Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A big big HELLO to all.
I started my blog with the sole purpose of giving a platform to my still unfinished book. I wanted to gather comments and reviews on an early stage of writing. Needless to say, it helped me a lot. After publishing the first post, which was a draft of my book, I thought as it is I have started a blog so why not keep filling it and writing a proper blog..!

Also an inspiration was Vandy, a friend of mine who is totally addicted to blogging. There was a time when she was at her peak of blogging and everybody in college teased her like hell and kept making fun. So, I had nothing to lose and I decided to give blogging a try. I started by blog somewhere near around my exams, so all through my exams instead of studying, I kept things about what to write and how to fill up my blog. I was loving it, writing. And slowly the number of followers increased..!

That was something... the moment I would spot a new follower I used to go nuts. It gave me such a high...! And I used to keep telling all my friends about it. Not only my friends but just about anyone. “You know what..? I have “” followers now... isn’t that awesome...?” Kept eagerly waiting for comments. My joy was multiplied by the number of comments I got...!

I loved my blog it’s quite evident but I didn’t realize that now it has become an inseparable part of mine. An extension of me and my being. A collection of my views, joys and sorrows. When recently I went out of station and couldn’t access my blog from there, the situation was then clear before me. I missed both my blogs terribly. Though I was busy most of the time and didn’t have enough time was bogging, still I was pinning for a look of my blog.

Not just my blog but also my blogging buddies, I missed everybody. Kept thinking about what all they must have written about and the things I was missing back there. And of course kept thinking about list of things to write about once I come back. Just wanna say that I m back with this post and missed all of you badly...!!