Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awkward Moments - Part 3

Confession - I am a huge fan of the 90s hindi movies music. Now the music of 90s can be broadly divided amongst many categories. One would be the Kumar Sanu songs like ayene ke sau tukde karke humne dekhe hai, others would be the soulful Alka Yagnik melodies from Qayamat se Qayamat tak, close in competition would be what were popularly known as the private albums in those days. The time when there were no extra a's and i's in Sonu Nigaam's name and Falguni's albums were eagerly awaited for. And then there were the nonsense no-meaning songs, especially the ones picturised on Govinda - Raveena and Govinda - Karishma. I love songs belonging to all the categories mentioned above. The love for them is invoked mostly by the memories they bring out. Being a 90s kid, the songs remind me of my childhood. Of Doordarshan and Chitrahaar. The emotions associated with these songs means that they are an imperative part of my song collection.

After-all whats not to love about these songs. Who doesn't croon alongside to Kumar Sanu's Chura ke dil mera goriya chali or sing along with Alka to Madhuri's Paalki main hoke sawaar chale rey. On some nights when I can't sleep I buffer old albums on you-tube. I can still picturize myself dancing to Yaad piya ki aane lage on various family functions and weddings.These songs are reminiscent of the running Vividh Bharati in the background while solving quadratic equations and saving up money to buy audio cassettes. Of imitating Madhuri's lehanga from Hum Aapke Hai Koun for sister's wedding and going weak in the knees for Miland Soman after watching re runs of Alisha Chinoy's Made In India.

They say you can judge a person by the kind of music they listen to. I beg to disagree. If you would scroll through my collection of songs you would find 90s collection (well obviously), Kishore Kumar's romantic collection, gazal's by Jagjit Singh ji, Ghulam Ali saab, Gulzar saab, Mehandi Hassan and Nusrat fateh Ali Khan saab, old classics by Lata ji and Rafi saab, the latest movies collection, punjabi songs ( this includes the sad songs quite popular in the public transports in my part of the world), songs by Honey Singh, English songs comprising of old english classics (Nothing's gonna change my love for you) and the latest ones. I feel there should be no prejudice in music. Just like sometimes we feel like having Chinese food one day and may want a pizza some other day, in music too all genes should be given a chance. I follow this principle and practice the same.

My workplace rules do not necessarily disapprove of individual music hearing by associates. But my manager strongly disapproves of it. Hence it is very rare when we listen to music while working or for that matter indulge in any activity remotely fun. This one time my manager and his close spies were all unavailable in office. I made perfect use of this opportunity by listening to music nonstop on my headphones. At some point of time I took off the headset to attend to a query by a team member. Now not being in a habit of regularly listening to music while working, I conveniently forgot about the headsets and the songs playing. After a substantial amount of time I remembered that I needed to ping a friend on wtsapp, so I just picked up my phone and randomly took off the headsets. To my horror song blasted on full volume and what was more horror inducing was the song that was actually getting played.

My mind, hands everything stopped working. However hard I tried I just couldn't get the damn thing stopped. Meanwhile I must have turned scarlet as my cheeks and ears were burning. You will have probably guessed by now that the song responsible for making me this uncomfortable must have been something. Without taking the suspense any further I will spill the beans. The song was from the Govinda - Karishma starrer namely Sarkaye lo khatiya jada lage. Now any hindi speaking person will understand the double meaning behind the song. My bad luck that I unhooked the headphones precisely when this song started to play.

My team members left no stone unturned to embaras me further. There jibes and loud laughs were cringe inducing. More than that were the comments like " Nice choice", "Good collection", Mujhko ranaji maaf karna yeh gaana bhi hai kya?

After this episode next few days in office were nothing short of terror. Though the music listening mode @ office is already were less but I am taking my precautions. My phone is now clear of any song with remotely objectionable lyrics.Whats done cannot be undone. Its been a while now and apart from occasional references to this episode its mostly a dead topic now. 
*Sigh of relief*

P.S Part 1 and 2 of the awkward series can be found here and here respectively. Reread to enjoy and as I always say before ending such posts - Please do share your awkward moments.



  1. Hihihihi.........ROFL

    I am a witness of this awkward moment - Part 3

    Yes the music was loud enough to make everyone burst in laughter. Thanks to the makers of Sony Xpreia J.

    Dont b so embarrassed yarr. For us it was a moment of fun. When you are working in a silent and serious environment and suddenly you listen to such double meaning sensuous song it turns everyones face muscles into active mode. And thanks to your for that :)

    I am in total agreement to you that there should be no prejudice towards music. I second you on that. ;-)

  2. I like the way you took extra care ensuring that the reader is well aware of your taste in music before learning about the experience you've had at office! :)

    We all go through embarrassing moments in life, it is fun for people around but it takes a lot of time to get over them and impossible to forget! :)

    When it comes to awkward moments in my life, the first one that comes to my mind is watching TV with my grandma when I was around 15 years old. I used to tune to the English channels and every time there was a kiss scene or love scene, the remote is either out of sight or the channel changing button doesn't work until the scene is over! :) My granny used to stare at me as if I am watching something that isn't right for my age! :)

    It happened so many times, until I finally decided to watch only regional or national channels when she was around, to avoid that stare from her which used to make me feel guilty for no reason.

    So don't worry, when it comes to awkward moments, nobody is alone, we all experience them in everyday life :)

    Take care,
    Sai :)

  3. masta re..galati mare so ho gayi..dat must be fun in office. As you wrote bout the song blasting roaringly loud, I sensed dis mus be the one. I love 90s songs a lot and what wid d pop scene, Shaan and so many..also love 70s and 80s:)

  4. Dont. Be embrass its a laughing scenario in the dictionary of thoughts in mind
    Whenever we are upset or anything wrong we can remember and blast into laugh
    Thanks for such cool memories

  5. हा हा, कोई बात नहीं, आनन्द में रहिये, सबने ही सुना होगा यह गाना।

  6. Such funny moments are to be cherished throughout life... That is life or else it is without such precious incidents of laughter be it embarrassment ... Sarkiyleyo khatiyo in ur phone music list is a matter of lol..lmao..can't stop laughing at that...

  7. Cute... Ya miss those 90's era,you don't get that feeling of love in today's bollywood music. Being raw and desi sometimes cool and refreshing

  8. hey Sepo nominated u for a bunch of blogger awards on plz check

  9. Ha Ha know After reading your earlier two posts of Awkward moment...maine bhi socha tha ki kuch likhunga....isi par...par sochte rah gaya..
    aur is post ne mujhe thoda peeche lekar chala gaya hai...feeling nostalgic!