Wednesday, February 3, 2010


With the most awaited day of the year approaching the market is full of things red and heart shaped. Every season brings with it new special things. This time there’s this thing called love capsule which contains love notes...for every day before the Valentine’s Day... popularly known as the valentines week... comprising of chocolate day, rose day etc etc....!!

Now when you know that you are not going to get any of these cute things you just end up getting bugged up of them. I mean so many pretty things out there... and you not gonna get any of them. Well you can buy them for yourself but that is just soo boring.
We went into this gift shop( E wanted to get a birthday card for her jiju).We asked the shopkeeper “where is the section for cards”. He replied “valentine cards...??” the three of us were like grrrrrr. And telling each other “shit yaar.. wish someone would buy this for us”.

E was like I will buy these for myself ( I found the idea soo boring...but who listens to me).But going through the various sections of the shop and seeing such pretty stuff all our hearts melted.
In the end we decided to buy little cute stuff for each other.


  1. excuse me...!! d last'am....
    did we...??
    aaa.....jhoothi jhoothi....caught ya...

  2. hmph... only when i read ur post , did i realize that VD is around the corner. think i'm getting on a bit... ;)

  3. @ eksha
    babes i kno ur angry..with this is no way to take it out...!!

  4. @ pan
    even i was blissfully unaware of it...!! go out and all you see these days os red red and more red

  5. same here... This valentines day will be spent all alone with no cute gifts.. not even a rose (or any other flower).. (sigh)

  6. hmmmmm

    this whole idea of giving this day a hype
    i don't like it

    friendship's day is cool
    bt VD urgg