Sunday, November 13, 2011


So, finally the much (very) talked about movie released on an equally talked about date 11.11.11. Don’t know about you guys but I was eagerly waiting for this movie. I was excited about the Kashmir part of the story and being a Kashmiri Pandit, I was equally excited to see how the makers have shown a Kashmiri wedding  onscreen for the first time ever. So Friday night after pressurizing and bullying my friend I finally got the opportunity to see Rockstar.

I will be honest and say that I personally had a lot of expectations from the movie; I thought it to be the next big thing. But sadly it was a huge disappointment, really! The only good thing about the movie is the fabulous music by AR Rahman and a good display of acting skills by Ranbir and may I add only in parts! In most of the scenes (especially the ones with Nargis) he is soo irritating and screechy that you will feel like stuffing cotton balls in your ears.

Story basically is of a small town Delhi boy Janardhan Jakhar who dreams big. He is fond of music and Jim Morrison is his idol. However he has no pain in his life, a driving force which is found in the life of every creative person as per the canteen wale uncle is missing in his life. So JJ (as he is called by the canteen wale uncle)  decides to break his heart by proposing to the babe of the college Heer Koul (Nargis Fakri) who is famous in the college for breaking hearts. Somehow, somewhere the both of them manage to strike a friendship and enjoy watching desi porn in the small gali’s of Delhi and say cheers to desi daaru in some fort.

But before the friendship is even started the story suddenly shifts to the girl’s marriage and thankfully to beautiful scenery of Kashmir! From then the story rapidly moves from present to past and future to flashbacks. And somewhere in between apna hero is a Rockstar who forgets his commitments and recordings, shouts and screams for no particular reason and in every alternate scene you spot a group of policemen dragging and kicking him. Also in-between (before his Rockstar avatar) he is chucked out from his home for stealing or something. He ends up staying in Harzat Nizammudin dargah, where Shammi Kapoor who plays (Bismillah Khan) spots him and decides to give him a big break. And yea somewhere in the middle of it all he gets to go to Prague, where he re-meets  married Heer and they cross the line (as the actress puts it) and fall in love (I think, not sure though). Apparently Jordan (I forgot to mention that Rockstar is called Jordan!) has this magic touch which re-kindles Heer who is dying from some kind of a blood disease. Did I say you feel like killing yourself every time Nargis Fakri opens her mouth? So after a brief stint of extra marital affair Heer is sent back from Prague to Delhi, where she meets, hugs, kisses and accompanies Jordon on his concert tours without any objection from her parents because its improving her health you see!! After all this Heer gets pregnant and goes directly into coma so much so that now even the “magic touch” fails to revive her. Rockstar after this has longer hair and sings with more (unnecessary) pressure and pitch and also fake painful expressions. So that more or less end the movie and that is what Rockstar really is all about! No striking love story neither fight for any rights (Saadaa Haq you ask? I want to ask the same!)

I know the previous paragraph is confusing but it’s kinda deliberate, to give you guys a feeling of how the movie actually is! It’s even more confusing than that. It’s as if the makers first decided to make a movie, then midway they got bored and tried to quickly finish it and then again they got serious about it and so on. Everything thing happens suddenly in the movie,  be it Jordon’s Rockstar status, or Heer’s marriage or their feelings for each other.The movie has its share of good moments but they are very rare. The movie could have been made better and it would surely have left a deep impact on the audience. The only impact it now has is a slight headache. The only thing (apart from the music) which I liked about the movie were the pretty colourful Kashmiri dresses worn by the actress, can’t wait to go back to my hometown and flaunt my collection of Kashmiri Phirans and shawls!! Also an amusing presentation of Kashmiri Pandit wedding, what exactly were so many Muslims doing in a Kashmiri Pandit wedding? Could have been better though am not complaining. To spot it first time onscreen, I should be busier being all excited about it rather than finding faults!

My rating to this movie would be 2/5.

Acting wise Ranbir is Good, Nargis looks beautiful but as long as she keeps her mouth shut. The actor who plays Khataraji (canteen uncle) has done a great job. Also, a commendable job by Piyush Mishra who plays the owner some some music company. Other characters like the families of Heer and Jordon are forgettable. The star of the show is of course Mr Shammi Kapoor who sizzles in his last work on the silver screen.



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  2. बताईये, हम तो मन बना चुके हैं। आपने रेटिंग घटा दी।

  3. It would have far better movie if they had focused on the rise and fall of a rockstar with some genuine issue other than this love story and girlfriend types... and bollywood masalas like rise of heer's blood count with Jordan's company.. What shit was this !!

  4. three words..


  5. @Praveen Ji

    Dekheye aur btaye aapko kaise lagi.. Bahut se logon ko pasand bhi aye hai..

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    @ G

    thanks!! :P

  7. promos looks it so ultradramatic

  8. @ Farah

    It is! According to me that it,

  9. स्नेहा, मैंने आज ही देखि ये फिल्म..और सच कहूँ तो इसका बस एक ही प्रोमो मैंने देखा था लेकिन फिल्म देखने की कोई खास इच्छा मेरे में नहीं थी...लेकिन सिर्फ और सिर्फ इम्तिआज अली के नाम पर मैं फिल्म देखने पहुंचा...फर्स्ट हाफ अच्छी लगी लेकिन दूसरे हाफ में फिल्म मुझे पसंद नहीं आई....निराश हुआ...इम्तिआज अली की बाकी तीनो फ़िल्में मेरी टॉप फेवरिट है...लेकिन ये फिल्म कुछ खास पसंद नहीं आई..

  10. now that u, my dear friend, says so, i am skipping the film...

  11. Oh my god, its such a terrible movie....i wonder whether the writer was editing the story right on the set. nothing was consistent. i aint watching it again.....even if it comes tv.

  12. Nooo. I beg to differ but then everyone is entitled to their opinions. Since the movie genre is musical, kindly concentrate on the music and lift the rating up a little. 2 is too less. Agh! even if you ignore the expressionless Nargis :/

  13. "I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things."

    u should be cursing youself instead of movie coz of all the expectation you made out of it. genre was musical that too "Rehmanic Rock", awesome "Rock" Songs "sung with more (necessary) pressure and pitch". should be giving 1+ to imtiaz ali for trying smtng different and giving justice to the story (which most of the people r going to curse him for).
    Ignore nargis, look for the brighter side - Rehman, Ranbir and imtiaz. it was the journey of a boy becoming "Rockstar", why you want it to be a neat and clean SRK love story.

    Give me name of any of your favorate hindi movie i will give you atleast 2-3 spoof in it, so all the wedding comment was irrelevenat (Director has made the resarch on the main story of the movie and has treated it in a Rocking way).
    all and all i think it was a negetive movie (and i know we love + things only :P) so people are not able to digest it.
    you are free to say whatever u like so am I.
    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. --Rumi

  14. got wasted my money by watching this crap movie.
    no story, no acting. the story goes no where.
    Watch at your own risk.