Monday, January 24, 2011


When you have a lot of time at hand, you tend to analyse things, people or maybe your own self. Likes, dislikes, styles etcetera etcetera. I have discovered a bohemian side of me, of which I wasn’t unaware but never did/made any special efforts to contribute towards it. Now with ample time, I am/have been conducting various (disastrous?)  experiments with my existing wardrobe.

I started off with scrapping a small part of my favourite pair of jeans. But I made a big mistake by scrapping up the wrong part i.e. near the knee. The jeans being tight-fit got totally torn at the knee!!! Not that I mind, but my dad sure does.

Well, I am planning to cover the torn portion from inside with a cloth (white) or maybe just crop them into shorts (any suggestions from your side are welcome!).

Now no more an amateur, I have mastered the art of distressing the denims. Here are some shots of my masterpiece. (It is still in the process of being distressed).

The instrument:pumice stone
Kindly don’t underestimate the job; it requires a lot of patience and perseverance. It takes hours and hours (well okay, I am over-exaggerating) actually minutes of scrapping softly the material with a pumice stone. To achieve the desired “natural” look you have to take care to not go overboard. Cool no?

Finally, I also cropped another pair of jeans. And knowing me, you would have probably guessed that I am putting the residual material to some very good use! Here is the “before” part:

And voila!

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I have a thing for bows actually…! The following pictures will explain my fixations.

I had fun doing all this even though my parents have stating having doubts about my sanity! But as long as I am having fun with it, I say hallelujah.


  1. wow.....pretty bows...!! i likes ;)

    n nyc timepass...!! reminded me of my shoes make over...!!

  2. worthy innovation.. cn be nominated for sme award fr employment opportunity in small sector industries..hope the govt too rises wid sme innovative ideas to curb food inflation..sigh..

  3. @सत्यप्रकाश पाण्डेय

  4. @Anonymous

    thanks. small scale industries, wow, its a damn good idea.

    as of price inflation, i only have to say "mehangai dain khaye jat hai".

  5. चती को गाड़ी कहें, नगद माल को खोया
    रंगी को नारंगी कहें, देख कबीरा रोया।

    जीन्स फाड़ कर क्यों कबीरदासजी को दुखी कर रही हैं।

  6. Nice to meet a very creative person. :)

    Beautiful. :)

  7. hahahhaa, nice creativity. Keep up the good work.


  8. @ Praveen ji

    hahaha. ab iss baat ka main kya jawab du!

  9. @Chandrika Shubham
    thankyou dear! pleasure is mine!

  10. vallah..distressed denim...btw hey thanks ya...n wishes alwys to u..u r my very dear friend...

  11. @Blasphemous Aesthete
    thanks dude!

  12. @ R.Ramesh

    you too are a dear friend buddy!
    stay happy!

  13. Sneha..Sneha..SEPO.
    Must say very creative stuffs u do with ur jeans...Hmm!How bout writing all sort of stuffs on ur jeans with fluo pens and callin an exhibition.I love the Knee part.It looks cool.I love teh bow thg..looks cute n girly.
    Dnt care bout sanity as long a u havin fun.I am completely crazy n have a distressed denim as well.My LEVIS GOT TORN MUCH TO MY CHAGRIN.i PROTEST.YES i DO DAT.i WEAR IT TO OFFICE ON Sunday..Lolzzzzzzz
    I love d post.
    Re create n redesign ur a hippie:)

  14. the bows are so cute! i see myself dissecting denims soonly :)

  15. @ vishal

    thanks for appreciating the fruits of my hardwork!!

    hippie is the way to be!! :-)

  16. @swati

    haha. do share the stuff, experience, pics, everything!!


  17. oh my god

    what u did with my favorite jeans??????????

  18. very nice I might try to deform my jeans too :-D

  19. @ Talha
    haha! do that!

    @ pripat
    thanks hunny

  20. damn creative you are........
    i love that jeans pic with ripped nee.....:-D