Friday, July 2, 2010

GAY DAY........

It’s been a year today since the gay law come into light. Naa, I wasn’t keeping tabs on the date. Just came to know after a pee-a-boo into the newspaper. I know different people feel differently about the whole ordeal. The issue has been (and still is...) a ranging topic of many a debates. Some agree, others strongly oppose to it. Well, ours being a democratic country.... everyone has full right to share their views and perspective.

Similarly people also should have the freedom to live their life the way they want to (and with who-so-ever they wish to). How depressing and suffocating it must be to live your life in a facade.... pretending to be someone who you totally are not...!! Not to mention being the object of ridicule and the butt of all the jokes. I never gave this entire hullabaloo much a though, but slowly with time (and books and movies) I realized that however hard we may deny, homosexuals are a part of our society. They like us have a full right to carve a niche for themselves in the world. Many a countries have already legalized the same sex marriages. What is good to hear, is the fact that in India too “they” can now breathe freely.......!

No identity crisis, no pretensions.

This of course would not have been possible by the immense support of all the supporters. The only name I remember is of Celina Jaitley (call me glamour stuck...!) and her constant bickering with our very own Baba Ramdev Ji (who was dead against the whole thing). The whole fight scene as far as I remember was quite funny (according to me, that is...!).

Sounds and feels immensely good that our country is on the path of urbanization or should I say humanisation :)



  1. yeah... i agree... our country is indeed moving ahead.. but with some people who cannot change their thinking, this will become a difficult task..

  2. hey,
    I completely agree on this..Every individual has the right of choice, of pursuing his own life..once pretension creeps in, democracy loses its intent and society becomes a facade and nothing else...
    Strong views in this post..Really appreciable..
    lets be in peace and allow others to be in peace too..:)
    keep ritng..
    cheers, take care

  3. Absolutely...the choice is ours!!!
    Each person, no matter what his orientation is...has a right to live and live with utmost dignity!!

  4. hmm.........
    d slogan "live n let others live" always reminds me of VANDY :P
    well...bout d topic..yes...everybody has a right to decide bout demselves n how they wanna lead their lives...