Sunday, January 9, 2011

More Than Just A Pretty Face.

Why women are always projected as a mere commodity(or a sex symbol as it's popularly called)? Especially in the glamour world! May it be an item number or a dream sequence (not contributing in any way to the story) or a song just for fun, after the hero is tired by flexing his muscles.

Ever since I can remember there is always a song showing the heroine dripping wet in the rains. And who can ever forget the midriff baring, cleavage showing item numbers.

My point is, aren’t women capable of doing something other than dancing around the trees? The answer of-course is a YES. There are movies which have women as the central characters but their numbers as compared to the other (commercial) ones are indeed minuscule.

I was watching THE BACHELOR  (aired of star world, 9pm) the other day. Was surprised and muffled after watching a girl in the show stripping down to attract the attention of the guy! That is precisely the reason why I decided to write this post.

You may argue that there is a lot of cultural difference between us the the people depicted in the show. However the scenario closer home is no different. Check out the shows like Splitsvilla(MTV) and TLC (CHANNEL V) if you don’t believe me! All following the mantra of “jo dikhta hai whi bikta hai”.

Even though women and proved themselves to be equal and better than menfolk at various spheres and endeavours, it is still not enough. Very recently at an interview I was with two other guys, our topic of discussion was WOMEN ARE BETTER MANAGERS THAN MEN. I was taken aback when one the guy very casually and very matter of fact-ly commented that even though women are doing good, it’s not possible for them to be better than men. His reasons made me laugh really!

  1. because they are not physically strong . oh yea really? So? How is it even relevant!
  2. because they cannot work at night, its not safe. And who makes it unsafe huh?

Whatever the reasons, he was pretty obstinate. It was then I realised that even today there are many men out there who feel that women are only child producing machines, doing additional jobs like cooking and cleaning your stuff. For them the girlfriend should be hot and sexy but wife should be simple and untouched.

The matrimonial page on the newspapers makes me oh so mad. A decade has passed, I find no major change. The girl should be simply, fair, good-looking, homely (whatever that means). Thankfully some sane people do include the education criterion.

It’s really very frustration to see women being projected at mere commodities. What’s Even more frustrating, is the fact that the girls (young) are ready (and sometimes even happy) to be just a commodity!  Just want to say that there is more to us, we are not just a pretty face!


  1. यह तो निर्भर करता है कि किस पक्ष को महत्व मिलता है।

    मधुमक्खी ढूढ़े सुमन को, मक्खी ढूढ़े घाव,
    अपनी अपनी प्रकृति है, अपना अपना चाव।

  2. Not all guys think that girls are just a piece of flesh..
    Maybe you haven't come across other kind of guys..:)..

    Nwdays girls are everywhere,..right from bus conductor to software profession. :)

  3. something very true..I appreciate that u've brought this up here.
    +1 !

    And..very well brought up..must say..! Dont let the life n time change u.. :)

  4. Sneha
    How are u?Long tym.
    U are right and I'm happy that you are daring to challenge the existing rules. Rules should be challenged. It got to do with the Ego trip some people have. Women are equal to Men or else we would never have an Indra Nooyi. Well, I would like my wife or live-in partner to be as hot, sexy or assertive as ma girl friend. It's boring to be with someone to agree with whatever you say. People who think contrary to that and the majority of us,men are,sadly suffers from intellectual deficiency.

  5. @ Praveen ji

    sahi kaha aapne!

  6. @ Prasad
    i am glad there are guys who think this way !

  7. @ dhruv!

    thanks! and yup, will surely keep that in mind!:-)

  8. @ vishalbheero

    thats really good, i appreciate and like your views! :-)

  9. wow wow brilliant the audrey quote.. u said right sneha..really reallly proud 2 b yr friend..sometimes i wonder how u r so mature at such young age...cheese...

  10. Loving the Marilyn Monroe comment in there! So true! We need to remind ourselves over and over that rules are created by the male elite FOR the womenfolk to observe! Most rules don't even apply to men. It's not safe for women to work at night so they shouldn't work at night? Like you said, who makes it unsafe for us? And for how freaking long will we submit to these rules? It's time I broke every freaking one I need to break to get myself somewhere.

    Often, it's not just men who want to see women as nothing more than sex machines; women do it to themselves often as well, unfortunately. For instance, who heads a typical ... ahh, what is it called, that place where courtesans/concubines are trained and nurtured? I refuse to believe they don't exist anymore, but when their existence was acknowledged back in the day, they were always managed by women.

    Yes, women are more than just pretty faces. I don't like comparisons, so I won't say whether they're better than or equally good/bad as men, but we are JUST as capable of anything in the world as any other human is. And our biological abilities/disabilities should not be used against us! We should be honored for producing humankind, not penalized for it.

  11. Thanks a lot Sneha:) It means a lot. Drop in sometimes@wordpress.

  12. @ R. Ramesh

    hehe. well thankyou!

  13. @ serenity
    totally agree with you dear. even i loved the quote by marilyn monroe. infact i like almost all her quotes :-)

  14. @ vishal

    you are welcome. i do visit your blog on wordpress quite often

  15. well said. Hats off to u. Women are the backbone of a society n nt just a show piece.

  16. Hear it from me. I have had a relationship dissolve simply because the guy and his family totally believed in things like "a man's place is not in the kitchen", "a woman must suppress her personality" and it's up to the woman to "give 200% to a relationship because there's no such thing as a 50-50 equation" and there is no need for a woman to have a job. I am quoting exactly what was said to me.

    All this from people who, in the matrimony market, claimed they wanted a "smart, independent working girl". What really stinks is the double standards. If someone is an MCP, the least he can do is be man enough to show it right away! ;)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I will be a regular visitor here now :)

  17. @ vandy
    @ basically blah

    i know, there are MCPs in every nook and corner!
    and thankyou