Thursday, January 20, 2011

Double Standards!!!!!!

I am writing this post after getting “inspired” by an article which appeared in the TOI a few days ago. It threw some light on the puzzling behaviour of the censor board. The movie called “Turning 30” apparently has been attaining a lot of flake because of its bold scenes and dialogues.

The dialogue under the scanner is something like this “just because I slept with you doesn’t mean I’ll marry you”, which according to the censor board is not fit for children (oh, well, ya, whatever). The producers of Turning 30 are not amused. They argue that munni putting zandu balm on her bum and Sheila showing off her jawani is acceptable (!!!!) but not a women speaking her mind (double standards indeed, I say). Mr. Prakash Jha (producer) also said this : “A women cannot speak her mind saying, ‘This is what I am’, but she can show herself in the most vulgar manner on screen. Ek aurat soch kaise sakti hai? She is an object, an item- that’s what our current censorship standards show.”

I absolutely agree with Mr. Jha. I fail to understand why no one raises any eyebrows at the stupid shows which are aired on the TV (more accessible to the children). Have you ever noticed those silly, so-called comedy shows? Full of cheap jokes. Watching them with family is totally out of question. Are they good for the kids? Huh? Or those mind boggling shows supposedly for women empowerment and addressing of social issues. Sometimes I wonder do they bring out the “social causes” to prevent them or promote them. Many a shows are shown promoting dowry, in very subtle way of-course. Or slight indications on pallu, giving ideas to the people in general about the importance of it. I saw this show where a Punjabi girl is married into a Gujju family. And the very next day she is treated like a parasite, shouted at, forced to wear a saree, to cook "Gujarati food and of-course numerous taanaa's as in maa ne kuch nhi sikhaya? etc etc. I feel very strongly the fact that these particular things do provoke the sasu ma's to take action against their own bahu rani’s in the real life.

The censor board is but sleeping throughout this.

But when a movie shows real stuff (okay, big city scenario, but real nevertheless!) the censor board suddenly awakens. After the promos have been passed. They suddenly realise that “oh shit, not suitable for kids”!! Now how often is that a filmmaker actually makes a film with women (of today) in the central role? Seriously, when was the last time you saw such a movie? I can only recall Konkana Sen’s character from Wake Up Sid, but then that movie was Ranbir’s!

Anyways, I hate double standards. Also, on other thought this controversy sure must have done a lot for the publicity of the movie. Hope it is a good one!

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  1. double so many places..good post boss. and hey sorry i also struggle for answers when i get those spam probs..

  2. absolutely right

    there shud be no double standards

    if things are to be banned
    then everything shud be banned

  3. फिल्म नहीं देखी पर विश्वास है कि कुछ न कुछ विस्फोटक होगा इसमें। जो भी मानदण्ड हो जीवन उनमें ही सुख ढूढ़ा जाये। सुख के कई मार्ग हैं, औरों को कुछ और अच्छा लगे संभवतः।
    पहले तो लगा कि आज पोस्ट में आपने अपनी फोटो ही लगायी है बस। यदि होता तो कम से कम कुछ बहस न होती उस पर।

  4. What? That isn't fit for children? And I remember an old friend of mine (a friend in childhood) who believed that babies are born when boy and girl sleep together.
    They already know it, this is what they are told not to do. What they actually do is not quite told to them.
    There was a joke once, an SMS

    A child politely asked God, 'is it wrong for a boy to sleep with a girl?'.
    God just smiled and said, 'Son, it is absolutely okay, but the problem is, they don't sleep.

    The censor board needs to be censored and screened before they screen anything.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. @ R. Ramesh
    thankyou buddy! I know this spam trouble is driving me nuts. I have to check my spam folder before the inbox! sigh!

  6. @ Praveen ji!
    jii haan. every one is entitled to his/her own views!
    i have tried to express mine by this post! :-)

    and mere tasveer haha!behaas nhi hte uss par !

  7. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    i know!right? kids these days are like so very smart ...! you have to think twice before talking to them! they have so much exposure, and yep they know it all, birds, bees and everything else that revolves around it

  8. Hey Sneha
    It's a very current topic n thousand cheers for writing something on these lines. Will try something similar in the coming days.
    The problem is that censor board doesnt have nethn to do. They are composed of uncles,aunties who are bloody hypocrites-the same who would snigger when boys n girls cuddling in a party or girls wearing short skirt with unwanted comments.But,they will leech at the body of the girls. They are the most shameful beings and I hate such mentality. At least,the prostitute who sold her body is better-at least she does it to earn a living,damn it!Truly said, they have no qualm at Sheela,those crap Saas bahu non-sensical serials..bharatiya naari but when a women express her freedom or sexuality..bomb blast..Samaaj ki tauheen.What about rape scenes in a movie?They close their eyes and ears.Oh!Please children.They knw lot more wat we knew at our age.Then close those kids' channels or remember sexy in Cheeni Kum-make no mistake im a huge AB fan n find the movie adorable.Just giving an example here or Kuch Kuch Hota hai.

  9. @ vishal

    i like the BOMB BLAST in your comment! so true! and the ting about chenni kum...! BINGO!

    we were so dumb when we were kids, no?

  10. i think they don't have much to do all year round so they randomly pick a movie and make a hullaballo about it and then go back to doing nothing.

  11. yes we got double standards everywhere.

  12. @ swati

    haha...! good point! maybe tey do just that!

  13. haha..guess wen we were kids we were sitting counting alphabets S-E-X or 1-2-3

  14. Hypocrisy is an inherent attribute of the censor board. It can't be helped. Many good Indian films are handicapped by the censor board or worse banned, whilst inane films lacking substance or exuberance are let off.

  15. Love the post...Awesome first post to read...

    we in India have double standards... Forget the censor board for a second... We have our standards on everything from alcohol to sex to books to movies... I'm actually surprised that the Discovery Channel hasn't been banned...Don't they show animals mating...wont children learn from that? Forget movies and discovery channel...why is cartoon network not banned? has anybody seen some of the new cartoons? we wonder y kids have violent tendancies and learn foul language...blame the movies...forget the cartoons...

    I cant rant on n on but will stop now... Well Sepo great post...will be back for more...

  16. @ terror#1
    i know, at 18 you have a write to vote but you can't drink!

    you can decide for the country but not for yourself! that sucks, really!

    India is the king of contradictions!

  17. its so true...........
    i also hate this bloody diplomacy and hipocracy.....
    this is not that only men suppress women........ women also kills their own well fair...... many women i know who let men rule their world but thats not their fault from the bigenning their taught to do so.......
    i love movie named "LAJJA" check that out n u will know........ their is a part of movie in which they put a question on ramayana.........
    nice blog........