Friday, January 14, 2011


Happiness as they say is just a state of mind. It does not take much to make one’s own self happy. Own self you ask? In this fast paced selfish world it’s important to take care of your own whims and fancies, I think!

One fine day I decided to pen down all the things that make me happy. The most fulfilling and satisfying form of happiness is the one that comes effortlessly, usually through the most trivial sources. The kind of happiness which makes you go hmmm, life is good! I love to find happiness in small things and happenings of life.

So, here is a short list of the stuff that makes me happy.

  1. Sunshine falling on my skin, making me feel alive. (Not the scalding hot one, but the pleasant bright one!)  
  2. Flowers. In any shape, size, variety! They never fail to uplift my mood.
  3. A great cup of coffee. Not the machine one, real stuff with the right amount of sugar and milk.
  4. Small kids, babies. I love kids. Period.
  5. Shoes! Buying a pair of “my kind of shoes” can keep me happy for days altogether. 
  6. Talking about good’ old times with friends/family.
  7. Reading a good book.
  8. Publishing a post. YOUR POST HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. This line causes a light fluttering in my heart!!!!  
  9. A slice of pizza with a lotta cheese! 
  10. Cooking. This is one of my recent fixations. Experts say it won’t be in this list for too long!
  11. Looking at old pictures. Rewinding each memory associated with them makes me happy.
  12. Shopping. Well, obviously.
  13. Watching an old favourite movie! Repeating all the dialogues!
  14. Some soul stirring music. I am currently listening to- How am I Supposed to live without you by Michael Bolton.
  15. The feel when the wind blows my hair.
  16. Listening to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib and the point when tears flow without any reason.
  17. Singing in an empty room or on the terrace or talking and praying to God!
  18. The days when all my family members are together.
  19. Painting. I am no great a painter but the experience rejuvenates me. The freedom on using colours on the canvas is so so so enlivening.
  20. Sitting on a beach. Watching the water rise and fall. Bring living and non-living stuff on the shore. Watching the sun go down. The sounds. Sigh!
  21. A good sleep that totally freshens you up!
  22. The feel when you get on like a house on fire with someone on the first meet.

Alright I will stop at 22, because I ll be 22 years old next month (stupid reason, I know!).
One last thing, writing down this whole list of things, also made very happy :)

stay happy, stay blessed!