Monday, November 22, 2010


Who doesn’t know her? The original diva. Strikingly beautiful. Great actress. Madhubala.

Born with the name of Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi, she would have been 77 today if alive. She died at the peak of her successful career at a very young age of 36. She was born with a hole in her heart, which could not be cured. Was advised a bed-rest and retirement from movies but she refused and continued working.She had a strong will to live but alas could not defeat death.

I recently read about her and was astonished, because all I associated with Madhubala earlier was a beautiful face, Mugal-E-Azam and Ek ladki bheegi-bhaagi se. but there is so much more to her.

Even though a fairly popular and successful actress, she saw a lot of lows in her life. Her fatal heart condition becoming a hindrance, her continuous flops which diminished and doomed her popularity, her break-up with fiancé and lover of 9 years Dilip Kumar, it is said that during the making of Mugal-e-Azam the duo has already broken-up and the most romantic, intimate scenes were filmed when the couple was not even in talking terms with each other..!!!

Madhubala later married Kishore Kumar after filming the movie Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi.

She however did not find any marital bliss, as soon after their honeymoon,Kishore Kumar came to know about her heart condition and left her at her parent's home. He came to visit her occasionally which further deteriorated her already worsening condition.

One of the biggest high came when Mugal-e-Azam released. Her popularity touched new horizons. Sadly she couldn’t bask in the glory of it as she was critically ill by then and totally bed-ridden. It is said that she used to tell her dad that when she will get well, she will demand as much money as she pleased post mugal-e-azam. But that was not to be. She breathed her last in 1969, when she was only 36.

Even though she is no more, she continues to live inside our hearts and in the movies. No one will ever be able to take her place. She was a girl, a women, a seductress, who can ever forget the cabre girl of aayeye meherbaaa

or the fearless women of pyaar kiya to darna kya. The arched eyebrows, mesmerising eyes and that side-way smile. She expressed all emotions with her face. Not needing to don a bikini to look sexy! The current brigade needs to learn something.

Ek ladki bheegi-bhaagi se…. can’t take this song out of my mind neither her face. Such is the magic of her!


  1. मधुबाला को जब भी देखता हूँ मुझे उनके हुस्न के प्यार सा हो जाता है...आज भी मधुबाला के गाने लगा ही देता हूँ ....

    जब मधुबाला छोटी थीं, तब एक मौलाना साहब ने ये प्रेडिक्ट कर दिया था की वो ज्यादा दिन नहीं जी पाएंगी...
    मधुबाला को उनका नाम एक्ट्रेस देविका रानी ने दिया था..:)

    और ये जानकर आपको थोड़ा आश्चर्य भी लगेगा की उनकी फिल्म "मुगले आज़म" की एड्वासं बुकिंग फिल्म रिलीज होने के बहुत पहले हो गयी थी और पुरे आठ हफ़्तों के लिए फिल्म के शो हाउस फुल थे...पंजाब और आसपास के शहरों के सारे होटल्स बुक हो चुके थे...क्यूंकि बहुत से लोग पाकिस्तान से अपने देश आये थे बस ये फिल्म देखने :)

  2. दिल खुश कर दिया आपके इस पोस्ट ने...वाह :)

  3. oh my god

    i din know she was married to kishor kumar

    and that he left her in such condition

    hvnt seen much of her films but yeah she was damn pretty

  4. I never knew about her..But your post got it all to me..nice one.. :)

  5. sneha..kya baat hi yar..superrrr post..real real enjoyed reading this...and the photos r too good..naturally she being so good...thanks 4 sharing this...and thanks 4 always motivating...u know,, it takes a good heart to appreciate criticise one does not need more than a donkey's brain..what say?

  6. hey buddy u r sweet yar...thanks once again...:)

  7. Talk about 'timeless beauty'! She is personification of grace :) Totally love her :) If there is anyone who has come remotely close to her, it has to be Madhuri Dixit :) Good that you shared trivia about her... :)

    By the way, THANK YOU so much for the encouragement :) I'm glad you liked my posts :) Appreciate your presence on my blog..

    Cheers! :D

  8. hey I don't know whether someone has told you or not, but you do possess a smile like madhubala :)

  9. Nice to hear that girls today in the world of Munni and Sheila remember and adore Madhubala, and know that beauty lies in simplicity,decency and innocence.
    I came to know about her 2 years back when i was searching some of the old video songs and i came accross babuji dheere chalna and ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si. Though i was already aware of the songs but the video i watched that day so deeply, that i almost fell in love with the magic of Madhubala as you've explained above.
    The reality in the expressions, the smile, the gesture, i was kind of lost.
    What else.. Thank you..
    - Maddy