Friday, January 8, 2010


The clock just stuck 12. Its 8.1.10 .And I am burning some midnight oil for my upcoming majors..!! But seriously, have had enough of entrepreneurship, Personnel management, job evaluation and other blasphemed stuff..!! I can bet on it--if my engineering curriculum would have been half as interesting as a novel I wouldn’t have taken my eyes off my books even if Ranbir Kapoor was standing on my doorsteps....

But no ... the syllabus deciders/setters (whatever) had other plans. The name of the subjects is enough to churn my stomach and make me waggly..! A few of them...microwave (I like only 1 microwave and that’s in my kitchen ,rest I totally detest), television (I only like to watch it...why the hell do I care about interlace scanning and its transmitter section and picture tubes comprising of 100’s of blocks) phewwww I don’t even want to go beyond..!!

And why is it that just about everything else becomes more interesting during the exam time.. what I mean is that I am by no means a big fan of television watching but today amid “nature and process of management” I had this sudden urge to watch splitsvilla...!!! I mean SPLITSVILLA...u gotta be kidding me..I hated spiltsvilla at one point of time in my life. But today it was suddenly the most exciting, interesting, mind-blowing (I even shed a few tears during the dumping time) btw Parag and Kiran were dumped if anybody is interested :P
Why the heck is facebook soo addictive..huh..!!Why do I keep wasting my time on mindless quizzes and Anita, amora , the shitty lifebox when I know its nothing but crap..?? A difficult question indeed...!! My mind this time is numb enough to not understand this question let alone the thought of answering it. I have no idea what i am jabbering about so *yaaawwwwnnn* i’d better sleep nw...!!


  1. interesting!!!!!

    yeah true everything seems to be much more interesting during xamz

    i watched that particular dumping of splitsvilla

    hope soon our addiction of FB is over

    loved this post

  2. its really true
    "The lesser time you have the more you have the urge to splurge time on nonsensical things"

  3. kwel..!! so evn u hv been bitten by the splitsvila bug..!! btw wts wid kiran's hairdo..!! nd i likd parag..!!

  4. Exam-time brings in a not much seen virtue b/w the engineers of different streams......"Unity" !

    Yes...we all go thru the same. So...summing up....Welcome to the club !