Monday, February 1, 2010

memories... ;)

I have been meaning to write this post since a long long time. But never got the opportunity to do the same as it involved recapturing a lot of stuff. Nevertheless, I present to you this very very special story.

It’s basically about a childhood friend of mine who I would not like to name so let’s just call her Ms M. Now Ms M had been seeing this guy (also a very good friend of mine) for quite some time now. And things were going okay between the two of them. Until of course we came to know through some source (which skips my mind..!) that the guy was kinda two-timing her. Now this piece of news had us all (gang of girls) fuming. We were pissed off and mad like hell. And poor Ms M couldn’t believe.

There is something about two timer guys that exposes the dangerous side of any “gentle” and “touch-me not-I might-get hurt” kinda girls. We being no different decided to get even with the guy but of course in STYLE...!! Meetings were held, notes were made, dialogues were written and the whole thing was scripted and named “OPERATION THA THA”. The whole thing basically was on the shoulders of K (an important member of the gang) and ME. Our role in the operation was that of a catalyst, we had to ignite the fire on the other side. We were supposed was to gain the guy’s confidence and use it against him (simple enough...duh..!). Meanwhile M was getting all sentimental, but was strong and directive: P

I being the catalyst got to hear the other side of the story as well and my heart at one point kinda melted for the guy but the girls (including M) would hear none of it, the cat was out of the bag now. And we stuck.... big time. Using all the info we had gathered M dumped him. But it wasn’t easy for her as she loved him a lot and it wasn’t easy for us to see her suffering. But M is such a sport... she even gave us a BREAKUP PARTY....!!!

And then came the big turn, a big big big U turn...
M was out of station immediately after her breakup and I wasn’t in touch with her for quite some time. It was during this time the guy went ahead and caught up with M. Sorted out all the differences and was with her AGAIN. I came to know all this much later. And we also came to know the fact that the information (about two timing) was vague. It so turned out that someone told someone and that someone told someone else and someone else passed it to somebody who told us about it. And the information while getting passed on in this chain got all mixed matched together leading to a series of miscommunications and misunderstandings.
So K and I ended up looking like big fools. But when I look back at it I laugh, thinking about those meetings, those serious looks that wonderful breakup party where I gorged a whole pizza all by myself...!! And the best part is that my love buds are still together and rocking. The guy forgot all about the flop operation and my role in it (thank god for that...!). As they say “All Is Well That Ends Well”.

It ended on a good, bright note... bringing the love buds closer
Love you both and S (part 2) :P


  1. yea...i rememba dose dayz....but d difference is..u laugh while rememberin dose days n m lyk frozen...dose days were really like hell....i really hate such d end they are 2gether n hope d same in future...


  2. yup..!!
    btw wenevr u get frozen..jus think about ur red hot pumps..!! :D

  3. wonderful thoughts and post...
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  4. oh my god nw tis is sme good good work u ave done here .....first break up then tha tha ,,.any boy will get fu...d up by such gang bt break up party was worthless...god bless those lovebirds...