laila in Kabul..!! I know I will find them there...........!!

P.S mariam and laila are the main protagonists of a story called  A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS (based in afgainistan) written by khaled hossieni.


  1. yeah,,,,i guess at some part of life we all are like mariam & laila
    we have to fight many situations
    cuz life can never be a cake walk

  2. Only if..everyone could have a Mariam and a Laila..

  3. yaar yeh kitni baar batan padega ab mcchFebruary 2, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    girl seriously u got great emotional issues bt its good,,,,tis shows how strong u r and determined. and blah its rally good for that u ave realised such things...

  4. a great novel indeed.... "A thousand splendid suns" just finished reading..