Saturday, December 26, 2009

MCPs (male chauvinist pig)

Men are from mars and women are from Venus. Well I have grown up reading this and other things which underline the differences between the two of them. However in recent times these differences have  got somewhat blurred. The concepts of women empowerment, uprising have got stuck into the new generation of men. As such they have lost the basic virtues of a gentleman. The most important of them being the CHIVALRY.

On a personally level I would say that I absolutely love chivalrous guys.Who doesn like to be pampered after all...!!But a recent incident compelled me to ponder over this very serious situation and consequently I decided to write about it. Now coming to the was little different from a very famous scene in the movie DOSTANA. When priyanka proudly declares to her best friends the fact that her guy is chivalrous and makes her feel like a woman. The very next thing the friends do is brain wash her guy and tell him to get over being "the gentleman". And then comes the part I am referring to, where  the poor piggy chops ends up having the door hung up literally on her nose.

If u guys are worried about my nose, then don’t worry I swiftly held the door with my hand and saved my beloved nose from  serious pain. Now jokes apart this is such a grave situation. We have to take some steps before the great virtue of chivalry is dead. Opening the door for a lady, letting her go inside first, making sure she is safely sent, giving her a place to sit etc etc etc are long lost. Though there are people out there who still practice this age old tradition but their number is miniscule.

The very purpose of writing this post was to take out my frustration: P and to let know the guys that it’s really cool to be a gentleman. So go out wear your qualities on your sleeves and sweep the gals off their feet. The I, ME, MYSELF ATTITUDE is just not happening...!!!

No doubt women are in neck to neck competition with the men folk and don’t give a damn to this stuff but ya once in a while the little girl inside us wants to be pampered and reminded that she is special.

One in a million....