Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am bringing the pending part of the vacation pics. In case you have forgotten or cannot understand what I am talking about, refer to THE TRIP- PART 1 and THE TRIP- PART 2. Now, sit back and enjoy the second last part. Yup there's one more part coming up!

On the way to GENTING HIGHLANDS from the airport. Amid rain-o-rain.

Still on the way!

Reached. That was our pretty hotel.

Taken from the hotel lobby, I think. It was all misty and cloudy there.

Aww. Mmuah. I am in love with the look on his face.

That red arrow points towards me!

Gamblers' hub. Genting is very famous for casinos. Totally crowded on weekends, people come here to lose the money they earn during the week. LOL. Also famous for great weather and theme amusement parks.

Crab.Mmmmmm.It was here in Genting, I tasted crab from the first time in my life!

Small view of the theme park.

The cobra and iguana guys!

Ready to go high-up.

Batu caves temple. You have to climb up all those stairs (5 hundred and something in number) to reach up inside.

to find some more stairs!!!!

View from the top.

The KL tower. Freakingly high.

The twin towers!

Malaysian King's palace.Aren't the lush green gardens lust worthy?

The king's guard. Don't miss the skirt.

Independence square. To commemorade their fighters. Somewhat like our India gate ( in meaning, not structurally!)

Malaysia being a muslim country has many many beautiful mosques! This is one of them.

This is the place where the Independence address is given. Like our Lal Killa.

Twin towers from our hotel window.

Another pic. Love this one!

National fruit of malaysia Durian. Tastes like lichi. Actually lichi tastes better. Much better.

A Gurudwara in kaula lumpur ! cool no?

Langkawi is an island!

Hence a beach :)

That's where we lived @ langkawi.

The beach resort. Quiet and ideal.

Sunset. *drool*

Fishing time. Fishes caught in the net.

A weird name for an indian restoran, I think!

Desi khana @ pardes is something else, trust me!

A look into my breakfast plate :)

Nope! They were not cheap!

The eagle square. Langkawi view point.

Dried sea food.

The other side of where we lived. Pretty nay?