Thursday, March 29, 2012

Things to Love About Summers

I am writing this post more for myself, just to tell myself that summers can be good. They are fun if you have the right attitude and spirit. This time I seem to have no patience for summers. I terribly miss my bedroom at home (more importantly the Air Conditioner in it). The room I currently stay in is equipped with a fan with has been designed to produce more noise than air. Well, Bombay nights are cooler but the moment you dare to open the windows, a swarming army of mosquitoes will be ready to attack. I can’t begin to explain how I hate that buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise the mosquitoes make in your ear when you are dead asleep.

 So this whole summery thing has made me so very cranky that I decided that it’s the right time to sit back and make a list of all the bright things.  It will really help me cope up with summers for the next 3-4 months. So please feel free to add-on to the list below:

  • One can enjoy all the cool fancy icy drinks like mojito's, ice tea's and frappe's. Agreed you can do it in other seasons as well but in summers it something else.

  •   Longer days mean you get to roam more. Yay for that.
  •  Summers mean time to get out those strappy’s and with them your floaters, thongs and tie-ups!  Time for Mangos, Cherries and juicy watermelons. Now what can beat that?
  •  Summer time means shorts, sleeveless tees, skirts and scarfs. I must say a really good time to flaunt your style!

  •  I may never actually see them but summer mornings are kinda beautiful.
  •            Time to flaunt those big framed colored glares.
  •       Clothes dry in a jiffy! Now don’t go on to say that this point is stupid. Come to Mumbai in monsoons and you will know. I don’t want to go into the story of how last rainy season I got fungus on my clothes!
  •  Summer time is a good excuse to eat more ice-cream.
  • Summer time means tied up hair and tied up hair means colourful bands, clips and sexy headgears!
  •   Coming to think of it, the bright sunshine is not necessarily bad to look at!
  •   Also time to take vacations and chill!

Wow, 12 things to enjoy and look forward to! Not at all bad, wish you all  happy summers. Now I am gonna go grab an ice-cream.