Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Extra Edge!

 Hello. Blog-doston.

I hope the New Year has been bringing a lot of happiness and good luck to all. For me, it has just brought a lot of cold, fog, ice-cold winds…… it has become mandatory to be bundled up in layers and layers of clothing (I have also brought a topi!). Small activities also need a lot of deliberation like how important the task is? Do I really need to pee or can it wait? Do I have to scratch my head and hence take my hand out of the warm cosy blanket? You get the vibe right? I HATE WINTERS (though there are things that I like about them)!

Now that I am satisfied cribbing about the cold I will come to the point. The point is that I am reading a book called The Time traveller’s wife. Many of you must have heard about it and some would have even seen the movie. I am still in the process of reading the book, but it has already had a very strong effect on me. I am so fascinated by the time travel the hero Henry is capable of(actually not capable of, he cannot control or direct the phenomenon). Though the hero does not think much of it and is unhappy about his “superpower”, but then even Spiderman isn’t.

Few lines from the book:

from the movie!
When Henry meets Clare, he is
twenty-eight and she is twenty. He is
a hip librarian; she is a beautiful art                  
student. Henry has never met Clare
before; Clare has known Henry since
she was six...

All of us have a hidden desire of having a superpower. I have one (one?) too. Invisibility. How cool would it be to sneak up on people and see what they are upto. Also a great speed (like that of vampires) so that I can go where-ever I want to and like whenever I wish to. Also the power to read a person's thoughts. That would be so interesting and controversial. Hmm, so that’s my thing. What’s yours? Do share. Would be fun!

Also FYI, I have the soft copy of The Time Traveller’s Wife so if anyone is interested do let me know. I will be happy to help.


  1. hey i'd love to read it!! would you be able to mail it to me ?

  2. Plz do mail it to me!! I will b reading 1ce my xm gets over!

    I guess u stay some where in the North rite?? So have fun with chilly Milli ice cream climate!

    I would also love to read others thought.. it would be fun.. sp. 2 the backstabber in my life!
    Other than that I would like to have fast reading grasping power so that I can collect all the web pages in my mind within few sec!!

  3. Invisibility!! wow..mine too :)

    by d way i guess i have seen this book in some store..

    u know achhe english novels costly hote hain isliye soch samajh ke kharidna padta hai... :P

    and for winter, u might have read my fb status
    - Winter can be cold and irritating for those who dont have any warm memories..but for me winter is warm n full of nostalgic warm memories..

    ha ha ha :D

  4. [नोट: जाड़े वाला कोटेशन मजाक में दिया गया है :) ]

  5. Hey Sneha
    I prefer winter to summer.Just love it.Ah!Super power wow now u talking. How would love to be invisible n flying:)
    Happy New Year

  6. @ pripat
    mailed sweety!

    yea north, i live in J&k. thats the northest yoy can get in india :)

    i like the second superpower, it would so much easy to give exams :)

  7. @ abhi.

    i know, english novels bahut costly hote hai, a big hole in your pocket ;)

    and its alrite i actually like your status! but its still cold :(

  8. @ vishal

    thanks for commenting :)
    flying sounds good :)

  9. First things first; I LOVE winters!
    Apart from that. hope you better soon, and keep yourself warm :)

    I have read and seen The Time Traveller's Wife, though and I liked them both. I suggest you should watch the movie too, now that you've read the book.

    Take care