Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bright New Beginnings

I happened to read an old post of mine (THE FOUR LETTER WORD), which incidentally is the most popular post of mine. Now I did not read this post because of its popularity! It’s just that I have a strong habit of re-reading my old posts and admiring them (no, I am not insane). Just that I can’t seem get enough of “me’.

So, after reading this post which is quite old now, I realised that things which were not so bright back then have a streak of light in them now! The things I worried about back then are in control right now. This reminded me of another popular post of mine (LAUGH AWAY YOUR WORRIES….) in which I had talked about the power of time as a healer. Most of the problems I had discussed and written about (of my friends and few of mine)in THE FOUR LETTERED WORD are under control at present. People sad back then are happy. Those who were finding “living life” a torture are having super fun and looking forward to a BRIGHT NEW BEGINNING.

Re-reading both the posts made me super duper happy. I learned a very important lesson. Problems are inevitable and unavoidable (and also unexpected) but the real hero is the one who takes on the problem head-on, without any weaknesses and side thoughts. Of course testing times blow the wind out of you. But you will agree that fretting over a problem only makes it more difficult to solve.

So the next time you encounter a hard time, be brave, be strong, be positive and be sure. Because in the end it’s all gonna work out and its all gonna be fine.


  1. be brave, be strong, be positive and be sure. Because in the end it’s all gonna work out and its all gonna be fine.
    well said

  2. बहुत ही आशावादिता झलकती है आपके शब्दों में। इसी भाव पर एक कविता लिख रहा हूँ।

  3. brilliant post philosopher sneha...really enjoyed sm says, well said..and i liked this one best: “Don’t confuse love with desire
    It comes from the ashes of desire”.

  4. superlike it

    yeah sometimes we forget the basic lessons of life

  5. I once read a book in which the aunt of the main character was SO sure that "in the end, EVERYTHING is gonna be okay. If you think it's the end but things are not well, then it's not the end, and you just gotta keep fighting to make things better."

    I believe that, too, although much of the time, it's so much easier to just believe it without living it, you know, especially in those difficult moments. But thanks for the valuable reminder :)

    P.S. LMAO @ the "I just can't get enough of me" comment ;) Good one! I, too, read old posts of mien, especially if they're old ... I really don't know why. It can't be because I like what I write, since I HATE what I write and always find mistakes in them that embarrass me half to death.

    Good post!

  6. Every ending is bound to culminate in a new beginning, it's in the nature of things.

  7. @ sm

    thanks for appreciating friend :)

  8. @ praveen ji

    aapki kavita ka intezaar rheja hume !

  9. @ R. ramesh

    haha, philosopher!!

    you had liked these lines in the original post as well. i remember!

  10. @ Qrratugai

    dear i think i too have read the kind of book you mentioned, do share the name...!

    and about re-reading the posts...! hah. we do share some similarities. reading your posts made me realise that your views on certain things match as well!

    thanks for dropping by ! keep visiting!