Saturday, January 23, 2010

All izz well....!!!

Well, this was the mantra I was desperately clinging to while giving my exam (which I screwed up)...!! Apparently this was the only thing I kinda remembered while writing my exam. I was forgetting every damn thing..!! I mean I should seriously thing about taking some memory pills...

It goes like this; I saw the paper and was like... “All right ... I can surely crack it”. So I began writing with divine pleasure....!! One question down the line things started to get topsy turvy :X . But somehow I finished two questions (ahha magic 40) but there is no way I was to get even close to 40 marks in these two questions..!! So now comes the point where things got seriously messed up (in my brain ... that is...!). I read the question ....hmmm... “Yaa yeh toh whi wala hai” I get the pictorial view of it, how it looked like, what page of the book was it on... Etc etc etc... So I begin writing........

But but but I can’t... I mean I just go numb (partially due to the cold...though)..!! Seems like I forgot huh..!! Now I desperately tax my brain “shit ....kya tha...arrr). I remember the diagram nothing else... (Huh... something is better than nothing...never mind). I ask about the graph to a girl next to me, who draws the graph in air (confusing me more than I already was.....) and gaining a “stop talking there” from the invigilator. So I keep doing my own thing till the last question.

Now comes the most interesting part... there was this particular numerical which required rectangular coordinates to be converted into polar coordinates and vice versa... this thing one can easily do by clicking a few buttons on the scientific calci. But of course I FORGOT how to do it. Now this thing was taught to us way back in 3rd sem. And as it is I forgot the things I did a few days before... Remembering what I did in 3rd SEM is way too much...!! So after trying a lot, lot, and lot I still got the same message “SYNTAX ERROR”. Finally I asked one of the teachers if she knew..... she didn’t but was ready to help me... she went up to a guy to ask and it turned out that his calci was entirely different from the one I had. But she took the procedure (and his calci) from him and narrated it to me, by then it was too late. In the background I could here “last 5 minutes” “check your details” “cross the blank sheets” ... “Okie...stop writing”. Realizing there is no way I can to it, I against all odds turn back and shout (high on desperation scale) “Oye 1st numerical ke answers kya hai”(it had 3 sub parts). Yes...!! someone had heard me and was turning pages “its 0. *something something*”. I by now past all patience shout “WHAT..” ?It was precisely at that time I felt something being taken away from my hand....yeah the answer sheet was taken away with only formulae written on it...!! SAD

But “all izz well” I m positive and hoping for the best (40 will do wonders)..!! That’s the essence of being an engineer.... it completely ruins u...Changes u...Makes you keep low as to get surprised by the results!!!