Saturday, January 16, 2010

BEAT THE BLUES (girls)...!!!

The maddening pace of this so called competitive life saps out the energy, funk quotient (I have no idea whether such a term exits..!!) and zeal to “live” out of any babe. And it has its long list of side effects as well. To name a few we have topping the list..... Depression... yes the most talked about illness these days!!. And hell why to blame just the fast pace of life of this?!! There are “N” numbers of reasons to drive you nuts
1. Meeting those dreaded deadlines
2. BF troubles
3. Homesickness
4. Weight issues
5. Acne
6. PMS (damn)
7. Nothing to wear (this problem is universal)
8. Chipped nails

And the list continues..........

We all have days when our spirits go down to hit an all-time low. But do not sit and brood. Get up grab your sexiest dress and those highest heels and that brightest of bright make-up and VOILA....welcome back...!!!
Yes it is a proven fact that dressing up is successful in killing those bad mood bugs. Its psychological, you concentrate and take control over the situation. You pay attention to every detail which makes you feel that you are the priority, immediately lifting up energy levels and kicking out the blues (only to be replaced by happier, brighter hues).

When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good, it’s all interconnected you see...!!! :P So whenever those mood swings occur, make some “me” time, doll up and conquer..!!!