Monday, February 1, 2010

Thank you

It feels so good when someone goes out of the way to make you feel special and loved. Make you realise that your happiness and smile matter to them. That there is someone in the world who actually thinks about ways to make you happy..!! Trust me it’s one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Joyous and ultimate. And if you have one such person in your life you thinks in those terms about you ... you are one lucky thing..!!

I consider myself so lucky that I have such caring/loving/pampering set of angels around me. One such angel is my dearest friend VANDY (vandana). Whatever she does, it is always on a big big scale..!! Once I told her while in a conversation about a fantasy of mine (my words were “yaar I wish someone sometime would write something about me”)... and the next thing I know is that Ms Vandy has written a post, dedicated to me on her blog...!! That too the very same day I mentioned it..!!!

I had given my pendrive to her recently to take some material from her. When she gave it back to me i came across this folder named “STORY OF A PRINCESS AND HER FRIEND”. I wondered what/which novel is this...? And on opening it realised it was my story...!!! Vandy had made a movie on my life of 21 years (OMG) complete with my pics and all.

I had given her all the pics in my lappy for backup sometime ago ... why u ask..? Coz I am a lazy bum...!! Anyways that was the source from where she gathered all the pics, took the pain of editing/ cropping them (there were many pics which I absolutely loathe but she made it all look so good that it hardly mattered...!). Arranged them soo aptly and beautifully that I was totally spellbound. It was just so unexpected and such a pleasant surprise (she had made it for my birthday)..!! And the most important thing is the fact that she added the song I love... I had once told her that we ll makes a slide show of our college days and play “that” particular song ... she remembered and added “that” very song in my movie..!! That was just soo wow...!!
Now this thing may seem to be very small/lame to many. But it was most special thing anyone has ever done for me....!! Vandy I love you soooo much for this and thank you soooo very much for this bestest gift ever and for making me feel soo special and loved..!!

You tell me many a times that I am your support and blah blah but I seriously can’t figure out what a thing so great have I done to gain oodles of love and affection you shower on me (not that I am complaining...nopes not at all).

Tu hai to I ll be all right...
Love ya loads...!!

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  1. Some people just come and make us is b'ful. -)

    Cheers to your friend-n-ship ;)

  2. hmmm this kinda stuff happens only with women. ive had similar out of the way kind acts 'done' to me but never by a guy. go figure ! ;)

  3. hail!divine sisters of ya ya gang seriously the things vandy did fr u are really astonishing , seriously none of my frnds ave done such things for me.may god give all blessings to ur ya ya gang..........and i wana meet vandana...

  4. u r truly a lucky girl... :)

    and your friend is a gem.. Wish every body ges a friend like her.. :)

  5. thnks guys..!!
    yaa girls are more sensible i guess :P

  6. u really not to say thanks

    its just that i feel i'm a kind of person who really can't express directly/whatever
    so i've to take help of such things to make people know how much i value them

    at times i feel i really act so coldly
    but that doesn't mean that i don't care

    sweetheart i may have failed to express but you really mean a lot to me

    ur support is really my strength

    with love vandy

  7. hey... watever i post on my blog, i have her comment on that, surely a follower in the real sense...
    thanx to vandana for this...

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  9. A friendship to be cherished!
    A true friend, who can go any lengths just to make you feel good, is rare and ought to be treasured for life
    You are one lucky girl.
    Cheers to you camaraderie :)
    n I'll sure check out Vandy's blog too

  10. thnks shashank
    m sure vandy's wil b on cloud nine