Saturday, February 6, 2010


I am a strong believer of the fact that personal matters should be solved personally, on an individual level without involving the whole world in it. People who open their problems ka “pitara” in front of everyone not only end up making a fool of themselves but also make people around them freaking uncomfortable.

I was travelling in a local bus, few days ago and sitting right in front of me was a girl and a guy. I was dead tired and kept looking out of the window until I heard this sniffing, sobbing sounds. The girl sitting in front of me was wiping her eyes. Ohh some drama here, I though. Now the couple had this undivided attention from me. And the detective inside me was busy figuring out the slightest bit of hint. Now it’s not like I kept looking at them but yea whole of my concentration (and one ear) was entirely focused on to their conversation. The guy periodically kept looking and whispering something in her ear. Ufff. A bit louder buddy I wanted to tell him. He wanted some privacy I guess, but the girl was livid. Me and the whole bus could hear her voice “I have had enough”. “You don’t need to bother any more”. Then some more crying and more wiping. It was getting quite boring by this time and I shifted my attention back to the scenery outside. Then came the final DHAMAKA.

The guy got out of the bus and went, the girl followed. I thought the problem might not have been serious enough after all. But my misconception was short lived. The girl had something in her hand (maybe a gift or something from the guy) which she threw directly in the direction of the guy from the bus and came back to her place in front of me with a dangerous look on her face. Suddenly everyone was quiet and mesmerised. All eyes were on her.

What I learned from this incident is that  while Public Display of Affection is still tolerable. But public display of dishum dishum is so not happening. It is just so embarrassing and filmy. Whenever I have fight scene I ll make sure I never make a public display of it. 


  1. bt its sort of entertainment fr others :P

  2. i think the other way. more dishum dishum and less pda !! this piece was hilarious

  3. बिलकुल सही कहा...मैं भी येही मानता हूँ की "Public Display of Affection is super cute and lovely. But public display of dishum dishum is so not happening"

    अच्छा लिखती हैं आप...लिखते रहिये..

  4. i recently had a similar scene in mumbai...ha ha shld avoid it..